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Jasper Loco Performing TONIGHT

Jasper Loco is performing TONIGHT

Friday, January 13th at ” 99 Problems But My Swagg Aint One, Birthday Bash”

The event will be taking place at “The Los Lagos Bar & Restaurant” in South Gate, Ca. It is 21 and Over with proper ID and it is $5 to get in. Doors open at 7pm and ends at 2am.

Also performing is Oso Vicious, 2 Tone, Jay O, Devious, City Music and more.

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In Association With Out The Gate Productions, Danny Boy Promotions

and Los Lagos Bar & Restuarant

Make sure to Listen To Smoke Break by Jasper Loco Here

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You Need Some Motavation

Remember everyone, you do what you do for yourself. If you do something half way, you only cheat yourself of knowing how to do it correctly. Plus you give yourself a bad impression from someone that you might not even know who was watching you do what you do. Do everything your best and look back and be proud that you tried your best. Make yourself proud and no other opinion matters.


Youtube Friday – Ms Krazie – What To Wear

We have a very special Youtube Friday for you today, and its the Queen of UKMG, Ms Krazie! This is vlog #22, and the topic of this vlog is “What To Wear To A Mexican Night Club, And What NOT TO DO!”. She talks about her experiences of going to a local Mexican club, and what she seen and how she was unprepared for a club. And how she was better prepared for the next club. She also talks about the club environments in 2013. Watch the video to listen to Ms Krazie’s point of view and watch her vlog by clicking the picture above!


Guess Whos Back In The Studio!

Can  you guess which Urban Kings Artist is already back in the studio working on some new music? If you guessed an artist from Charlie Row Campo, you are correct. And if you guessed that its UKMG Artist Fiesty 2 Guns! He is still riding the success of his most recent solo album called “Bring It Home“. That album is his sophomore studio album that fans went crazy for. Fiesty also featured on many of the Charlie Row Campo albums as well as featured on other Urban Kings artists albums. Did you know Fiesty also released a mixtape called “Talking Guns“? It was a dope mixtape that we will be featuring tomorrow on our site so stay posted to our blog for more information!

Extra Extra Read All About It!

This morning on my way to  work today I got on the last bus I needed to take and I saw someone left their newspaper behind. I had time to kill so I grabbed it and I started flipping through the pages. Then a light bulb popped off and I started searching. Just when I thought that once again the same sh** different day, I got my answer: ” A Better Life” made it on the Los Angeles Times today. Big smile came up ( I bet people were like what’s up with her lol). Took the page and showed it at the Head Quarters. Now I gotta wait for Baby Jokes to come so he can sign it and hang it up at our Wall Of Fame. This isn’t your everyday mainstream movie so its only going to be in two movie theaters in Los Angeles and two in New York (blame The Man lol). But there have been a lot of Latino Organizations that have been grinding to get this movie out there for the community see. Trust me when I say this movie has something that brings our generations together, it relates to our culture as well as the struggles that some of our older or past generation had to face. Yesterday I was telling my jefa (mom) about it the commercial pop up while she was watching Primer Impacto (The Mexican News report lol) and it got her attention so I am gonna take her to see it this weekend. Now the reason why they are doing being selective about showing it is because they are testing the market (even though they give us the unfair vantage) we have to make the best of it the more people see it then they are going to have it play in more movie theaters and that’s what we want. So get your people together and use your student id, your abuelas’ senor pass lol every butt in a seat counts. It has been getting good reviews (even though the critic of L.A times wanted to d***k in their report lol every one else has been praising it) and its looking at a few awards ( so suck it Betsy Sharkey lol). Get the times and place where the movie is playing here.

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Ms Krazie Performing March 8 in Mexico

UKMG Artist Ms Krazie has just been booked to perform in Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico on March 8th. Ms Krazie always loves performing in Mexico, and most of her fans know, she is originally from Mexico. Ms Krazie will be joined by Duende, and will also have some of the top Mexican artists from Guadalajara performing on the stage as well. Presale tickets are only $150 pesos and regular admission is $180. This is an event not to be missed, all taking place at Underground Salon. Ms Krazie performed in Mexico a few times last year, and she didnt perform in Guadalajara Jalisco last year, so make sure to go this event because you never know when she might be back. Dont be the one who didnt go to the concert and all your friends are talking about it the next day!


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