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Kruk One Freestyle Presented By Old English Brand

Check this out! Our friends at Old English Brand did an Exclusive Freestyle with Kruk One, a dope, talented artist from Los Angeles, who went to OE for a photo shoot and a freestyle video. We did a crazy freestyle video with Kruk, while he was rocking some of the OE Collection. He was rocking the OE “Stay Paid Crewneck” and the OE “Members Only Snapback“. He spit a dope two verse freestyle, letting you hear the flow, style and patterns of his music. Make sure to support the video by watching it and sharing it! Shot by Famous 8. The OE Stay Paid and Members Only are both available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and online inside their online store!

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La Loca’s Lesson #28

dont hug up on your man when you see me pass by.. dont nobody want him, fool is uglier than a motha..” lol


Spanky Loco Tatted An Urban King

I met up with UKMG Artist Spanky Loco to talk about pricing for a new tattoo. After talking prices, I decided to get a tattoo. I set up an appointment with Spanky to get this design. I came back a few days later and was ready to get inked up. We have been posting some really dope art Spanky been sending us, from both drawing on paper and on hats, to other tattoos he finishes up. Spanky went to work and a few hours later Spanky was finished with this dope creation. Spanky been tatting for a few years and has created a good name for himself as a tattoo artist. He is now available for booking for tattoos, verses and shows. For all the information on all of the above, click Book Now .

Jasper & The Devil

Jasper Loco sent this picture into the Urban Kings email with him posted with the Devil. As you can tell from the picture, Jasper was in Venice Beach, California and ran across the Devil as he was just walking down the street looking for some trouble. If you know Jasper personally, he is a good dude and not afraid of nothing, and is always up to do a photo opportunity. So seeing this character walking down the street in all red, yellow, and black, this was a picture not to pass up. And Jasper was sporting his favorite Old English Brand – Hustle Hard Tee on a hot summer day. Jasper is already working on his sophomore solo album, and it is coming out vicious. Dont forget that Jasper Loco will be performing July 20th in Whittier at The Green Turtle!

Jasper Loco Performing Live

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Nu Jerzey Devil CD Release Party

We recently caught up with Nu Jerzey Devil, who recently released his new album “From The Bottom To The Top” 2 weeks ago. To celebrate the release, Jerzey invited Urban Kings Tv to the CD Release Party for “From The Bottom To The Top” at Supper Club in Hollywood. With bottles poppin left and right, from Grey Goose, to Patron, to Dom P and Ace Of Spades, we all lit up the night with each bottle coming with its own unique entrance, from fireworks, to a girl coming down from the ceiling to give us our bottles. You gotta watch the video because it came out dope and you can see how it was. The CD came out dope, as Urban Kings Printed and Manufactured the CD. We have a copies available of Nu Jerzey Devil’s new album “From The Bottom To The Tomorrow” is available now on . You can also click the CD cover below to order the new album.

Nu Jerzey Devil – From The Bottom To The Top


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