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Lil Robs New Mixtape Quick Review

If you didnt know, Lil Rob released a mixtape a few days ago called “Everything To Me”. Its another classic Lil Rob release that gives his fans the sound that has made him popular. With over many different types of beats, Rob shows his versatility how he changes up his style, flow and subjects. A few of my favorite tracks are “Lil Somethin For Ya”, which he goes in on a classic oldie beat. Another one is “Brown Eyed Girl Remix” with Royalty and Carlitos. I heard the original song on different radio stations around the country and Rob killed this remix. Chillaxin is another dope track that Lil Rob did that I was really feelin…Rob always complimented Oldie Beats with his style and he went to his classic sound with this one.

Lil Rob – Everything To Me is another dope CD…bottom line is, that if your a Lil Rob fan, this is a must have.



Lil Rob – Everything To Me is available at

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Check Out This Spanky Loco Art

I know we post some really cool shit on here sometimes, and sometimes, its some cool stuff that I just look at and post. UKMG Artist Spanky Loco emailed me this picture of some of his artwork that he drew. Spanky is a very talented sketch artist, as well as a tattoo artist and musical artist. This is a collaboration art project Spanky with Streets Of Cali. I think the art came out dope, and reminds me of some of the sketches from Spanky Loco’s new collaboration sketchbook he did with legendary tattoo artist Mr Flaks. The sketchbook is called “Grind Now Shine Now“, and The UKMG Merch Store has exclusive AUTOGRAPHED Copies! Below is the book cover, make sure to order today and own some really dope artwork!

Spanky Loco & Mr Flaks – Grind Now Shine – Sketchbook

Richard Cabral & Cast Of American Crime

Urban Kings Artist Richard Cabral, formerly known as Baby Jokes, has had many reads for his upcoming television series called “American Crime“. It featured the whole cast, including the staring actors and supporting actors.  Richard is currently out of state, filming his scenes for the show, that just been announced a complete season on ABC. We are excited to see Richard on tv again, from Southland to Chicago Fire and he was also a guest on The Big Bang Theory. He also just wrapped his role in Blood Father, staring Mel Gibson. If you haven’t seen the official trailer for American Crime, make sure to watch it below, and know it will be premiering towards the end of the year.

American Crime Official Trailer

Old English Brand St Patricks Day In Store Sale 2016

Our friends at Old English Brand is having a big sale at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop to celebrate St Patricks Day. First, they are having a sale and you save 20% just for wearing green. Green shirt, green pants, green tie, green beanie or hat, they will accept it all. Plus, they will give you some Free Green Cookies for every order, on top of the Free Pin they give you. That sounds like a good deal to me. Then, they are doing a 1 day sale, making the OE “Ill Tempered Pocket Tee in Green” available for just $9.99 for today only. And that sale will be also available online at But its always more fun coming down, getting in the spirit and getting a few extra free goodies.

The Old English Brand Flagship Shop

11781 Slauson Ave

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Open : Monday – Friday

Hours : 12pm to 6pm

Fiesty’s Music Video Coming Soon!

Urban Kings Presents Fiesty 2 Guns  music video “What I Dream Of” from his unreleased album Street Scriptures. Don’t miss the premiere of the video April 2nd, 2011. This is Fiesty 2 Guns first solo album. He has appeared on all Charlie Row Campo releases and is now ready to take control of his solo carrier. Be ready because this album has been years in the making.

For the guys, sorry no room for hot chicks in this one. Only true words of reality. Guest appreances from other urban kings artist. Including a street message that is being chanted by all Chino Grande Fans. Soon to be released on Urban Kings TV. So stay posted.

Fiesty 2 Guns- Street Scriptures Releasing May 17, 2011

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Spanky Loco Concert Last Saturday

Spanky Loco Performing & Drinks On Deck

Gettin A Quick Smoke & Drinks Still Coming

Spanky Loco performing this past weekend at The Green Turtle in Whittier, California. Fans always ask when Spanky is performing, and where is he going to perform, can he perform in my city, etc. Spanky was booked for this show, and brought a huge crowd, eager to see him perform. Spanky performed for over 30 minutes, performing many of his classic songs, as well as some of the new material that will be on his upcoming 2013 album. Also performing that same night was Yung Eazy, who is the legendary Eazy E’s son, as well as Baby Wicked. Spanky is currently negotiating another show, so stay posted to our blog for more information, as well as for his album release date for 2013!


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