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Listen To Slush Tha Villains Album FREE

Slush Tha Villains album is out now, and we are giving you the exclusive sneak peak to listen to the whole album, in its entirety. This album is really dope and once you hear it, you will know it for yourself too. This album features Urban Kings Music Group Heavyweights like Stomper, Ms Krazie, Chino Grande, Midget Loco, Kozme, and Jasper Loco and everyone came onto the track and killed it. You already know Slush raps at the top of his game, and the Urban Kings artists matched that same lyrical ability and wordplay. Plus Kast N Fame produced this album exclusively for Slush Tha Villains style. Remember, Slush Tha Villain’s “Out On Bail” is available at All FYE Locations , Digitally through iTunes , and online through The UKMG Catalog . Now, here is the whole album….

Slush Tha Villain – All I Know – Taken From Out On Bail

Slush Tha Villain – Aint No Sense – Taken From Out On Bail

Slush Tha Villain – Fuck Rap – Taken From Out On Bail
Slush Tha Villain – Me Vale Madre – Taken From Out On Bail
Slush Tha Villain – Street Life – Taken From Out On Bail
Slush Tha Villain – Dope Bitches – Taken From Out On Bail
Slush Tha Villain – Lifes A Trip – Taken From Out On Bail
Slush Tha Villain – The New Connection – Taken From Out On Bail
Slush The Villain – Still Ballin – Taken From Out On Bail
Slush Tha Villain – Todas Vamos A Morir Parte 2 – Taken From Out On Bail
Slush Tha Villain – Still Get It – Taken From Out On Bail

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Salas is in the building

This is David Salas he has produced with a lot of chicano rap artist, including Urban Kings artist. Like Ms. Krazie with the songs Back Into My Life and Amiga Mia, Charlie Row Campo, Chino Grande, Midget Loco “No One Compares to You”, Baby Jokes, and Big Fiesty. Other artist he has worked with are Lil Cuete, MC Magic, and Brown Boy. He has also been in movies like Spin, Fast Food Nation and Legal Tender. This picture was taken when he came to Urban Kings.

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The Story Behind Ms Krazie’s Song For Her Son

Here is the story of Urban Kings Artist Ms Krazie as she writes the story of creating the song for her son. Ms Krazie always makes a song dedicated to each one of her children, and with her baby boy being the newest child, and with Ms Krazie making her new album, the Sad Girls Club CD will feature her song to her son. Read the story behind the song for her son above and dont forget “Sad Girls Club” is coming soon!

Ash – Coming 2012

ASH is scheduled to release first quarter of 2012. We have been working hard on this project. We have mixed and mastered the sound to the highest quality so that your surround sound or theatre system will detail every little noise in the film. We have also designed a brand new cover that looks cutting edge and shows some awesome film shots that were taken in the movie. This film has been worked on through different people who are the very best in each specialized area. From filming, editing, to sound, to design, we had only the best work on this film with us. Not only is ASH a great movie, but the overall quality is precise and very technical.

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