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Lookout Weekend Is Back With Part 3!!!!

Join O.D.M from Lighter Shade of Brown and Urban Kings as we party at Lookout Weekend 3 with a Special Live performance by Rodney O!!!! He did the 80s hits Everlasting Bass and But You Don’t Hear Me Doe!!! It is This Friday, August 12th,2011 from 9pm to 2am!!! Free ALL NIGHT LONG and its 21+ to get in!!! All taking place at the Citrus City Grille in Corona!!! We will see ya there!!!!

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Check Out This Video Called Savages

We always keep our eye on the streets, and we heard about this upcoming artist named Vincent Steez. He released a new music video called “Savages“. He is from Cali and living in the midwest. We hear the newer hip hop artists like Reverie, Phora, Devourr, True Starr, Self Provoked and I really like the new turn with hip hop. (Not that radio shit). What do you think of this song? Let us know at The Urban Kings Facebook Page!

Fiesta 2 Guns throw back. Bring it home album.
- a ThrowBack from our Fiesty 2Guns album featuring Jasper Loco and Chino Grande and Peter Cuete. Whos killed it on the track? Listen to the full album and share

True Starr Nears 20,000 Views For Mind Right

The latest video from True Starr is out now and the views been going up and up. Its a dope song and it features fellow UKMG Artist Chino Grande. The video came out dope, and is taken from True Starr’s newest album called “You’re Welcome“, which is available now inside The UKMG Merch Store! True Starr worked hard on the album, and it ended up having 17 songs on it. Some songs were featured music videos, like Roll Through, What You Need, I Dont Trust, 48 Hours, Ambitionz and the upcoming video is called “Mind Right”, directed by Kast N Fame. Watch the music video below along with the studio session creating the song, and the behind the scenes of the music video!

True Starr & Chino Grande – Mind Right – Official Music Video


True Starr & Chino Grande – Studio Session Recording Mind Right

 Behind The Scenes of Mind Right

He’s Still Active

FREE CHINO GRANDE! Today I was thinking of my friend, UKMG Artist Chino Grande of Charlie Row Campo. I talked to him on the phone the other day and he sounded in good spirits and say Gracias to his fans for all the support you have shown him on our site and his facebook page. I was looking through his albums to see what CD I was going to play, and I haven’t heard the album “Still Active” in a while, so I popped the album in and it brought me back to when we first started making the album, putting it together, and the hype was so crazy of people wanting it before it came out. This was a dope album that featured Ms Krazie, Charlie Row Members Jasper Loco, Lil Minor, along with Baby Jokes, Midget Loco, Cecy B, Roscoe, D Salas, Fingazz and more. My favorite track from the cd was Still Active. Remember that song? Check it out below!

Chino Grande ft. Ms Krazie, Lil Minor & Jasper Loco – Still Active – Taken From Still Active CD

Midget Loco and Chino Grande

UKMG Arists Midget Loco called us the other day, telling us he was going to meet up with fellow UKMG Artist Chino Grande. When was the last time you heard some big news from Midget and Chino together? As a fan, I would love to hear a new song from Midget Loco and Chino G. For a few years, that wasn’t really an option because Chino was away on vacation, but now that he is back in motion, anything is now possible. We asked him to take a quick picture for us, for our blog, for their fans. This is a really dope sight to see Steel Bangin Charlie Row together and bringing in a great 2013.


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