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Meet UKMG New Artist – True Starr

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True Starr – Your Welcome

UKMG Artist True Starr just released his new album called “You’re Welcome” and it is now available inside The UKMG Merch Store and digitally through iTunes! Their 17 songs on the album, including songs that were made into music videos. We are also working on releasing a brand new music video to the world. Get them all today and support good music! The CD features Chino Grande, OHNO!, Gunz and more. Click the button below!

Lookout Weekend Is Back With Part 3!!!!

Join O.D.M from Lighter Shade of Brown and Urban Kings as we party at Lookout Weekend 3 with a Special Live performance by Rodney O!!!! He did the 80s hits Everlasting Bass and But You Don’t Hear Me Doe!!! It is This Friday, August 12th,2011 from 9pm to 2am!!! Free ALL NIGHT LONG and its 21+ to get in!!! All taking place at the Citrus City Grille in Corona!!! We will see ya there!!!!

Urban Kings Facebook Ambush – Chino Grande Finishing A New Song

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Urban Kings Ambush continues today as Chino Grande gets to the studio. UKGM CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr has been at the studio all day finalizing mixdowns and he called UKMG Artist Chino Grande to record a few more bars on his song called “I Dont Give A Fuck”. Jaime also drops some secrets about Chino Grande’s album, and records Chino spitting to the song, and also plays the beat for everyone to hear. So if you are not following The Urban Kings Official Facebook Page, make sure to do it now, because these videos are only on the UKMG Facebook, not youtube or anywhere else, so do it now!

Chino Grande’s New Album “Trust Your Struggle” will be releasing 8/13/2013 at All Major Music Stores, and digitally through iTunes!


Fiesty 2 Guns Interview With Henry G

Fiesty 2 Guns recently did an interview with Henry G for the special Charlie Row Weekend (Which featured Charlie Row Artists Jasper Loco and Baby Jokes) for his show “On A Sunday Afternoon With Henry G” on radio station HOT 103 in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Henry did a in depth interview with Fiesty, talking about stereotypes not just in the regular world, but in music, his type of style when recording music, and whats the environment like when all Charlie Row Campo members are in the studio.


Ms Krazie Is Within Your Reach

UKMG Artist Ms Krazie is at fingers touch for these huge Ms Krazie fans. They have done the coolest thing ever and decorated their fingernails with pictures of Ms Krazie. These are three different fans that did this. The picture at the top used the classic Ms Krazie “Smile Now Cry Never” cd cover picture of Ms Krazie. The picture on the bottom left is of Ms Krazie in the “Brown Is Beautiful” cd cover, and the bottom right picture again is the picture of Ms Krazie’s “Smile Now Cry Never” mixed in with the “Brown Is Beautiful” and “Firme Homegirl Oldies 2″ pictures of Ms Krazie. These came out really really clean and we think this is not only original, but very awesome! We just wanted to share that with you!!


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