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Meet UKMG New Artist – True Starr

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Have You Seen This Meme Yet?

Have you seen the Cuete Yeska/Urban Kings bus lately? We just got this #Meme sent to us, with the police holding up the tour bus and arresting someone that was riding on it. The person is not affiliated or works with Urban Kings, but we thought this was crazy how the police are right there searching the bus and just staring at all the artists pictures that are posted on the bus. This Meme has been going around throughout social media, being shared on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We seen this on the Urban Kings Instagram and thought it was a trip.

Slush Is Out On Bail 5-15-2012

Slush Tha Villain’s new album will be releasing next month – May 15th,2012 to be exact. “Out On Bail” is the album fans have been waiting for. With the partnership for “Out On Bail” between Slush, Urban Kings and producers Kast N Fame, this album came out better than anyone can imagine. With features from Urban Kings artists Chino Grande, Stomper, Ms Krazie and special feature from Kozme, this album will be a classic once everyone has heard it. But until then we are gonna give you a sneak peak of how the album sounds, so enjoy, because heres Mr Out On Bail’s snippets, Slush Tha Villain 2012!!!

Slush The Villain – Out On Bail – Snippets

California Boys Mega Mix

Urban Kings released this really dope Mega Mix of an album that was a classic. It was of UKMG artists Charlie Row Campo, and the album is called “California Boys“. Its a really dope album and the most recent album from Charlie Row. We put together this Mega Mix of the CD, so you can hear some of the dope tracks from the album and you can vibe to it. Its available now at all major music retailers, including Amazon, FYE, iTunes and here at The UKMG Merch Store! Support Charlie Row and pick it up today!

Ms Krazie Sad Girls Contest

Have you heard about the newest contest by Ms Krazie and Urban Kings called the ”SadGirls Club Contest“. We are giving the opportunity for one fan to be a guest feature on Ms Krazie’s upcoming album “Sad Girls Club”. Here are the official rules, announced by Ms Krazie herself.

1. All Ages
2. Guys and girls can enter
3. You can rap or sing
4. Record yourself rapping or singing an original 16 bar verse on video. MAKE SURE YOU INTRODUCE YOURSELF, SAY YOUR NAME AND WHAT CITY/STATE YOU ARE FROM!
5. Upload it to youtube and title it MS KRAZIE SADGIRLS CLUB CONTEST

Contest ends October 15th

Here Are The Entries (in no order or rank)

More entries added soon!!!!

Music Thursdays-Nasty Bitches

This rola originally comes from Mr. Knightowl’s album “Most Requested” but was later given to Urban Kings to be only re-released under the new cover of SouthSide Affiliates on August 18, 2009.

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