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Midget Loco – Bloodline Flatline Only $7.99

Here is a classic album that UKMG released in 2008. It is by Midget Loco and the album was called “Bloodline Flatline“. We made this CD just $7.99 under our Analog Vs Digital Campaign. This was a really dope album and it featured UKMG Artists Chino Grande and Ms Krazie and also featured Fiesty 2 Guns, Lil Minor, Stomper, and Jasper Loco. It also featured Huero Snipes, D Salas, Roscoe, Fingazz and more. It featured some dope songs from the album, like “LA Where You At”, “The Loco And The Loca”, “The Streets Aint The Same” and “Cold Outside”. Bloodline Flatline is available now in All Major Music Retailers, including Amazon and FYE, digitally through iTunes and online at The UKMG Merch Store!! Here is a short Midget Loco interview we did with him when the Bloodline Flatline album came out, with some snippets and he talks about the album!

Midget Loco – Bloodline Flatline Interview & Snippets


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Smokey Loco & Mz Lovely – Here To Stay Snippets

Click The Picture To See The Video

UKMG has just posted on Urban Kings Tv the brand new snippets from Smokey Loco and Mz Lovely’s brand new album, called “Here To Stay”. They have both been working really diligently towards the concept, songs, ideas and features to make this album a banger. Here To Stay features some really dope artists, such as UKMG Artist Midget Loco, as well as Zig Zag from NB Ridaz, Oso Vicious, Baby Jokes, Lil Yogi, Big Lokote, Juan Gambino and more! Smokey Loco and Mz Lovely asked Urban Kings to post their snippets on Urban Kings Tv and we support indie artists so we hooked them up! They also got a really dope sounding album, and it will be available on! Make sure to check out our site and Urban Kings Tv regularly so you can hear new songs, and know exactly when the album will be releasing!

The wait is over

Alright the day is coming, this Saturday Midget Loco’s Sunday High from his unreleased album Dedicated To the OGs is going to be out for everyone to see.

Yes we know we have been holding it back but it’s worth the wait.( Remember good things take time lol)

No more games no more teasing true to our word this Saturday April 2 find a comfy chair and be ready.

If you want to be one of the first viewers to watch it subscribe to our youtube channel (youbuycds) . If you’re wondering what else Midget Loco is getting himself into,

he is going to be on the Urban Kings Street Anthem 3 which is coming out April 19,

you can get order your presales including the poster for free compliments from yours truly lol.

He is also going to be at our Urban Kings headquarters for our livestream on the 6th.

Where you can see him in live time and ask him anything you guys want.

We will be releasing the schedule of artist premiering that day soon so be posted for that.

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Youtube Friday – Brawl For All

Youtube Friday Time….I dont usually explain the clips that we post, because id rather have you see the video and usually the video will explain itself, but this one is a good one.

Youtube Friday is about BRAWL FOR ALL , which the WWE/WWF did a few years ago, which was really cool. What they did was they made a tournament for wrestlers to REALLY BOX…..YES BOXING…FOR REAL BOXING…and all contestants  got paid, and the winners won additional bonuses on top of moving to the next round. The winner of the BRAWL FOR ALL was scheduled to fight Boxer “BUTTERBEAN” at a Wrestlemania.


The first clip is of the BRAWL FOR ALL TOURNAMENT FINALE!


Clip 2

Brawl For All Championship

Bart Gunn Vs Butterbean

New Look for 2012

We had an idea to brighten up one of our walls with a display of some dope art. We started with a plain white wall and picked a dope color that was liked by everyone. Then we went to work painting the wall into a medium brown color. We painted the whole wall then changed some of the picture frames to match the wall. Many people say that pictures are worth more than a thousand words, so ill let you see for yourself the beginning, the process, and the outcome.

Summer Nights with JD #4

After a long week of jamming out to Ms Krazie new cd i started to wonder how some of the orginal samples  sounded like. So i started to poke around on line and found this one. I never heard it before but am glad i came across it. The song is called Baby Dont Leave me which Ms Krazie sampled for her new cd. This song is not available for sale on our  online store but you can jam to it via youtube.If you want to check out some of my older post click here “Summer Nights with JD


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