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Midget Loco Performing Live

UKMG Artist Midget Loco will be headlining a concert on Saturday, May 25th in Whittier, California at The Green Turtle. This event will be jam packed with dope artists, including Kozme, The Campain, Ybe aka Lil Yogi, Str8 Royalty, Rob G, Lil Smitty, Tony Muthaphukking G, OG Rome, G Ric & Miss Yarii, Deadikated, and Braindead. The show will be hosted by Silly Rabbit of The BSide Show. This event is expected to sell out, and tickets are only $10 presale. and this event is 18+. Everyone come out and support Midget Loco, because I also heard he will be taking some surprise guests with him to the event. This is an event you dont want to miss out on, and Midget Loco performing all of his classic songs from his albums, including his new stuff from his upcoming album, called “Street Love”, coming this year, with a release date of July 16th. Brought to you by Danny Boy Promotions.

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Ms Krazie Live In Denver

Urban Kings has just announced a brand new concert that has just been confirmed. It is now announced that UKMG Artist Ms Krazie will be performing live along with MC Magic and Big Gemini in Denver, Colorado at the World Famous Roxy Theater. All taking place on Cinco De Mayo Weekend, May 2nd! This is an All Ages concert and will feature a very exclusive and limited VIP Package! Tickets are available now and this concert will sell out. Also performing is Mob Fam and Dank 1. With DJ Sci-Fi! Make sure to order your tickets before everyone else at The Roxy Theater Box Office.

Kids 12 & under are FREE!

Ese Lil Joker is Coming

Out The Box

Up Close & Personal

Heres the first look at the Ese Lil Joker flyers for his newest album – Most Wanted. Ese Lil Joker’s album will be the first release for the Urban Kings Music Group this year, and will be followed by Slush the Villain’s “Out On Bail” album, which will be the second release from Urban Kings. Ese Lil Joker has put together another dope album, with features from Urban Kings Labelmates Jasper Loco from Charlie Row Campo and Midget Loco from Steel Bangin Musick. These flyers are hot off the press and straight out the box. Make sure to pick up Ese Lil Jokers “Most Wanted” album which will be available on April 17th, 2012 at and iTunes! In The meanwhile, listen to the snippets of the new album below!

Ese Lil Joker – Most Wanted Snippets

Get Fiesty 2 Guns Autograph With Pre Order!

UKMG is offering a great deal for Fiesty 2 Guns brand new upcoming album, called “Bring It Home“! For EACH AND EVERY PRE ORDER, fans will not only receive the Bring It Home album, but it will be autographed by Fiesty 2 Guns himself, and will come with a FREE Album Poster as well. This is a really good deal, because the autograph and poster comes along with the Pre Order for FREE. Not too many labels and artists do cool stuff like that, but its always good to give our fans some good extra stuff like that to show that we appreciate your support. “Bring It Home” features some really dope artists, like Charlie Row Campo members Chino Grande and Jasper Loco, as well as Lil Cuete, Midget Loco, D Salas, Rigo Luna, Livin Real and singer Breanna Takenaka. Make sure to support Fiesty 2 Guns, Charlie Row Campo and Urban Kings and order this new release. Below is the official snippets, and the order link! “Bring It Home” Releases Nationwide on Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013!

*Free Autograph & Poster for Pre Order is ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH UKMG

Fiesty 2 Guns – Bring It Home – Official Snippets

Filly Brown Screening Recap

We posted a blog a few weeks ago about the movie Filly Brown being shown in The Sundance Film Festival in Utah. As part of the music industry, our staff screened the film a few months ago and it was a very relatable story with a familiar feeling. Being latino and in the industry, this movie has hit home with our staff because this story is close with artists and friends that we work with. With experianced actors Edward James Olmos, Emilio Rivera, Lou Diamond Phillips, and upcoming actors like Chino Bling, Baby Bash, Jenni Rivera and Gina Rodriguez. 

This is the official screening and recap of the movie at Sundance. The Public and Media watch the film together, and it was shown in the Eccles Theatre ( a 1500 capacity venue), then fans and media ask questions to the actors and directors about the film. 

Music Fun & Games

Life is all about having fun, good music and video games.Our homegirl Kristal Marlboro sent us a picture of her PS3 controler with all her Ms Krazie Cds. Ms Krazie fans all know she loves video games and Kristal did a dope idea and took this picture and sent it tin to us. With all 4 Ms Krazie Cds (Brown Is Beautiful, Firme Homegirl Oldies Vol 1, Smile Now Cry Never, and Firme Homegirl Oldies 2) plus the Call of Duty – Black Ops. With all these, you can stay in bed and play a good game, listen to great music and enjoy the day.


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