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Look what we found! We found a whole new batch of pictures in our email courtesy of Burst Rock. With the Official 27 Junkies Music Video releasing this Wednesday, December 19th, its the perfect time to show everyone a little bit more of the Video. On the official Junkies song is Oso Vicious, Glow and 2Tone! They all did a dope job on their verses and hook, and the visual came out dope too, with Adam Roberts behind the lens. For those who dont know, Adam Roberts is the man who directed the Funny Bones Crew/Soul 2 Soul DVD Staring Burst Rock and his team, called “Street Level DVD. (Which is currently available by clicking that link). Make sure to tune back in on Wednesday to see the video of “27 Junkies”, here, on Urban Kings Tv!

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UKMG 16/8 Webisode 1 With Stomper

Have you seen the Urban Kings 16/8 Webisodes yet? The very first episode features UKMG Artist Stomper from his song called “I Wish It Was Fake”. It was the first episode of our 16/8 series and I it premiered very well, getting almost 20,000 views on youtube. And I Wish It Was Fake  has always been a requested video by the fans. So everyone was expecting it and pumped up about it and when it released went crazy. The 16/8 means a video that is 16 bar verse and a 8 bar hook. So make sure to watch video and lets get this video past 50,000!

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Its Summer Season

Do you remember this song? This was a dope song by Lil Blue, Midget Loco and Chino Grande called “Summer Season” and it was taken from Midget Loco’s “First Loco At The Street“. It also featured D Salas on the hook and D Salas also produced the beat. This is a dope song for every day of the summer, with the perfect weather, beautiful women, and good times. I was bbq’ing last week and this was the first song that my friend put on, and it got the mood going for a good day. The music video was directed by Jeff Reyes of Echosworld, and it came out dope. Midget Loco’s album First Loco At The Street is available now at the UKMG Merch Store right now! You can also get the cd on iTunes!

Midget Loco – First Loco At The Street


Ms Krazie Meeting A Young Fan At Spring Bash

Ms Krazie wrapped up her set for Spring Bash/Hello Loca 2012 Tour in Yakima, Washington and was in her dressing room, when one of the promoters knocked on her door, and asked her if she would be able to meet a young fan who went to the concert to meet her. Knowing Ms Krazie for years, I personally knew what Ms Krazie’s answer was going to be. OF COURSE! Ms Krazie stops and talks and likes to take pictures with everybody. I know she really wanted to take pictures at this event, but with the Spring Bash being such a huge event, she didnt have an area to meet everyone. So Ms Krazie starts to make her way towards the side of the stage where the security had the family, and the little girl couldnt want and grabbed Ms Krazie like you seen in the picture. They hugged for a long while, while Ms Krazie, the little girl and her family were all honored by the experiance to meet each other. The picture shows the exact scene of how it was and the picture came out amazing!



Self Provoked – Me And You – Music Video

Check out this really dope track by Self Provoked called “Me And You”. Its the music video and its shot in black and white, and Self Provoked flips the classic Brenton Wood “Me And You” beat into something crazy. His wordplay is sick and the song is really dope. Make sure to check it out and support the new generation of hip hop!


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