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Ms Krazie – Mz Lovely – Wicked Babydoll Live

UKMG Artist Ms Krazie did a charity event over the weekend and had some very special guests performers fly in to rock the stage. We want to shout out everyone who rocked the mic that night, including Ms Krazie, Duende,Mz Lovely, Wicked Babydoll, Chikilyn, MR E&J, Slow Poke, Babi Loka, LxSpanto, El Cacho of Paisa Movement, OG Sancha, Jes Latino, Low J, Varrio Star Ent, Jasper Locote, and Payaso 915, Vicious, Looney, Silencia, Tokes, Machete, Ese Ninety One (Of Pachuco Records).

This was the first time ever that Ms Krazie, Mz Lovely and Wicked Babydoll got to perform their song “What You’ve Done“, which was from Ms Krazie’s brand new album “Forgive Not Forget”. And we got some footage that we found that shows them performing. Make sure to peep it out below and support Ms Krazie, Mz Lovely and Wicked Babydoll.

 Ms Krazie With Mz Lovely & Wicked Babydoll – What You’ve Done – Live!

 Mz Lovely has just released an album, with Smokey Loco, called “Here To Stay“. The album came out dope and it features artists like UKMG’s own Midget Loco, as well as Baby Jokes, Zig Zag from NB Ridaz, Lil Yogi, Juan Gambino, Big Lokote, Oso Vicious and more. Make sure to click on the album below to show support for Mz Lovely and Smokey Loco! One of my favorite songs on the album is “One And Only” featuring Threat Loca.

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My Homies Music Video By Ybe

We gotta shout out this brand new music video by Ybe called “My Homies”. Urban Kings went behind the scenes with Ybe for the music video to give everyone a first look. We went on set and filmed the set, and the exclusive freestyle from Ybe. UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr takes you with him as he interviews Ybe and talks about the music video, upcoming music, his plans on his new album, and his sponsorship from Old English Brand. He also interviews the director and asks him what the 5 things that the artist should do on the music video set. We also interviewed a instagram contest winner that won a FREE TATTOO that was done during the music video. Make sure to check out the behind the scenes below too!

Urban Kings Behind The Scenes of Ybe Music Video – My Homies

Ms Krazie – Brown Is Beautiful CD

Urban Kings has officially joined the ‪#‎AnalogVersusDigital‬ Campaign along with many major music labels to keep physical CD copies alive! For the fans who prefer an actual CD, read the credits and information inside, and appreciate the hard copies. We have made each ‪#‎UrbanKings‬ CD for just $7.99, including the Ms Krazie CD “Brown Is Beautiful“, only on Dont believe us, look in our Merch Section, or click on the button below!

Nu Jerzey Devil Clubbin on Urban Kings Tv

Nu Jerzey Devil Clubbin on Urban Kings Tv

We caught up with Nu Jerzey Devil a few weeks ago in the club to party to celebrate his last mixtape release. We came to show support for our homie Nu Jerzey Devil. He has been grinding for a while, working with The Game and his Black Wall Street team. He has also became an established producer with Rodney Jerkins. Now, he is a dope artist making some good music with some grimey lyrics and crazy beats. Check out this video of Urban Kings partying with Nu Jerzey Devil. Click here to play video clip.

Nu Jerzey Devils new album “From The Bottom To The Top” is now available on !!!

Rap With Ms Krazie Contestants, Here Are Your Judges

Ms Krazie just announced some of the judges that will be helping with the Rap With Ms Krazie Guy Contest . They will be giving Ms Krazie there opinion on who had the best video submission. All artists will be  judged by lyrics, wordplay, rhyme patterns and talent. We would like to thank everyone who had the courage to step up to the plate and enter the contest, because its not an easy thing to do. With that  being said, Here are your judges!

1. Big Los (Rapper)

2. DeadLee (Rapper)

3. Drastiko (Rapper)

4. Carolyn Rodriguez (Rapper/Singer)

5. @MrKreeper (on Twitter)

6. @MrTimido (on Twitter)

7. @Justin_Loca (on Twitter)

8. @Dat_Freak (on Twitter)

9. @Eduardo_928 (on Twitter)

10. @BrownBabyGirl (on Twitter)

*Also Ms Krazie and the Urban Kings Music Group Staff will be voting as well. Good Luck to all that have submitted.

**Due to the overwhelming last minute submissions for the Rap With Ms Krazie Contest, we will be announcing the winner in a few days!!!

Good Luck to everyone who entered the Rap With Ms Krazie Video Contest.

The Ms Krazie xSetForLifex DVD

Its Official, the Ms Krazie xSetForLifex DVD will be releasing on February 9th! This is the DVD that everyone has been waiting for, the video that takes you all access through Ms Krazie’s very first concert in the Los Angeles Area. Watch as Ms Krazie takes the stage and performs a classic set, bringing many special guests who have featured on some of her biggest albums. It also takes you inside Ms Krazie’s dressing room, and getting ready for the concert. The xSetForLifex DVD also includes special bonus performances from MC Magic and Brown Boy, along with Jasper Loco, Spanky Loco, and Stomper. The concert was hosted by Lala Romero! Coming Soon!


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