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Ms Krazie return

The queen Ms Krazie is set to return in a few months with her anticipated album \\ Sad Girls Club \\. Whats your fav song, ill post it next.


Is Papa John a Racist?

Did you guys hear about this Papa John’s Pizza Restaurant that called a lady “Lady Chinky Eyes” on her receipt where her name was suppost to go?  Minhee Cho ordered a pizza from Papa Johns and she looked at the receipt and it said “Lady Chinky Eyes” on it. She tweeted the official Papa Johns twitter account “Hey @PapaJohns just FYI my name isn’t ‘lady chinky eyes’”. After posting a picture of the receipt, it was viewed by 30,000 people in a few hours.

Since Papa Johns seen the tweet, they have fired the employee that completed the order. Papa John’s tweeted that they are reaching out to that customer and the employee that made the mistake has been terminated. Even though Papa John’s corporate offices have issued apologies, the same restaurant Papa Johns staff that made the receipt gave a carefree answer to media.

An assistant manager told Gothamist website “We’re all of different races here in this store. So she didn’t mean any harm, didn’t mean to stereotype against her, to discriminate against her, but that’s how she took it.”

And even a manager at the store even blamed Ms Cho about bringing the racist subject to light.

“It’s affecting how we work,” The Manager complained to the New York Post. “This is a place of business. I truly don’t think it’s fair what she did; it’s just crazy … I think the lady put it out there just to get some attention — some people like that type of attention. I truly don’t think it’s fair. It’s been taking up all our time. It’s been very disruptive.”

*I dont know what Papa Johns Manager was talking about because as an employee of a business that deals with interaction between customers face to face, how can you say that complaining how an employee treats you when you are just trying to order a meal for yourself or your family while wanting to be fairly treated.

**Usually incidents like this are from individuals and in no way represent the company in a whole. But from the nonchalant replys to media from that same branch staff that offended Ms Cho, to the Branch Owner and Managers, it seems like a common situation.

This all happened at a New York City Papa Johns.

The OE Mystery Boxes Available Now For Christmas!

Our friends from Old English Brand has just announced the re-release of their Mystery Boxes for Christmas. What will be in it? Not even we know yet. But is is available now. Be prepared and be ready because it is available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and inside Our Online Store! It will feature different items, including 3 Old English Brand Tees, 1 Old English Brand Snapback and 1 Old English Brand Accessory. Make sure to check it out and you will not be disappointed! You can order by your size, from Medium – 3XL. This mystery box is valued at $95, so dont miss out! I just ordered my box to support, plus the savings is crazy. The Golden Mystery Box is also now available for $100 that has a retail value of $200! Remember, there are just 8 days left to order, for the guarantee of you receiving your order in time for Christmas. Dont miss out!

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Ms Krazie’s Official CD Cover of Forgive Not Forget

Urban Kings Music Group is proud to announce, that today, we release the highly anticipated and long awaited Official CD Cover For Ms Krazies 5th album release “Forgive Not Forget”. Fans worldwide have been asking Ms Krazie about her CD cover, on all of her social networks, and fans have also been asking UKMG on our social networks and our website. Well the wait is finally over and is no more. Here is the OFFICIAL CD Cover of the “Forgive Not Forget” album by Ms Krazie. Creating the ideas and concepts of this album was a complete team effort, thanks to Ms Krazie, designers Kast & Fame, and UKMGs CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr. And the design came out spectacular, with a smart, edgy, classy and sassy and sophisticated look, which are all qualities that Ms Krazie has. Ms Krazie is currently on tour, for her Hello Loca 2012 Tour, and has been super excited about showing this cover to all of her fans aka her TEAM LOCA. If you see Ms Krazie at any of her upcoming concerts, make sure to ask her for the Official CD Cover Flyer for Forgive Not Forget! Also let us know what you think of her new CD cover by leaving your comments below. I personal think this CD Cover came out amazing. Dont forget Ms Krazie’s new album “Forgive Not Forget” will be releasing in SUMMER 2012 by The Urban Kings Music Group and will be in stores Nationwide and also digitally through iTunes! Stay updated to the UKMG Blog for the exclusive snippets for Ms Krazies album “Forgive Not Forget”, which will be coming very very soon. Make Sure to LIKE Ms Krazies Official Facebook Today!!!!!

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Reverie European Summer Tour

Check out our  homegirl Reverie on her European Summer Tour! She is currently in the middle of her 3 date tour in Europe, just finishing her show in the Czech Republic, performing tonight in Sweden and tomorrow in Switzerland. Make sure to support her and her music and check out her concert if your in her area!


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