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Music Thursday- Grime to Shine

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We have been reaching high numbers with The Official Urban Kings Facebook Page, almost reaching over 85,000 Likes. Facebook is a great place to talk about upcoming ideas, promotions, pictures, and just talking back with fans. You also never know who comes by the Urban Kings offices and takes over our page. We also post some pictures, information and even videos that are exclusively just for Facebook. Make sure to LIKE us today, because we like you!

Speakers On Deck!

We are always working on releasing something new and different and ahead of the game when it comes to our collection. With the releases of the Portable Battery Charger, we followed up with a unique idea to create our own wireless portable speaker. And thats exactly what we did, we made the OE “Slow And Low Blue Tooth Speaker“. This is pretty dope, and you can take it anywhere with you. All you have to do is charge it up. Then you can play it anywhere, and it gives you the option of how you want to play music. You can connect directly through your aux cable. Or you can connect wireless through your blue tooth connection. You can also just pop in your memory card and toggle the songs with the skip forward or reverse on the top panel of the speaker. Make sure to order yours today!

Slow It Down By Chino Grande

There is just 9 days away for Christmas, and today we are going to showcase the fan favorite of UKMG Artist Chino Grande of Charlie Row Campo. This is one of my favorite albums from Chino Grande. The album is called “Slow It Down” and features songs like “In My Neighborhood“, “Im Yours“, “You Fell In Love With A Gangsta” and “Smooth Xicano Flavor“. The whole album was dope, and has alot of dope music, from rap, to slow jams, to some oldie tracks, to political songs and even empowerment songs. All over very dope beats and hard hitting lyrics from Chino. The album features UKMG Artists Jasper LocoFiesty 2 Guns and Ms Krazie. The album also features Baby Jokes, Conejo, Troub Nasty, Oso Vicious, Wicked of Brownside, D Salas, Tierra and more. If you dont have this album, your missing out. It is available at all major music retailers, like FYE, and digitally through iTunes. You can also order online through the UKMG Merch Store! Below I put the music video for In My Neighborhood, make sure to check it out!!

Chino Grande – In My Neighborhood Music Video – Featuring Jasper Loco & Oso Vicious

Ms Krazie Hello Loca Tour VIP Tickets

Ms Krazie is performing this Saturday in Santa Maria,on May 12th at the Santa Maria Fairpark. This is Ms Krazie’s first Hello Loca 2012 concert in California and fans are coming from all over the state. Also performing will be The Suave Band Live, Mic Bless, Sara S and Second Chance. This is a family orientated concert and is ALL AGES!!! There are currently General Admission tickets and VIP Tickets that are very limited and are running out. The ONLY WAY to receive VIP Tickets is by calling the Papa Jay Ticket Hotline at 805-878-1517. Tickets are also available in the Trendsetter Fashion store in Santa Maria at 805-614-1040. You can also buy the tickets online through Papa Jay by his facebook at . We dont know when Ms Krazie will be back performing in California so get your tickets today!!!


Ms Krazie Concert Commercial

La Loca’s Lesson #9

some people freak out way to0 fast about stuff.. and thats cool but they show it! i also freak out but i keep a front of calmness lol



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