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Music Thursdays – Feeling Crazy

This song comes from the album Brown is Beautiful by Ms. Krazie featuring Mal Hablado.

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Ms Krazie Fan Drawings

Ms Krazie Fan Drawing

Ms Krazie & Problemaz

UKMG Artist Ms Krazie sent us these two pictures that fans have sent her. They were pictures of drawings they have done of Ms Krazie. Picture one looks like it was from YES1, who we have blogged about before. There was a video that Yeb 1 made, while he was creating the Ms Krazie drawing. Another fan had sent in another picture (picture 2) of Ms Krazie, but this time with her husband, Problemaz. Both pictures came out really really good. Make sure if you have any pictures of any UKMG Artists,  for our blog, we will throw in your facebook links, twitter links, instagram links and all that information. We will make you famous, so send in your pictures, drawings, anything to do with UKMG!

Yeb 1 – Drawing Ms Krazie – On Video

Sand One Introduces Her Griselda Blanco “La Blanco” Painting

Our friends at Old English Brand recorded a small video with legendary street artist Sand One, who created a very special painting for a Miami art show. She labeled her piece “La Blanco” in honor of another legendary woman figure, Griselda Blanco. She talks about the inspiration to creating her painting, and the heartache with each stroke. Watch the video as she explains how she created this memorable art piece and how she feels she is similar to Griselda Blanco.

Tupac’s Back – He Performed at Coachella on Sunday

Tupac is back, performing this Sunday at The Coachella Music Festival in California this weekend, Performing Hail Mary and 2 Of Americas Most Wanted with Snoop Dogg. This is one of the first times anyone has ever used a hologram image on stage to perform, and have the artist improv the set. Make sure to check it out. If they can do this with Tupac, do you think this will catch on with other legends of music? Like Eazy E, Big Pun, Big L, Kurt Cobain, Left Eye, Aaliyah,  or ODB. Check out this clip.


Stomper In Studio With Cypress Hill

Urban Kings Artist The Stomper was in the Hennessy Lounge studios in Los Angeles a few days ago, celebrating Kiki of Hennessy Lounge’s birthday. Many dope artists, djs, industry executives and friends came through, including Stomper, Sen Dog of Cypress Hill, Dj Tony G of the world famous K Day, Mellow Man Ace, and more. Here is one of the pictures that was taken throughout the night, of Sen Dog (Cypress Hill), Stomper and Mellow Man Ace. Stomper has been working on a brand new cd, which will be releasing this year, 2013, through the Urban Kings Music Group. Stay posted to our blog for all upcoming details, including the album name, release date and more!

Make sure to follow Stomper on his official instagram at @TheStomper76

Chino Grande – Hoods Too Hot

We are starting your monday off right with another track from UKMG Artist Chino Grande, from his brand new album called “Trust Your Struggle“. This CD is Chino Grande’s newest cd, it’s taken from the Trust Your Struggle album, and everyone is liking the new album, from hip hop blog sites, to the Chino Grande and UKMG fans! This song is called  ”Hood To Hot” and features D Salas on the beat. If you haven’t got this album yet, make sure to get it today and add it to your Urban Kings and Charlie Row Campo collection. Below we put the song of “Hood To Hot”, so check it out right now!

Chino Grande – Hood To Hot – Taken From Trust Your Struggle



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