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My Fantasy World

We get videos from Kast N Fame and they range from cool, to artistic, to those that make you think about life. This is the ones that catches a glimpse of life that goes on around us, but we rarely pay attention to. I know many times Ill walk by a crazy person and pay them no mind. He was telling us, while he was taking out his garbage, a crazy man walked up to him and wanted to show him a little clock object that he was holding. While he was talking nonsense about the little item he had in his hand, Kast N Fame realized that he was talking about his own little world, and asked the man if it was ok to grab his camera. The man said yes, and they came back with their camera. This time, through the eyes and ears of the lens, the view of what the man changed, telling his story and idea of what he thought about his little item, and changed the whole perception of Kast N Fame. Click the video to watch the clip.

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Chino Grande Music Video

Have you seen this Music Video of UKMG Artist Chino Grande featuring Urban Kings Artist Fiesty 2 Guns of Charlie Row Campo? This music video was filmed during Chino Grande’s trial and while he was awaiting his sentence. The video is called “Story Of My Life – Do Or Die (L.A)” and was the first single from Chino’s album “Story Of My Life” which was also recording during that same time. The video features Camponero Fiesty 2 Guns on the song and both Chino and Fiesty killed the record. Right now, Chino is currently away and we are back on the FREE CHINO GRANDE Campaign. Just wanted to bring this video up and show that we support Chino 100% and hope he gets out soon.

Chino Grande – Story Of My Life Album

Youtube Friday – Roast of Gabriel Iglesias

We found this old school clip of one of funniest mexican comedians, Gabriel Iglesias. It was for the tv show called “Last Comic Standing” and the episode was about roasting one of the comedians in the contest. After the name was pulled, the comedian to be roasted was Gabriel. So everyone that was in the contest roasted Gabriel, and at the end of the roast, like every other, Gabriel gets to get a few shots back at the comics. So have fun and laugh at Youtube Fridays!


New Picture of Jasper Loco

Check out this picture UKMG Artist Jasper Loco from Charlie Row Campo, taken from his most recent photo shoot. Jasper Loco has been networking like crazy, performing with platinum artists, and promoting his upcoming album, which will be released this year through The Urban Kings Music Group. This photo shoot was taken last week, and it came out really dope, complete with women, pitbulls and lowriders. Jasper Loco also has a performance tomorrow with Cyzer and will feature a special Meet & Greet with Bone Thugs N Harmony on Saturday, 420, in Los Angeles. Make sure to be on the lookout for Jasper Loco’s new album coming soon!

He is A True Starr

Have you seen the brand new music video by Urban Kings? It features our newest UKMG artist True Starr in his first music video called “Roll Thru“. Its a really dope video that features a unique concept and is directed by Kast N Fame. The song is dope, the video is dope, and all you have to do is watch it again! The video is at 8,800 views, Lets get it to 10,000 !

Music Thursday- I Tried

Get this song from Midget Loco’s newest solo album Dedicated To The OGs. Now available in all FYE locations, Itunes,, and the mom and pops.

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