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My New Tattoo by Spanky Loco

Pachuco Skeleton Man Sketched To Tatt

Me, Spanky Loco &  The Needle

Almost Done, Just Needing Shading

Finished Product

Finished Half Sleeve by Spanky Loco

This weekend, I got another tattoo added to my arm to complete my half sleeve, all done by UKMG Artist Spanky Loco. With the Pachuco skeleton man all suited up, and I thought this is for me, once I had the concept. From there, Spanky drew what I had wanted and he envisioned what I described and it came out sick. Spanky has done a dope job on what I had been wanting for tattoos, and they all came out sick, crisp, clean and detailed. Spanky Loco is going to finish up my sleeve, and I will post up the exclusive pictures once we start with the second  half sleeve. I already got the concept, and the art is sick. Stay tuned. To Book Spanky Loco for a concert or a tattoo, just email us by Clicking Here.

Dont forget Spanky Loco’s CD “Tirando Y Rifando 2” is currently available now, which is Spanky Loco’s latest SPANISH album. This album has been making noise both nationally and internationally, especially in the spanish speaking countries. This is a dope cd and it features one of my favorite songs by Spanky, called “Soy Loco”. Spanky also made a music video to Soy Loco.

Spanky Loco – Soy Loco – Music Video

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We Stay Reppin UK – From Ca to Tex

I had a meeting with Carolyn Rodriguez aka Medicine Girl, (Reppin Dopehouse – She did many hooks for South Park Mexican, like “Mexican Heaven” and “Are We Real”), and Juan Gotti (from Dopehouse Records) and took Jose with me. They were shooting a video for an upcoming project in Cali and we had to chop it up since I havent seen them since the last trip. We caught up with them at the hotel and chilled in the bar. Baby Bash was featured on the song and came down for a little bit before his flight. I snapped this shot of our UK staffer Jose with Baby Bash and Juan Gotti.

Chino Grande “Story Of My Life” Album Review.

Once again its Junior805 the official chicano rap promoter dropping yet another album review from the catalog of URBAN KINGS and it wont be the last. First off, I would like to first say that Chino Grande’s style and lyrics aren’t like most. His unique voice and flow sets him apart from all other Chicano Rappers. This album is among my favorite albums to drop this year. And maybe the best album I’ve liked from Chino Grande thus far. All the hooks and lyrics make this album stand out from all his others. The transition from his bars into the hooks is flawless. Overall, the songs flow smoothly. My favorite track has been Story Of My Life/Do Or Die (L.A.). It’s like you can literally just slip into his shoes with the feeling his lyrics give you. And the emotion his tempo in his voice gives you. And I’d like to give D. Salas his props for presenting some outstanding tracks on this album. He does a good job and is up there as one of the best producers to be apart of this chicano rap movement. The next track as my favorites and its hard to pick from all the ones I liked on this album since each one has a certain factor to it that I like. Blue Rose, one of the singles to be released off the album, is an outstanding track for someone that has that significant other. A track that any man can dedicate to their lady. All the lyrics from Chino Grande and Baby Jokes and the amazing hook From Juno make this track a favorite for me since I enjoy listening to love songs (;. Sorry ladies I’m taken haha. The last track I will review is Money Dreams. Another of D. Salas creations. The beat is dope as fuxx! Chino’s flow and the beat made a sick ass combination. And Chino was spitting some real lyrics. That is the end of my review.
Till Next Time -

Junior 805″ is one of the top chicano rap promoters. He promotes all the
top chicano rappers and labels.He is a big part of chicano rap because
he promotes and supports our genre and helps it be as big as it can
possibly be. He is known for his promotion and his youtube videos.
You can find him online at .
*Also check out his mainpage, he has Chino Grande, Ms Krazie and
Baby Jokes!

Ms Krazie Autograph Signing in Las Cruces – FREE

Ms Krazie will be doing a FREE autograph signing for her fans in Las Cruces, New Mexico. It will be taking place at the Redemption Tattoo Shop and will be featuring La Loca herself, with all her albums available, including her brand new album “Forgive Not Forget”. Ms Krazie will also have her Forgive Not Forget Posters available, as well as the Hello Loca 2012 Tour Tee Shirts, that are the limited edition ones. This is her first autograph signing in Las Cruces, so make sure to not miss this opportunity and come out. Also signing autographs is Problemaz and Payaso 915 from Pachuco Records!!!

Chicano Rap Love Dedications 2 – Analog Vs Digital

UKMG has released two highly anticipated compilations for love jams, and the most recent album is the the very popular “Chicano Rap Love Dedications 2“. This is the best collection of love jams, featuring the best artists out, including UKMG Artists Chino Grande and Ms Krazie. It also features Midget Loco, Jasper Loco, MC Magic, Payaso, Chino Brown, Baby Jokes and more! The first collection started the hottest love jams put together, and this album will continue with the best slow tracks out. Chicano Rap Love Dedications Vol 2 is Now Available Nationwide to all major music retailers, including FYE, as well as digitally through iTunes! It is also available at the Urban Kings Flagship Shop at 11781 Slauson Ave, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670. So make sure to order your copy today! Here is the Official Track Listing for Love Dedications 2 below, and you can listen to the whole entire album for free!

Listen To The Entire Chicano Rap Love Dedications 2 Album Here


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