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New Ms Krazie Drawing

 I wanna thank our homegirl Angel for submitting this drawing of Ms Krazie. With a quick doodle, she drew Ms Krazie. We receive many drawings that our fans do for our artists, and we all really appreciate it, from the record label staff, to the artists, its such a dope gesture to do something cool like that. Maybe we should do a little contest in the very near future for fans to draw a cd cover…a random cd to win some cool prize pack. Keep sending in your pictures and we will do one very soon! Remember, to send in your drawing, just send it to Submit Your Drawing and make sure to type in your Name, Facebook, and Twitter names so we can have everyone follow you! We try to give shine to the fans who really support!

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The Cypher Effect Interview With King Lil G

Click Here To Watch The Cypher Effect King Lil G Interview

We were enjoying ourselves at the Cyber Effect show that took place at The Yost Theater in Santa Ana,ca a few days ago. The place was filled with hip hop fans that came to see: Reverie, King Lil G, Phora, Gavlyn among other dope acts. We actually got there a bit late, so they gave out our media passes away. We stood there for a couple of minutes waiting for us to get our new backstage passes. As we stood outside you could hear the people screaming and you could feel the energy just seeping out thru the doors. We just had to get in there. So we decided to forget the passes and just be part of the crowd and just enjoy the show side by side with the audience. Later, we saw King Lil G and so we had to go by and show some love. Gave us an exclusive interview, which he gives some inside to his success. A couple of minutes later, Jimmie just walks towards the backstage area. As if he had an invisible VIP pass or something. Next thing you know we are enjoying the show from the backstage. I guess you could say, in this case, Urban King walks around with an invisible VIP pass. Click Here To Watch The Urban Kings Cypher Effect King Lil G Interview.

Stomper on The Relevance Show June 7th

Stomper has been promoting hard for his new album “Once Upon A Time In America 2″. He just did the B Side Radio Show yesterday, and now he is going to do another interview on The Relevance online radio show on Thursday June 7th. The Relevance is hosted by Krazy Race and features some really dope music. The radio show starts at 9pm (Pacific Time) and goes on through Midnight. Make sure to tune in and support The Stomper as he will talk about his upcoming album, the thought process behind his music and more. Listen to The Revelanace by CLICKING HERE .

Stompers new album “Once Upon A Time In America 2” is available now to Pre Order, which will get you a FREE Autographed “Personalized” Poster, and a Free Autographed CD Cover. The CD will also be sent NO LATER THAN 6/15/2012. The CD Features Sick Jacken From Psycho Realm, Slush Tha Villain,Chino XL, Omar Cruz, Fingazz, Kid Frost, Spanky Loco, Guzzle and more!



Call Of Urban Kings In The Cartel

Urban Kings is going to be featured in the video game of Call Of Juarez: The Cartel (Find out which songs are on it). Check it the trailer its going to coming out July 19th. Its already getting people trying to ban it because of it being about Mexico’s drug cartels (so you know its gonna be good lol). State Legislators  as well as the Mexican politic officials are pushing for the game to be banned. Get it before they do (which I doubt).You be the judge (ill be too busy playing it lol). There are three songs that are going to be on Call Of Juarez and we will be announcing which songs are featured on the sound track as well as the leaked trailers.

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Ms Krazie Is Comin To Town

Ms Krazie’s comin to town, Ms Krazie’s comin to town!!! Thats right, Ms Krazie’s first California appearance will be going down in the 805! Santa Maria,California will host the first Hello Loca 2012 Tour/The Party Tour on May 12th taking place at the Santa Maria Fairpark, Starting at 7pm. Ms Krazie is scheduled to headline the concert, with special guest performers The Suave Band Live, Mic Bless, Sara S and Second Chance. Tickets are available at 8 different locations in the Santa Maria/Lampoc/San Louis Obispo/Paso Robles areas. General Tickets are $15 and there is a limited amount of V.I.P Tickets available for the show for $35 (For V.I.P Tickets, contact Papa Jay ) This event is sponsored by Raspado Y Churro Felix, Scotty Appliances and Magneto Electric. You can listen to Mega 97.1 and 95.7 The Beat to win some free tickets to the concert and listen to the stations to hear the radio commercial for the show!

Ms Krazie’s Radio Commercial for May 12th

Jasper Loco Performing – Exclusive Facebook Footage

Click Here To Watch The Video!

We told everyone that UKMG Artist Jasper Loco of Charlie Row Campo was performing last weekend in California, and we have a dope exclusive clip that we posted just for The Urban Kings Official Facebook Page! Its an exclusive clip you cant find nowhere else, because it was recorded by UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr himself. It was a really dope show and even UKMG Artist Lil Minor came down to perform a few songs with Jasper. Oso Vicious also was headlining the show with Rikee West! Make sure to click the picture above and watch it! Shout out to Tattoo Dollz and Ruby Uribe for another dope show. Remember you must LIKE the UKMG Facebook to watch the video!


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