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Old English Brand – Hot And Ready

We have another dope visual for you today, this time a commercial by our friends at Old English Brand. It is their new video of the week and they sent it to us for our site. They always have some dope designs and we work closely with them since they sponsor many of our artists! We have also done a few collaborations with Old English, including the “Set For Life Pocket Tee” and the “Heavy Lies The Crown Tee“. This time they released a brand new video called “Hot & Ready” and its now available to watch on Urban Kings Tv! So make sure to press play above and watch the video and support both Old English Brand and Urban Kings!


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Eastside Poetry

Did you know that our friends from Old English Brand sponsored an event with our other friend, Emmy Nominated Actor Richard Cabral, along with his company Lineage Entertainment, to give a place for  talented individuals in our community a place to show off their skill. It gave an opportunity to showcase your talent, whatever it is. From poetry, music, acting, dance, story-telling or whatever it may be. It starts off with Old English Brand CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr as he describes the event, then to Richard as he tells what the goal is, and then to audience feedback. Make sure to watch the video and stay posted to Urban Kings and Old English Brand because we may have another event coming soon.

Put On For My City With Chadaze

Our friends at Old English Brand have created another brand new video that showcases 3 of their top three designs of the month, taken from the OE collection. They featured popular tattoo model Chadaze and shot photos and videos throughout Los Angeles and Hollywood. Rockin with the OE “L.A Tee in Black“, they both hit Downtown and did a dope set of photos. Next, they headed to the opposite side of Los Angeles, and shot the OE “Leftcoast Tee in White“. They got another really dope set of pictures from that session, then they traveled towards Hollywood to shoot the OE “Money Is The Motive Tee in Black“. All three tees have been doing great in June and July, so we wanted to shout them out. They are all available at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and The OE Online Store!

Out The Box – Mister

Urban Kings along with Lineage Entertainment Group is proud to announce we have started season 2 of our popular “Out The Box” series, which features amazingly talented artists from Los Angeles, California. We have already filmed and completed the first episode of season two, which is called “Mister” and features Tui Asau. You may recognize Tui’s work before, as he was featured in Out The Box season one, episode three, called “Spoken Words“, which he did a beautiful acoustic song with his guitar. This time, he did a different type of episode, one that is dark and twisted and you can only watch and listen to the story he tells. We are working on the official trailer for the episode, which will be coming out soon. But until then, we wanted to release the official flier for the episode, so make sure you tune in, and without further ado, here is Season 2, Episode 1 of Mister, staring Tui Asau.

Out The Box – Mister – staring Tui Asau

Chillin With True Starr

We are chillin with UKMG Artist True Starr, talking about ideas and progress. We had just released his latest music video, called “What You Need“, which was his first single that came with an iTunes Digital Download. Yes, you can now download the song via iTunes! We are excited for this single to be the first digital download song from True Starr. We also talked about the next music video, also to be directed by Kast N Fame, who directed the last two True Starr videos. The new music video is already into production, and you can expect another dope video coming soon. If you havent seen the video yet, make sure to watch it below!

True Starr – What You Need – Music Video

Stomper In XXL Magazine

Did you know that Urban Kings Artist The Stomper was featured in XXL Magazine? He was featured in a segment shot by world famous photographer Estevan Oriol. This was a really dope shoot and features Stomper in his old neighborhood. Here is the magazine cover that he was featured in, and the photo that was taken inside the magazine. Since then, Stomper has released “Once Upon A Time In America“, “The New Testament“, “Once Upon A Time In America 2” and his newest “FREE STOMPER Unreleased Kuts 2“. All are available now at all major music retailers, including Amazon and FYE, and digitally on iTunes!




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