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Old English Brand Interviews EMC Senatra

Our friends from Old English Brand did an interview with EMC Senatra of AK47 Boys. If you havent heard of EMC Senatra before, he is signed to King Lil G‘s label and is one of the rising artists from Los Angeles. You have heard him as a feature on the music video for “96” from King Lil G’s CD “90′s Kid” that featured EMC Senatra, and directed by Echosworld. He came down to the Old English Brand Office and did a cool short photo shoot with them, along with an interview. He talks about signing to his new label, his top 3 dead or alive artists he wants to collaborate with, and his plans for 2016. Under the interview I posted the 96 music video, make sure to check it out! And check out EMC Senatra rocking the Old English Brand “Logo Sweatshirt” and the OE “Faded Beanie“, both available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and inside thier Online Store.

Old English Brand : Whats up EMC Senatra, how did you link up and get signed to King Lil G‘s AK47 label?

EMC Senatra : My homie and cameraman who recently passed away, his name was J Rox, and he did some shoots with King Lil G. He told King Lil G that he had a young homie that raps and he ended up going to G’s house, and showed him a song, and G liked his music. He put me under his wing, put me on one of his songs and i just signed a deal with him on his label.

Old English Brand : What do you think of the new West Coast Movement?

EMC Senatra : I fuck with all of the new westcoast. I fuck with Gavlyn and Reverie and performing on same shows with them before I signed to King Lil G. I like everyones movement and how everyone is on their game. I think the west is going to come back up strong.

Old English Brand : Who is your top 3 artists – dead or alive – to collab with. Not the best artist in your opinion, but who are the top 3 artists you would do a song with?

EMC SenatraSPM, I would love a song with Tupac but I know he would go crazy on me, he would go crazy. And I would say Future. He’s poppin right now,  he’s really turnt up and I like his style. Those would be my 3.

Old English Brand : So let us know with your album. If you can tell us about the songs, the features, a estimated release date.

EMC Senatra : Im looking at March, I have it done already, but im still making more music, so if I like another track, I might switch some songs around. Im looking at March 23rd. And it will be a mixtape, release it on all the mixtape sites, give it away for free.

Old English Brand : Dope, we will  be waiting for that for sure. What plans do you have for 2016 including your mixtape. Hows it looking for an album and shows?

EMC Senatra : G was talking about going to tour Europe next year. After we release my mixtape, we are going to let it spread to the world, then we are gonna tour Europe. Its going to be King Lil G, me, and the rest of the AK47 boys, which is Drummer, 2Tone, LA Gunsmoke, and we gonna just destroy Europe.

Old English Brand : Where can people reach you on social media. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc?

EMC Senatra : EMCAK47. I keep it simple and thats my name on all social media. Make sure to follow me and say whats up.


King Lil G – Ft. EMC Senatra – 96

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