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Old English Brand Presents BTS of My Pleasure

Our friends at Old English Brand released a really dope video. Its a behind the scenes look at their upcoming video campaign called “My Pleasure – BTS“. The video is a sneak peak, but it is amazing. It features Suicide Girls model Riley Jensen, up close and personal. This is an awesome video and im really impressed by it. Directed by Famous 8, this video gives an introduction of My Pleasure and Riley herself. Watch as they showcase the OE “Fast As Hell Jogger Pants“, the OE “Off The Shoulder Women Sweater” and the OE “Racerback Tank Tops for Ladies“. Check it out and we will post the full video of My Pleasure next Thursday!

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Who Should Ms Krazie Pick?

Have you seen this post by Urban Kings Artist Ms Krazie? She is asking her fans who they want to hear on Ms Krazie’s upcoming album “Sad Girls Club” CD. She is gearing up to record her 5th solo album, and we already know its going to be a classic album. The album name is already announced, next is working on the music that the fans will love. Urban Kings will be posting this on Urban Kings Facebook Page to hear your answers and we also want to know who you want to hear on Ms Krazie’s album. Let us know!

Midget Loco Stopped By For This

Letty Wong x Midget Loco x Ponce

Letty and Midget Loco

Check out these exclusive behind the scenes pictures I took of UKMG Artist Midget Loco! He came through to the UKMG Offices to meet up with us, then we headed to the set of his photoshoot, with the beautiful Ms Letty Wong. This photo shoot came out awesome, with great photography done by Grafik and Ponce of Old English Brand Clothing. Also, UKMG Artist Fiesty 2 Guns also came through to support Midget Loco and take some photos. These are just photos from behind the scenes, and they came out clean, so we cant wait to show what is the actual final pictures of the shoot. UKMG will be releasing Midget Loco’s brand new album for 2013 and will be releasing the name of the album very soon, along with the tracklisting and the album cover. Until then, bump this music video, turn it up, and play it loud!

Midget Loco – California Raised x Sucka MC

Ms. Krazies New Single “I Like It” The iTunes

Its Cinco De Mayo!!! in celebration of the victory of Puebla you should buy ms. krazies new single off her upcoming album “Firme Homegirl Oldies 2″ on iTunes.

Free Chino Grande “Sweet Valetine” Ringtone – Updated

*Updated – There was a mistake on the first blog post, so we gave everyone 2 extra days to download this free ringtone!!

We are giving away a FREE RINGTONE OF CHINO GRANDES “SWEET VALENTINE” because our fans are our valentines this year. This is for A LIMITED TIME ONLY, as this promotional code will expire at midnight on SUNDAY, February 19th pacific time. This is one of his dopest songs in my opinion and is a jam when you can just listen to, and relate to it because everyone knows how it feels to be away from someone that you miss. This is just another way to say thank you to our fans for continuing the support and dedication and loyalty and we do read each Urban Kings Facebook Posts and Urban Kings Twitter Tweets and Urban Kings Youtube Comments .

Also, the Chino Grande “Story Of My Life” album is available now at ALL Major Retail Outlets, like FYE Locations , digitally through iTunes , and online through .

Live for the thrill, for the right thrill

You can like one thing and not have to hate everything else. Keep an open mind and opportunities will come fast and easy for you. As a team, Urban Kings works hard on promoting what we love without having to knock the next persons hustle. Its cool not to like something, but don’t promote how you DON’T like it. We just work on what we do, bringing out the best music possible. Our artists work hard on making music, and Our staff works hard to bringing the music to the public. I promote what I love and I stay focused on what I do.  - UKMG


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