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Old English Brand Presents BTS of My Pleasure

Our friends at Old English Brand released a really dope video. Its a behind the scenes look at their upcoming video campaign called “My Pleasure – BTS“. The video is a sneak peak, but it is amazing. It features Suicide Girls model Riley Jensen, up close and personal. This is an awesome video and im really impressed by it. Directed by Famous 8, this video gives an introduction of My Pleasure and Riley herself. Watch as they showcase the OE “Fast As Hell Jogger Pants“, the OE “Off The Shoulder Women Sweater” and the OE “Racerback Tank Tops for Ladies“. Check it out and we will post the full video of My Pleasure next Thursday!

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Ms Krazie Sad Girl Club Pre-Sale Ends Tomorrow at 6AM!

The PRE SALE for my new tank tops is officially up! 12 HR PRE SALE! ENDS TOMORROW 8/5 MORNING AT 6AM! heart emoticon orders will begin shipping as soon as I get them! $20.00 up to size 2XL stretchy long comfy material! after the pre sale ends you will still be able to purchase them but youll have to wait until they actually come out and are put on my website. pre ordering guarantees youll get yours ASAP before the general site.

- Ms Krazie

Spanky Loco Tattooing New Jersey Right Now




UKMG Artist Spanky Loco is in New Jersey right now on his Music & Tattoo 2014 Tour, and has only two appoinments left for tattoos before he heads to Maryland for his next stop. He will be in New Jersey from Monday through Wednesday, April 28-30th. He is booked solid for New Jersey, but decided to push himself to the limit and make two more appointments available for fans. Since its the East Coast, he is dedicated to giving ink to his fans on the East. That is dedication and fan appreciation right there. He just completed his Baltimore Tattoo Convention along with the legendary Mr Flaks and did this dope artwork for a lucky fan. From May 1st through May 4th, Spanky will be in Maryland and will be performing along with UKMG Artist The Stomper THIS FRIDAY May 2nd! More info on the concert Tomorrow! To make your appointment with Spanky Loco, call 716-562-6828!

Choppin It Up With Jasper Loco

Urban Kings Artist Jasper Loco of Charlie Row Campo came down to the UKMG Offices to talk about his music, and the projects he is currently working on. He talks about his collaboration for his upcoming solo album, as well as the Charlie Row Campo album. Jasper always comes with the real, and never holds back his thoughts. Make sure to watch this video if your a Jasper Loco or Charlie Row Campo fan. We are choppin it up with Jasper Loco, and caught on camera for everyone to see.

1st Facebook Winner!!!

Vana Garcia won our FIRST GIVE A WAY on FACEBOOK…An AUTOGRAPHED “Eastside Classics” CD signed by BOTH BABY JOKES AND JASPER. Dont believe us? Look at the picture above. And we had them personalize the CD!!!! Do you wanna WIN a Urban Kings Prize? Something Autographed? Something Rare? Something Cool and One of A Kind? Then all you have to do is LIKE our FAN PAGE on FACEBOOK. Sign into facebook, go to our page, CLICK LIKE, and your done….Then just keep posted to our facebook for the next contest.

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Stomper & 2Tone

Stomper was with 2 Tone this past week at the Dead End Studios with Kast N Fame. They were talking about Stompers new album “Once Upon A Time In America 2“. Both Stomper and 2Tone gave a few shout outs and a few history moments. Stomper talks about 2Tone being the artist that started out his music career. Artists have been coming out and giving the album props because it is a really good CD. With features from Sick Jacken from Psycho Realm, Spanky Loco, Chino XL, MC Magic, Slush Tha Villain, Omar Cruz, Frost, Guzzle, Fingazz, 2Tone, Krazy Race, Thief Sicario and more, the album shaped up very real and very lyrical.

Once Upon A Time In America 2 is available now at ALL FYE Locations , Digitally Download through iTunes , and The UKMG Catalog .




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