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On A Sunday Afternoon With Henry G

I know alot of our fans have been seeing and listening to the interviews with our artists for the show “On A Sunday Afternoon With Henry G” on radio station HOT 103.5 Las Cruces , New Mexico. You can hear all of the interviews from the Charlie Row Weekend (Baby Jokes, Fiesty 2 Guns and Jasper Loco Interviews), Ms Krazie, Midget Loco and Chino Grande’s past interviews as well by clicking on . We also sent a few songs to Henry G that havent been on air yet, so make sure to tune into the show this weekend! Las Cruces and Henry G shown alot of love and support and we show it right back. Every Sunday from 12pm to 5pm (New Mexico Time). Also be on the lookout for the Stomper and Spanky Loco interviews comming very soon!

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Hello Loca 2012 Denver Pictures

Fans Waiting for Ms Krazie To Arrive

Tickets Ready, Ready for Pictures

Ms Krazie and Fans Ready For The Show

Ms Krazie & Akwid Before Stage Time

Crowd Was Chanting “Krazie, Krazie, Krazie”

Fiesty 2 Guns – Bring It Home – Official Snippets – Listen Now

Urban Kings has just World Premiered the Brand New Album Snippets for UKMG Artist Fiesty 2 Guns of Charlie Row Campo, for his second solo CD “Bring It Home”. These songs are never before heard, and we think you are going to be feeling all these songs. To me personally, this album is like a best of, but on a regular album. The album also features Charlie Row members Chino Grande and Jasper Loco, as well as Midget Loco, Lil Cuete, Rigo Luna, D Salas and Livin Real. Make sure to check out the snippets, because its a sample of all Fiesty’s “Bring It Home” album. And don’t forget “Bring It Home” by Fiesty is available RIGHT NOW FOR PRE ORDER! The Album Releases Nationwide on Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013!

Fiesty 2 Guns of Charlie Row Campo – Bring It Home – Official Album Cover

Urban Kings At Chris Webby Music Video Tomorrow

Urban Kings will be representing tomorrow at the music video shoot for Chris Webby. He is a dope hip hop artist from the east coast and has built a large hip hop fanbase. We will be posting up some pictures and updating our blog and facebook with an all access look behind the scenes of the video. Make sure to stay posted for more information coming soon from Urban Kings and follow us at The Urban Kings Facebook Page!

Urban Kings Top 10 Video Countdown

Urban Kings Music Group releases our exclusive Top 10 Countdown of our favorite videos that have been released in 2014. We featured only videos that came out in 2014, and Urban Kings artist were in making music videos throughout the year. Is your favorite UKMG Artist featured in the Top 10 Countdown? Only one way to find out, and thats to watch the video. Hosted by UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr, he also gives a quick rundown of whats to come for 2015! Make sure to check out the video!

True Starr’s What You Need – Now On iTunes

Urban Kings Music Group Artist True Starr will be releasing a brand new music video called “What You Need”. Everyone here at the label is excited about the video, which is directed by Kast N Fame. I think it might be one of the top videos that ever came out of the Urban Kings label. The visuals are dope, and there are some really crazy special effects. The video is out now, and you can watch it below. Make sure to write your comments at The Urban Kings Facebook Page! We have also added the download link for “What You Need” by True Starr by clicking his single cover below!



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