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One Krazie Night DVD

We have told everyone about the One Krazie Night DVD – The Ms Krazie Concert Experiance took place a few months ago, and had many huge surprises during the show. The concert was sold out and was Ms Krazie’s very first performance in Los Angeles! The DVD is not only a concert, but a true behind the scenes experience too!  Watch as Ms Krazie lands into Los Angeles and as she prepares for her mega concert. Come backstage with Ms Krazie and see what goes on behind the stage, as she is in her dressing room, preparing for the thousands of people that are awaiting her performance. There is no words that can describe what goes on for the huge xSetForLifex Concert, so you will just have to see for yourself! Watch the video exclusively here at Urban Kings!

One Krazie Night – DVD Trailer Preview

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Midget Loco – Street Love – Official Album Cover

We have the brand new official album from UKMG Artist Midget Loco called “Street Love”. This is Midget’s newest album, that is the follow up to his past classic albums, like “Bloodline Flatline” , “First Loco At The Street” and “Dedicated To The OGs “. Midget Loco has an official release date for Street Love, which will come out on Tuesday, July 16th Nationwide to all Major Music Retailers, such as FYE, and including digitally through iTunes. This is a really dope album, and we are excited to release it to the world. Designed by our friends Kast N Fame, they did a really great job on the artwork and photography. Midget also has some brand new music featured on two new Urban Kings Cds, called “Chicano Rap Love Dedications 2” and “Street Anthems 4“. Im posting a new Midget Loco song below, its just a small sample of what the album will sound like, so mark July 16th on your calendar!

Midget Loco – Crazy About Her – Taken From Chicano Rap Love Dedications 2

Stomper’s Once Upon A Time In America

Support Stomper by posting this on your pages, sending to friends. Also post the video on your pages, lets spread the word! Lets make this one of the biggest Chicano Rap albums to release this year!

Chicano Rap Love Dedications Vol 2

UKMG has released two highly anticipated compilations for love jams, and the most recent album is the the very popular “Chicano Rap Love Dedications 2“. This is the best collection of love jams, featuring the best artists out, including UKMG Artists Chino Grande and Ms Krazie. It also features Midget Loco, Jasper Loco, MC Magic, Payaso, Chino Brown, Baby Jokes and more! The first collection started the hottest love jams put together, and this album will continue with the best slow tracks out. Chicano Rap Love Dedications Vol 2 is Now Available Nationwide to all major music retailers, including FYE, as well as digitally through iTunes! It is also available at the Urban Kings Flagship Shop at 11781 Slauson Ave, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670. So make sure to order your copy today! Here is the Official Track Listing for Love Dedications 2 below, and you can listen to the whole entire album for free!

Listen To The Entire Chicano Rap Love Dedications 2 Album Here

Ms Krazie Concert Last Weekend (VIP Backstage)

Check these photos out! These are some of the first batch of pictures we have that were taken backstage from various cell phones of the Ms Krazie Concert last weekend. The concert was dope, with other artists performing like Miss Lady Pinks, Carolyn Rodriguez, Gunz, Decalifornia, and special guests Lil Blacky, Sleepy Malo, I Suppose and more. Everyone came out to support and watch a good concert. The vibe was dope and everyone was taking pictures and getting autographs and seen some of their favorite songs performed. We will be posting more pictures through-out the week. Make sure to stay posted to our website and The Urban Kings Facebook Page!

What Does XSetForLifeX VIP Mean?

Click Here To Watch This Exclusive FB Video

Fans have been asking many questions about the upcoming XSetForLifeX Super Show, Staring Ms Krazie and MC Magic! Questions range from what are the ages for the event, how much are tickets, is there a limit to how many you can buy, and more. The most asked question we have so far, is “What does V.I.P Include”. We have made a little video to answer that exact question, while being in the concert venue where the concert will be. Make sure to check out the video and learn what being a VERY IMPORTANT PERSON means at this super event! Make sure to get your tickets now and dont miss out before its sold out! Click Here To Buy Your XSetForLifeX Super Show Tickets!

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