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Only In The West Coast!

A West Coast Wednesday Classic

Here is one of the dopest Urban Kings 16/8 episodes we made. It was episode 4 and featured Lil Minor and Jasper Loco for the song “Loco To The Brain“. If you dont know about the UKMG 16/8 Webisodes, they are a series of short music that have a 16 bar verses and a 8 bar hook. This song was taken from the collaboration album from Jasper Loco and Richard Cabral, formerly known as Baby Jokes called “Eastside Classics“. Eastside Classics is available now for just $7.99 exclusively from the Urban Kings Store. Click the box below to get it for that low price!

YouTube’s Silent HxA Album Review

Here’s my first review, of many more to come, for Urban Kings’ “Streets Anthems 3″ album. I listened to the album from start to finish a few times and album features 20 songs with some gangster jams & some smooth laid back songs to cruise to. “In The Rain” by ALT The Saint is probably my favorite song from the whole album not only cause of the oldie sample from 21st Century lol, but because of the reality ALT is speaking about in the song. “I Seen this Bitch” By Jasper Loco feat. Bigg Bandit, also one of my fav. songs from the album, the song is one of those gangster party jams with a funky beat produced by Bigg Bandit. “Would You Prefer” by Midget Loco feat. D.Salas is a very catchy song, with the beat you would think this would be a love song but it’s not, “Would you prefer to have a gun against your ahead, or would you prefer to leaving me alone instead”, favorite line from the song. “What’s Really Real” by Slow Poke feat. Chino Grande is banger for sure, another one of my favorites, that’s about nowadays not knowing what’s really real with friends, people, music, etc.. Overall “Street Anthems 3″ is a great album that gives a little taste of some future albums from Urban Kings and also some exclusive songs only available on this album, also there was only 1-2 songs that I wasn’t feeling but most of the songs I couple play them without skipping. I would rate this album 4 out of 5.

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Stomper In Studio With Cypress Hill

Urban Kings Artist The Stomper was in the Hennessy Lounge studios in Los Angeles a few days ago, celebrating Kiki of Hennessy Lounge’s birthday. Many dope artists, djs, industry executives and friends came through, including Stomper, Sen Dog of Cypress Hill, Dj Tony G of the world famous K Day, Mellow Man Ace, and more. Here is one of the pictures that was taken throughout the night, of Sen Dog (Cypress Hill), Stomper and Mellow Man Ace. Stomper has been working on a brand new cd, which will be releasing this year, 2013, through the Urban Kings Music Group. Stay posted to our blog for all upcoming details, including the album name, release date and more!

Make sure to follow Stomper on his official instagram at @TheStomper76

Chino Grande – Design By A Fan

We got sent in these pictures of UKMG Artist Chino Grande by a cool fan Vanessa Aguilar. She put these pictures together in a very cool way. She grabbed three pictures from Chino Grande’s first three photoshoots since his release. The top left picture was taken by Old English Brand Clothing for the collaboration shirt we had did with them, called “Heavy Lies The Crown“. The picture on the top right, was taken by James Mooney, who has taken photos of Bono of U2,  Bruno Mars, Trey Songz and more. He also took the picture on the bottom left with a black and white look, of Chino with his shirt off. The bottom picture has Chino Grande’s album playing on her iPhone, the album is called Still Active.

Shout out to Vanessa! We appreciate ya!

La Loca’s Lesson #20

how you not gonna know who yo baby daddy is?.. unless you a hoe. that shit is hella sad lol



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