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Oscar de la Hoya

A new iteam to add Urban Kings collection…..a boxing glove autographed by Oscar de la Hoya. Mike went to his signing and as a gift he gave him a CD from Urban Kings but what he forgot was that he left the CD in the car because he was listening to it on the way to the signing. The only thing that was inside was his business card. So Oscar if you tumble across this we fired Mike lol (JK) but he says my bad. Call him up and thank you for signing our glove.

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Conejo’s Limited Portraits

“The Shady Conejo” was truly the first album Conejo recorded and if anyone says anything different they don’t know the story I’m about to tell….. Conejo made this album way before “Angel Of Death” (released in 2005) but he hid ” The Shady Conejo” because he was saving it for the perfect moment to come. Unfortunately  things didn’t go as expected .He caught a case and went on the run. It was around this time, when he decided to sell the album to Urban Kings Inc.Urban Kings Inc. released the album and  then later re-released it as the album now known as Dead End Gangster.

And still to this day this album remains has one of Conejo’s top selling albums. Containing his hit songs Smiling Faces, Killer of the West, El Varrio Mas Chingon and so on. This other canvas you see before you comes from Conejo’s album, “Game Over”.

Both of this canvases are made from the original film that was use for the photo shoot. How do we know? Urban Kings was close friends with the photographer and hired him to do Conejo’s photo shoot. At that time Conejo was deep into his addictions, which is why he always had a syringe on him.

When photo editors got the photo, they would edited as a pencil or took it off completely.  Both of the canvases are hand stretch and have a wooden frames.  These canvases are in auction right now, and the bid start at $120. The Shady Conejo is currently at $200. Enter your bid at Conejo is still currently on the run but both of these albums have become his monuments.

Califa Rap awards Urban Kings!

Cali Rap Awards results are in and guess what award we were awarded drum roll plz (lol)……Charlie Row Campo’s The Camponeros won compilation of the year ( i don’t know wat a compliation was so i looked it up and it means its a album with old songs from different artist….but it was a group project wit new songs : / so….. ay who cares we won ). Cover Art of the year was given to Stomper Once Upon of Time in America. Video of the year was given to Chino G In my neighborhood. So give it up for urban kings (bow and ) lol. If you wondered how it was decided, the fans went to and voted in their choices. So now you guys know how to vote for next year : ). So come and get to claim the trophies cuz its time to head to the after party (wonder if baby jokes is going to be there lol)

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Hello Zombie

In dedication to Ms. Krazie’s Hello Loca, Sarahi Martinez created Hello Zombie. Thank you for the support girl : )Send in your drawings to dedicated to Ms. Krazie at
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Ms Krazie e Card #2

Here is the brand new Ms Krazie e Card that she made. If you arent up on Ms Krazie’s e Cards, they are made by Ms Krazie specially for her fans. They will all feature lyrics from her brand new upcoming album album “Forgive Not Forget”. Everyone is hyped up about the new cd, and Ms Krazie is too, giving fans sneak peaks at some of her lyrics through the e Cards. Maybe we should do a contest including Ms Krazies e cards, exclusively for the UKMG website. Do you think we should? Remember if you havent Pre Ordered your new cd, you can do it NOW! It includes a FREE MS KRAZIE AUTOGRAPH, Free Poster, Free Sticker,  and Free Ringtone! To Pre Order, go to The UKMG Merch Store and order today!

Stomper – Aztlan Is The Truth

Urban Kings brings back one of the dopest videos ever. Its by UKMG Artist Stomper and the song is called “Aztlan Is The Truth“. This is one of the sickest music videos we have ever released, and its one of Stompers best tracks. It was taken from the album “Once Upon A Time In America“, one of the biggest Urban Kings albums. The music video has hit over 185,000 views on youtube, and we need to get it to 200,000! We continue to be on our #FREESTOMPER campaign and we will be seeing him soon. Lets get behind this video and support and get it to 200,000 views! Watch the video and put it on your facebook and lets get the movement going!


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