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Oso Vicious’s 3rd Street Anthem Interview

Oso vicious inteverview for the Urban Kings Street Anthem 3 has been uploaded for the world to see. Oso vicious is going to be speaking the his part on the street athem as well as promote his latest album “Its All A Game”. In the interview you get to hear the sneak peek of his song that is going to be on the Street Anthem 3. Get to see clips of his music video so get comfy and click play.

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Are you in L.A?

Stop by one of our biggest supports that carry all Urban Kings Music at the Compton Fashion Center next to the ice cream Shop.

Cycadelic Music Corner
2100 N.long beach blvd. #Z-7
Compton Ca 90221

Contact Kirk at
310-608-7167 store

Psycho Realm – Im Gone Music Video – From Terror Tapes 2

Psycho Realm is releasing its newest project May 15th. With Sick Jacken and Cynic, they are bringing to you thier next project, Terror Tapes 2. The continuation of the Terror Tapes Series, this album is featuring already 2 singles out the gate, “Show You A Rock” and “Im Gone”. Fans have been asking about the next Psycho Realm project and its finally here. Make sure to pick up the Terror Tapes 2 album along with Slush Tha Villains “Out On Bail” album. We are posting up the new music video of their single “Im Gone”. Are you true psychos? Let us know what you think of the new song and video! You can buy Psycho Realm’s “Terror Tapes 1″ by CLICKING HERE.

Psycho Realm – Im Gone – Taken From Terror Tapes 2


Words of Wisdom

Have you ever thought how crazy it is that you have live power wires running throughout your whole house. Now lets multiply that by one hundred and now think about those wires in a florescent glowing manner. Picture and imagine how they are all around you, driving power to your appliances, light bulbs, bedroom, etc. How crazy it is that the power hits your tv then drives that power through a circuit board and lights up your tv. How all that works in perfect harmony. Now imagine you doing that with all your talent that you have, built up in your imagination just waiting to be released. Now do what I just described but towards all of your dreams and goals and imagine it all actually working in perfect harmony without even trying. It’s possible, and its happening to me and others and it can happen to you! It’s time to change the direction in your life and advertise in your own brain. Think big, think small, but just think, nothing can stop an idea, more than yourself. That’s that ambition, self motivation, set for life imagination. The magic is real, Los Angeles, Urban Kings is that UKMG Life on top of that, Set For Life, Boom Pow Perfect (Street Fighter Voice).

Instagram – @UrbanKings

UKMG Drawing of Chino Grande & Midget Loco

Here is a drawing we found of UKMG Artists Midget Loco and Chino Grande. It also features Baby Jokes. Drawn by Carolina Manriquez, she drew her favorite Urban Kings artists. We always support those who support us. so when we find something is related to Urban Kings, we always post it up to share with our fans. We also encourage fans to submit their material, wether it be with an Urban Kings artists, drawings, or your Urban Kings music collection. Make sure to submit your pictures to us by CLICKING HERE. Dont forget to include your facebook and twitter name so we can post it on the blog and make you famous and show the world your a big UKMG supporter.

Ms Krazie Sayin Hello El Paso

Its that time again, Ms Krazie is getting ready to get back on the road and has 4 shows this month. March 11th she is scheduled to perform at Frankies West in El Paso, Texas for her highly anticipated Hello Loca 2012 Tour stop. I believe VIP Tickets have sold out and have a few more tickets available at general admission. You can buy the tickets at the door for only $10 or you can buy a ticket now at ANY KWIK KOPY PRINTING SHOP in El Paso.Remember its ALL AGES!!!

Also dont forget Ms Krazie has another concert the following week at the Yakima Sundome for the Spring Bash/Hello Loca 2012 Tour event. This event has Ms Krazie, DMX, The Game, Baby Bash, Ray J, Ying Yang Twinz and Brown Boy. Ticket prices are very affordable for this HUGE concert. $100 will get you a Backstage Pass including a Front Pit Ticket, Meet And Greet with 6 of the performing artists (INCLUDING MS KRAZIE). Tickets are starting at $30 FOR THIS WEEK ONLY!!!! Go to to buy online, or you can go to The Yakima Sundome Box Office, or you can buy them at any CandiGurlz location! Remember its ALL AGES!!




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