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Oso Vicious’s 3rd Street Anthem Interview

Oso vicious inteverview for the Urban Kings Street Anthem 3 has been uploaded for the world to see. Oso vicious is going to be speaking the his part on the street athem as well as promote his latest album “Its All A Game”. In the interview you get to hear the sneak peek of his song that is going to be on the Street Anthem 3. Get to see clips of his music video so get comfy and click play.

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Jeff Echo’s Invasion Interview With Fox Radio


Jeff “Echo” Reyes did a interview with Fox Radio about his newest movie “Invasion” that he just recently did a World Premier on March 1st. All actors are soldiers who have served the United States Military. He talks about making the movie, the screening, the military and his plans for the rest of 2012. Jeff is the same producer that has done the Baby Jokes Music video “She Use To Be My Side Kick” and Midget Locos video “Thirteen Letter“. He  has also done the upcoming movie “ASH“. Its a great look into one of the fastest upcoming Latino Director in the business. Definitely worth a listen!!!

Ms Krazie – Sad Girls Club Inspired Tattoo

Ms Krazie has some very loyal fans. Her style and lifestyle comes together to create something dope. Fans submit photos, artwork and favorite pictures of our artists for our blogs, and we came across this picture of a femme fatale/Ms Krazie inspired tattoo with many adaptations of the upcoming artwork for the Sad Girls Club album. It is really dope because it also features LOCA on the arm too. We thought fans would like this picture, and we always try to show love back. What do you think of these tatts? Let us know at The Urban Kings Facebook Page!

OE x Ms Krazie

Old English Brand and Ms Krazie Collaboration Collection is here and is ready to own. We did a photoshoot with Breenay to feature our collection, and showcase one of the most popular items from our collaboration. It is the La Vida Enferma Tee and its available for women. It is available now in sizes Small through Xtra Large and it is available at Make sure to browse through our collection today and see what your favorite item is!

Ms Krazie Nearing 500k Facebook Likes

Have you checked UKMG Ms Krazie Facebook Page lately? She is almost reaching a huge milestone, closing into 500,000 Facebook LIKES. That is a big deal because fans are LIKING Ms Krazie’s Facebook Page daily. Ms Krazie has been posting many different topics on her Facebook. From Advice, to getting picture rated by fellow Ms Krazie fans. Right now, her page is at 480,000 likes, and I think she will reach 500k by the end of the month or so. Some people might not think its her real account, but we would like to confirm that IT IS HER REAL FACEBOOK PAGE. So make sure to LIKE Ms Krazie’s Facebook page and lets help her reach 500,000!

Say hello to Ms Krazie

Say hello to Ms Krazie


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