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Out The Box – I Am

Urban Kings, in association with Lineage Entertainment release the brand new “Out The Box” episode that is a one of a kind. It stars Clayton Cardenas in the episode “I Am”. It is episode number seven in our series and Clayton describes a story that is huge in his life. He talks about the feeling, the emotion, the emptiness, and the reality that has happened and his outlook on life. Clayton takes you on a journey of his life – from the bag boy lifestyle of his childhood to life on the streets he called home… but through all the ups and downs he never once lost his line of sight of who he was and who he wants to be.  Here is… I Am.

Out The Box – I Am

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Ms Krazie Will Be Performing In Boise, Idaho!!!

UKMG Arist Ms Krazie is confirmed to perform for the First Time Ever in Idaho, performing in the city of Boise! Ms Krazie will be performing on Saturday, November 24th at THE VENUE, along with  Mr. D, Frank V from Proper Dos, Selo, L Boy, Malow Mac, and Mister One. Tickets will be $25 for the concert, and you can upgrade to VIP ONLY AT THE SHOW. This is a big chance for the fans from Idaho to see Ms Krazie perform for the very first time. Some proceeds of the event will be going towards charity for cancer. Ms Krazie will have all her merchandise available, including her brand new cd Forgive Not Forget, along with her past albums! Including the Hello Loca 2012 Tour Shirts, and Forgive Not Forget Posters! Make sure to come out because we can not say when Ms Krazie will even be back in the Idaho area, so dont miss your chance to see! THIS SHOW IS ALL AGES!!!!

To Buy Tickets Go To

Ms Krazie Ima Rule The World Cover by Nora

Check out one of the submissions off the “Rap Like Ms. Krazie Video Contest”

This one was done by another Nora.

If you’re not familiar with the contest make sure you click here.

Gangster Love from Midget Loco’s Unreleased Album

Midget Loco’s album is dropping Tuesday, August 2. We recently uploaded one of the tracks on the album Gangster Love featuring Dolle Girl on the mic (one of my favorite songs on the album) so you guys can get a sample of the album. Pre-sales are now available to order but we are switching it up on how its done. Get the dedicated to the OGs album on , where you also have the option of getting the album with an autographed poster as well as getting 8 posters which comes with special dedicated autographed poster and get the album at the VIP price.We are even going to send it before it 4 days before it hits the stores.

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Free Stickers For YOU!!!!

Here at Urban Kings, we love giving back to those who support us! So now with every order from you will recieve a sticker. ON US, NO CHARGE. 5 Different Designs, from The Psycho Shop, To Urban Kings, To Old English Brand To the Homicide and Hustle Hard. This is just another way for us to say thank you for your support.And tell me who gives away free cool stuff like this, just because! WE DO!!!!

Spanky Loco Performing on Stage

Spanky Loco just sent us these exclusive pictures to post on our  blog. He performed last weekend at Tony Rays in Santa Barbera. He brought a few special guests with him, including his Real 310 West counterpart Huero Snipes. They performed songs from “The Superior Album” , “Tirando Y Rifando 2” , “Everybody Killa” and even the “The Superior Mixtape“, so if you didnt go to this event, you definitely missed out on a fun event with some dope performances. Spanky will be having more shows throughout this year, so stay updated with our blog as we will be bringing you the information as it gets confirmed. Remember that Spanky Loco will have another new album releasing in 2012, and if you liked the Superior Album, Everybody Killa and Tirando Y Rifando 2, your gonna love this new project!!! For booking Spanky Loco in your city, email us by CLICKING HERE .




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