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Out The Box – I Am

Urban Kings, in association with Lineage Entertainment release the brand new “Out The Box” episode that is a one of a kind. It stars Clayton Cardenas in the episode “I Am”. It is episode number seven in our series and Clayton describes a story that is huge in his life. He talks about the feeling, the emotion, the emptiness, and the reality that has happened and his outlook on life. Clayton takes you on a journey of his life – from the bag boy lifestyle of his childhood to life on the streets he called home… but through all the ups and downs he never once lost his line of sight of who he was and who he wants to be.  Here is… I Am.

Out The Box – I Am

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See How We Create Album Covers

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Urban Kings Music Group is proud to release a very special Behind The Scenes look at the making of the album covers of UKMG Artists Chino Grande, Fiesty 2 Guns and Jasper Loco. Behind The Scenes Coverage and Photography is done by Kast N Fame and video is hosted by UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr. This is the very first time we will be showing you our creative vision and all that goes into what makes an official Urban Kings album cover. Creating Chino Grande’s “Trust Your Struggle“, Fiesty 2 Guns “Bring It Home” and Jasper Loco’s “All About The Money“. From Photography, Scene Location, Direction and Concept, you will see what goes on behind the scenes during a album cover photoshoot. We also included short interviews and more! Make sure to click the flier above to watch the video!

La Loca’s Lesson #14

“Cheating for men is mostly about ego. That’s why good looking guys with good looking girlfriends cheat on them with ugly women.” -_-

recap of the 2008 dub show!

Here is a re cap of the 2008 dub show.. catch us there this year

Chino Grande releasing Tuesday July 15,2008

Urban Kings Music is getting to release Chino Grande “Still Active” on 7/15/08. Chino Grande release is expected to be his biggest release. After hooking up with Urban Kings Music Group chino has been delivering excellent production and this album will be no exception. Hooking up with top producers this album is jamed packed with nothing but heaters. Save up your dollars this album will defiantly be worth every dollar.Cd is already available to order by clicking here or clicking flyer below
Chino Grande Still Active

Music Thursdays – Jasper Loco

Jasper Loco is todays Music Thursday. We have picked Southern Cali as Music Thursday for the great weather we are having in Southern Cali. If you never been here, this is the song to listen to and you can close your eyes and feel like your in Southern Cali. Jasper Loco is doing shows throughout Southern Cali and getting booked in some out of state shows as well. This was song number 2 on his “Eastside Assassin” album, which was his very first solo project. You have heard Jasper Loco on the Charlie Row Campo albums, and he is a member still of Charlie Row, and released the “Eastside Assassins” project with Campo members featuring on some songs throughout the album. This song “Southern Cali” is a fan favorite by everyone and we had to put it up for Jasper as his Music Thursday. His “Eastside Assassin” cd is available now at All FYE Locations , digitally through iTunes , and online at . Also, Jasper Loco will release a new album this year in 2012!


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