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Out The Box – Matthew Perez

Today we are featuring the second episode of the Out The Box series, Presented by Urban Kings in association with Lineage Entertainment Group. This was the follow up episode to Richard Cabral’s episode and was a double release that also featured Tui Asau. When Matthew Perez talks, he paints his story so vividly through his words, you can imagine what hardships and choices he was forced to make through his childhood, being raised in the varrio. Make sure to watch this episode and post your comments on The Urban Kings Facebook Page!

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About Us With OE CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr

Jaime CEO of Urban Kings talks about what Old English Brand is about. The team, the creativity and what motivates the company. Join us as we sit down with Jaime and hear about what make Old English Brand happen. Watch the video and see where much of the inspiration and motivation comes from.

92 Music Video – Releasing Next Week

We have some brand new information for everyone today. We have just heard that a brand new music video is coming our way from our friends from The Highlife, aka G Double and Blaze Daily, and featuring Cavi Rx. The song is called “92″ and we have seen it already and it came out dope! They have been on their grind heavy last year, and this year they are going even harder, releasing their first album, called Still Rollin, which is available now! We have also premiered a few videos of The Highlife, including CrazyStill Rollin and All I Know, and all these songs (including the new song “92″) are featured on the Still Rollin album! With production from Kast N Fame, and music videos directed by Eyekon Fotography, The Highlife will be bringing another amazing video called 92, with a scheduled premier date next week! Make sure to support The Highlife, G Double & Blaze Daily, by purchasing their album below!


Youtube Friday – Jimmy Kimmel Roasting White House


Jimmy Kimmel did an appearance at the White House for its annual Correspondent’s Dinner in Washington, DC. They thought he was going to be saying a few jokes here and there, but he ended up snapping on everyone, even the President of the United States. This is a pretty funny stand up video by Jimmy Kimmel. Make sure to check it out if you like people talkin trash about other people. Enjoy the video and have a good weekend.

Stomper – Thief Sicario – Brotha Lynch Concert Pics

Thief Sicario & Stomper @ their booth

Stomper & Thief Sicario Killin It On Stage

After The Show Stomper & Thief Sicario Kickin It With Homies

Lala Hensley (Thiefs Manager) & Stomper After The Show

Thief Sicario and Stomper performed at a concert last weekend in Portland, Oregon with Brotha Lynch Hung at the Mt Trabor Theater on May 9th. The show was packed with alot of fans. Thief Sicario brought out Stomper as a very Special Suprise Guest and they both tore the house down with all their hits. Fans were happy and suprised that Stomper made his way up to Portland for this show, but he was there live in the flesh and killed a few songs. Fans were supporting big time as they bought many CDS and Shirts from the booth. Keep our blog posted for more information on upcoming events from The Stomper and stay posted to read more information on his upcoming album “Once Upon A Time In America 2″!

Stomper – Once Upon A Time In America 2 Behind The Scenes 2

Ms. Krazie Make Up Tutorial

Want to do your make up like Ms. Krazie. Have no fear we found a tutorial by a very dedicated Ms. Krazie fan.


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