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Out The Box – Picasso

Here is a next official Out The Box episode, Presented by Urban Kings in association with Lineage Entertainment. This is episode is number 6 from the series and stars Quincy Ndekwe in his show called “Picasso”. Its a really dope episode and one of a kind in the series. Its about a man that gives everything to a woman, when he has nothing to give. His love sends him into a confusion over the lies, but yet he can’t seem to let her go. Make sure to watch the video above and support Urban Kings, Lineage Ent and Quincy for his brand new episode of Out The Box!

Out The Box – Picasso

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World Premier – Ese Lil Joker – Here To Stay

Here Is the New Single by Ese Lil Joker called “Here To Stay” Featuring Jasper Loco From Charlie Row Campo.


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 Ese Lil Joker – Here To Stay – Featuring Jasper Loco

The Story Behind Ms Krazie’s Song For Her Son

Here is the story of Urban Kings Artist Ms Krazie as she writes the story of creating the song for her son. Ms Krazie always makes a song dedicated to each one of her children, and with her baby boy being the newest child, and with Ms Krazie making her new album, the Sad Girls Club CD will feature her song to her son. Read the story behind the song for her son above and dont forget “Sad Girls Club” is coming soon!

New Music Video by C-Kan & MC Magic

The brand new music video just released called “Mujer Bonita” from C-Kan and MC Magic. It had just released this weekend and already has over 300,000 views on youtube. We support new music and good artists, so make sure to check out the video above and let us know what you think of it, at The Urban Kings Facebook Page!

Out The Box – Episode 1 Season 2

Urban Kings along with Lineage Entertainment Group is proud to announce we have started season 2 of our popular “Out The Box” series, which features amazingly talented artists from Los Angeles, California. We have already filmed and completed the first episode of season two, which is called “Mister” and features Tui Asau. You may recognize Tui’s work before, as he was featured in Out The Box season one, episode three, called “Spoken Words“, which he did a beautiful acoustic song with his guitar. This time, he did a different type of episode, one that is dark and twisted and you can only watch and listen to the story he tells. We are working on the official trailer for the episode, which will be coming out soon. But until then, we wanted to release the official flier for the episode, so make sure you tune in, because the World Premier for this episode will debut on Thursday, February 26th, exclusively on Urban Kings.

Gotta Get Ya Mind Right

The brand new video from True Starr is out now and the views been going up and up. Its a dope song and it features fellow UKMG Artist Chino Grande. The video came out dope, and is taken from True Starr’s newest album called “You’re Welcome“, which is available now inside The UKMG Merch Store! True Starr worked hard on the album, and it ended up having 17 songs on it. Some songs were featured music videos, like Roll Through, What You Need, I Dont Trust, 48 Hours, Ambitionz and the upcomig video is called “Mind Right”. Watch the music video below along with the studio session creating the song, and the behind the scenes of the music video!

True Starr & Chino Grande – Mind Right – Official Music Video


True Starr & Chino Grande – Studio Session Recording Mind Right

 Behind The Scenes of Mind Right


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