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Out The Box Premiers Tonight!

Urban Kings along with Lineage Entertainment Group will be premiering the brand new Out The Box episode Tonight at 6pm Pacific Time! This episode is going to be really good, and it features Tui Asau in the episode called “Mister”. It is the very first episode of season 2, so make sure to tune back into Urban Kings to watch this episode first!

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Roll Thru Reaches 10,000 Views!

Have you seen the brand new music video by Urban Kings? It has over 10,000 views already and features the newest UKMG artist True Starr in his first music video called “Roll Thru“. Its a really dope video that features a unique concept and is directed by Kast N Fame. The song is dope, the video is dope, and all you have to do is watch it again! Lets get this video to 20,000 views! We are wrapping up his newest video that is coming really soon. Make sure to stay posted to our blog for more info on it!

Baby Jokes Makes Head Lines

Baby Jokes is on the Los Angeles Times for his full on interview on today’s news paper(scratch that TOMORROWS news paper lol ). We bought number of copies of the Los Angeles Times but Baby Jokes told us that it wasn’t gonna be there.So false alarm people (for those who took the neighbor’s paper put it back lol) but the interview is available online so not all is lost.The writer in the interview gets to know him from where he grew up to know he got where he is today. From Homeboy Industries to fighting an attempted murder charges and all in that in between.Big Ups on Nicole Sperling who did the interview.(still don’t like your co-worker Betsy Sharkey see why here) I know a lot of times we get questions on our website asking about Baby Jokes and ladies your questions are answered in this interview. You may be reading the beginning of his success to A Better Life.Read it for yourself.

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Chino Grande At A Private Hollywood Event

Urban Kings was definitely in the building yesterday at a private Hollywood event for the mixtape release from League Of Starz, a platinum producer team from Los Angeles. In a secret location, they had the party for their Los.FM 2 Mixtape. With a room full of celebrities and artists, we went to the event with UKMG Artist Chino Grande and YG Hootie of Waka Flaka’s Bricksquad Monopoly. We ran into our homie King Lil G chillin at the Open Bar, drank a few with him and chopped it up about some new music. Stay updated with our blog because we will be having new music from our artists, new music videos and new news on whats going on and whats coming up! You can always chop it up with us at Urban Kings Facebook Page!

You Dont Even Need Your Bus Pass

Urban Kings On Cuete Yeska’s Bus

UKMG Merch Will Be Available On This Bus

The UKMG Artist Roster

It Will Be Passing Through Your City 2013

Urban Kings Music Group just made an agreement to be on the back of his official tour bus. Now you can find your favorite Cuete Yeska and UKMG music where ever the tour bus goes, and we will be posting the times and cities on our Blog and Facebook. The bus will travel all over the country this year, hitting all cities, both big and small, and their might be a UKMG Artist on the bus when it stops. Here are the pictures of the bus being wrapped, step by step, and it shows the entire roster of all UKMG Artists, like Fiesty 2 Guns, Spanky Loco, Chino Grande, Ms Krazie, Midget Loco, The Stomper, and Jasper Loco. Stay posted to our blog and The Official Urban Kings Facebook for all city stops and times.

Fundraiser Concert For Wreck

As many of you know, Wreck of Wicked Minds passed away late Sunday Evening. He was a very good guy and always shown alot of love and respect to the UKMG family. Right now is a difficult time for everyone in our genre, as we are not only losing a fellow artist in our community, but we are also losing a big brother. There is an event being organized, to help Wrecks family with funeral costs, since his passing was very sudden and unexpected.

Here is some information about the concert, with more information coming to everyone once we receive it.

Wrecks Benefit Concert will be taking place on Saturday, November 17th. There will be an entry fee will strictly be donation, and 100% will be going towards Wrecks family, his wife and kids, who are also planning to attend the concert. Many artists are locked in for the event, and there will be an official line up coming very soon along with the official flyer. It will be taking place at Club Iguana’s in the city of Pico Rivera, California.


We would like to also post the words of his wife, Sabrina Martinez

“Late Sunday night I received a phone call that my husband had not reported to work. I called him repeatedly , after not responding to my calls, I became worried, driving to his work site me and my supervisor stumbled across a crime scene, I was then asked questions in an attempt to identify my husband. It was later confirmed that he was killed and his car had been stolen. I’m asking for anyone to come forward with any information regarding the incident that happend on Mariposa and Ranchero that night, or who has seen his car a 2011 dark blue chevy malibu. License plate 6NIM116. Please call Detective Doemner with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Dept. Homicide Division (909) 387-3589. He is survied by his wife, children, mother, and brothers. Please pray for his justice, so his family can have closure.”

At this time the family is financially struggling and really needs our help. The family has set up a Pay Pal account for anybody who is able to help them out during this difficult time. The paypal account is . If anyone can donate any amount of money, anything can help, if you can help with $5, or  $10, or $15 or $20 or more, please help to give him a proper funeral that he deserves.

Thank You


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