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Out The Box Season Finale

Urban Kings Music Group along with Lineage Entertainment Group announces the Out The Box Season Finale and it will premier on Thursday, November 13th. The episode stars Ken Black in the episode “These Hands”. Its an episode about one mans journey through life, struggles and how he copes with the punishment from his actions. It is beautifully shot and the story is very good, very deep. Make sure to stay updated with the Urban Kings blog for more information, commercial and more!

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Who Do You Got – Obama or Romney?

The presidential election is now here in the United States. There are two men that are the top options here in the U.S. One is current President Barak Obama, the other is Mitt Romney. Both have made their case to the American people, and now its time for everyone to choose who will do a better job. Obama has been in the White  House for four years, beginning with a Stimulus Plan that has helped hundreds of thousands of Americans while our country was in a recession. Mitt Romney has been very criticized about his plan for presidency. Being secretive of what his plans and strategies are, saying parents should have enough money to send their children through college so he can take away grants and government scholarships to the underprivileged citizens, and he plans to take away government funding from PBS, which many 70s, 80s and 90s babys grew up watching shows like Sesame Street. While Obama has been working hard on his plans for four years, there has been a huge hole Obama had to fill since President Bush screwed up the country, led us to war, and so on. Obama has laid his four year plan on the table, and Romney still has not decided when he will release his.

Who are you voting for/or did vote for. Remember, your votes will count to choose our next US President.

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President Barak Obama or Republican Mitt Romney?

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Jasper Loco Performing Next Thursday

Next Thursday, UKMG Artist Jasper Loco of Charlie Row Campo will be performing some brand new songs from his new CD “Hustle Music“. Everyone is pumped up to hear the brand new music from Jasper and this will be his first chance to perform songs from the CD. I also heard he will be performing some music from the “Eastside Assassin” and the “All About The Money” albums along with some classic “Eastside Classics” tracks. This is going to be a dope show, and also performing is Oso Vicious, Rikee West, Bossalinoz, Mr Conejo, and Palito Castro Fulfunk Musik. Hosted by Ruby Uribe. Special guest DJ for the night is DJ Wiskey. All taking place at the 601 Bar & Grill in Fullerton, California. This event is 21 and over. Urban Kings will be in the house representing heavy, so make sure to come down and support Jasper Loco, Charlie Row Campo and Urban Kings.

Taking Place


601 Bar & Grill

601 South Raymond Ave

Fullerton, CA

Bloodline Flatline Just $7.99

Here is a classic album that UKMG released in 2008. It is by Midget Loco and the album was called “Bloodline Flatline“. We made this CD just $7.99 under our Analog Vs Digital Campaign. This was a really dope album and it featured UKMG Artists Chino Grande and Ms Krazie and also featured Fiesty 2 Guns, Lil Minor, Stomper, and Jasper Loco. It also featured Huero Snipes, D Salas, Roscoe, Fingazz and more. It featured some dope songs from the album, like “LA Where You At”, “The Loco And The Loca”, “The Streets Aint The Same” and “Cold Outside”. Bloodline Flatline is available now in All Major Music Retailers, including Amazon and FYE, digitally through iTunes and online at The UKMG Merch Store!! Here is a short Midget Loco interview we did with him when the Bloodline Flatline album came out, with some snippets and he talks about the album!

Midget Loco – Bloodline Flatline Interview & Snippets


Music Thursday – Jasper Loco

For this weeks Music Thursday we chose Jasper Loco’s West Coastin song. This song was bangin in my car for 6 months straight once Jasper Loco’s “Eastside Assassin” album came out. This song was bumped all over by everyone. Then the music came out and everyone went crazy. On Youtube, this video has over 241,000 Views and got good responses on youtube and by the fans. It tells how life really is on the west coast by people who are from the west coast and don’t try to glorify what life on the west coast is like. Jasper Loco’s “Eastside Assassin” is available at All FYE Locations, all online digital outlets such as iTunes and onlike at the UKMG Catalog . And be on the lookout for the new Charlie Row Campo “California Boys” album coming August 7 to every major music outlet nationwide!

Reverie and OE

Old English Brand had a really dope interview with hip hop artist Reverie, who is a very talented artist from Los Angeles who created a huge buzz for herself. She has some really dope music out and has over 3 Million total combined views on Youtube. She has toured worldwide, including throughout the United States, but as well as all over Europe. With recording, touring and her clothing, she has established herself as a force in music and entertainment. She came down to the Old English Brand Flagship Shop to do the interview, and it came out amazing. Make sure to watch the video here and follow the Reverie Movement. The Old English Brand Flagship Shop is open Monday – Friday, 12pm to 6pm.

Old English Brand

11781 Slauson Ave

Santa Fe Springs, CA  90670


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