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Out The Box Season Finale

Urban Kings Music Group along with Lineage Entertainment Group announces the Out The Box Season Finale and it will premier on Thursday, November 13th. The episode stars Ken Black in the episode “These Hands”. Its an episode about one mans journey through life, struggles and how he copes with the punishment from his actions. It is beautifully shot and the story is very good, very deep. Make sure to stay updated with the Urban Kings blog for more information, commercial and more!

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Baby Jokes by Photographer James Mooney

Which starred Richard Cabral who is a great actor and one to watch in the future. Apart from his acting skills he is a true testament that change can happen no matter what situation you come from or are in once you really want it and truly believe in yourself. I have interviewed Richard twice and heard his story and it has inspired me to follow a project that I’m working on even more. – James Mooney

Pictures Taken By James Mooney.

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Support The Real

Support The Real!!!  Make sure to check out UKMG Artist Chino Grande and all his albums that are available in Amazon and FYE, and digitally on iTunes. Chino G has dope albums with Urban Kings, including “Still Active”, “Slow It Down“, “The Story Of My Life” and  ”Trust Your Struggle“. Chino is also featured on all the Charlie Row Campo albums like “Danger Zone“, “Stop Studio Gangsters“, For The Streets“, “Gang Tapes“, “Stop Studio Gangsters 2“, “Southern Gang Violence“, “The Camponeros” and “California Boys“.

Chino Grande’s music collection is dope, and nothing but raw lyrics. Make sure to pick up what you are missing today! We are still on the FREE CHINO G campaign!! Watch Chino Grande’s Music Video below of “Shine On Me”, which has over 900,000 views on youtube!

Chino Grande – Shine On Me – Featuring Carolyn Rodriguez – Taken From Trust Your Struggle


Build Your Own Momentum

We have to learn how to build momentum, not expectations. We have to learn direction, and not take short cuts and expect to get directions to your goal. Momentum is beyond ambition. It’s understanding exactly what it takes to have ambition and valuing it at the highest value. To the world a career is based on money, but success to me, is based on things just landing perfectly in place. How so? Because you will never control an outcome but an outcome can be controlled by momentum. The ***KEY*** is to learn the difference, because, (now listen carefully), its a turn key action and the difference is what you do to make things happen, compared to what just simply happens to you. That’s that Hocus Pocus. I promise the magic is real, please leave the 3D glasses in the box as you leave the XSetForLifeX ;D

- UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr

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Midget Loco Thirteen Letter Music Video 11 – 29 – 2011

Urban Kings Music Group has scheduled Midget Loco’s highly anticipated “Thirteen Letter” music video from his Dedicated To The OG\’s Album on November 29th, 2011! Directed By Jeff “Echo” Reyes, the Thirteen Letter video is another high quality game changer.Featuring D Salas on the production and hook, Thirteen Letter is a huge favorite among fans and critics. We have posted a few Still Frames from the Thirteen Letter video for everyone to enjoy. Also make sure to watch the Official Trailer for the Thirteen Letter Music Video. For a Limited Time we have the THIRTEEN LETTER on Urban Kings TV and click Midget Loco – Thirteen Letter.

The Thirteen Letter Official Trailer

La Loca’s Lesson #2

“You cannot keep your man interested just by stalking him or calling him all the time.”



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