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Remembering Selena 20 Years Later

Today is a day we remember someone who touched so many lives through music. An artist who past away before her prime and had endless potential. An icon. An inspiration to millions around the world who have heard her story, with tragedy touching many more. Today we honor, and remember, and celebrate the life of Selena Quintanilla Perez, known more commonly to as her millions of fans, as just “Selena”. Watch the video as celebrities remember Selena, in many different ways. World Famous people like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Former President George Bush and more. I never met Selena, but her personality and music will live on forever, because she was not just a famous artist, but her personality made it seen that you’ve known her before. Rest In Peace Selena, you are missed around the world, and this post is just for you. It has been 20 years today since the death of Selena, and we will continue to play her music for years to come.

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Look Out For Stomper

Urban Kings Artist The Stomper was working a few days ago in the studio working on some brand new music. He is working on some really dope projects coming out, as he has about 3 projects he is working on as we speak. He has some big plans in the works with Urban Kings and Stomper is going to keep making some classic songs for his fans. Wait until you hear some of the songs he has been working on! Have you seen the video of him in the studio with Kast N Fame yet? Make sure to watch the video below and hear a sneak peak of some music unreleased by The Stomper!

Urban Kings Presents – In Studio With Stomper

Clip Of The Week- Immortal Technique Interview

Much respect to Immortal Technique for always speaking for the ones without a mic and opening the eyes of individuals to make a difference.

Studio Stories Of Stompers Studio Sessions

Kast of Kast N Fame reminisces upon the studio sessions with Stomper while recording Once Upon A Time In America Pt. 1. He goes through a few songs and talks about what went into the songs and how they came about. It’s really interesting stuff. You don’t really get a chance to hear this with every album so this is a good and very interesting thing to watch. Remember to go pick up the album on 7.6.10 at your local FYE Store!

Youtube Friday – Chino Grande

Today is Friday, and since this has been a special week since we have got UKMG Artist Chino Grande back from being in prison, we are celebrating with making a Chino Grande music video our Youtube Friday video. This video is called “In My Neighborhood” and is taken from Chino Grande’s album called “Slow It Down”. Slow It Down was a very good album, as it featured everybody from D Salas, to Tierra, to Ms Krazie, Fingazz, Conejo, Wicked from Brownside, Camponero members Jasper Loco & Fiesty 2 Guns, it featured Oso Vicious, Baby Jokes, Lil Minor, Troub Nasty and more. This video is almost at 500,000 views on youtube and still going strong. Make sure you turn your speakers up for this one! Slow It Down is available at all FYE Locations, digitally through iTunes, and online at The UKMG Merch Store.

Fiesty 2 Guns Kinda Mood

This morning I was feeling like  bumpin some Charlie Row. As I looked through my cd collection I skipped through some classic Charlie Row albums, and I stopped at Fiesty 2 Guns mixtape called “Talking Guns“. Fiesty has always been one of my favorite artists, and he always makes some really dope music that you can think about, and always has a good message. On the way to work today, there was traffic since I jumped on the freeway, so instead of starting off my day bad, I popped in the Talking Guns cd and cruised to it on the way to work. Bumping the whole album the whole way through, jamming out to songs like “The Beast”, “Dippity Slide” (Featuring Midget Loco), “Shattered Dreams” and more. If you got this album, then you know what im talking about, if not, then your missing out on something that can make your day way better. Its not to late to pick up the cd because we have it in stock right now! If your a fan of Fiesty and Charlie Row Campo, make sure to have this in your collection.



Fiesty 2 Guns – The Beast


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