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Respect Music Video By Slow Poke

We got a brand new music video to showcase today, from our friend Slow Poke released his newest video to the world, called “Respect” and it features Bubba, the newest artist signed to Buck Shot Pro. Its a really dope video and was sponsored by our boys at Old English Brand. The video came out dope and its the first song taken from Slow Poke’s new album “Gangster Poetry”. Slow Poke has been featured on Urban Kings Street Anthems series, and he is one of hip hop’s dopest artists. Make sure to watch the video and support Slow Poke’s movement, along with some fresh gear from Old English Brand.

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Your Dream Prom Date

Prom is coming up. Got to get that cute dress, shoes, nails , hair, purse….what about your date? Who says thugs don’t clean up nice (besides your dad lol). Unfortunately baby jokes isn’t gonna be escorting a lucky lady to the prom. (that won’t stop us from day dreaming lol). We got the pics to help you fantasize. These are some of Baby Jokes Head shots,the photographer had him all cleaned up in a tux. Ladies you got competition because it appears that the camera fell in love with him as well.

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Youtube Friday – Del Suelo Al Cielo

For this Youtube Friday, we have decided to run with Billy Dha Kidd’s newest music video, called “Del Suelo Al Cielo”. The video also features Dope House Records own Juan Gotti. We don’t usually put music videos as our Youtube Fridays, but this video is an exceptions. It shows the struggle of one person making the trip from Mexico to the United States, like most other Mexicanos do, with just water, food, and a little money,  but with a huge dream. Most latinos can relate to the song and the video that it translates into. Shout out to Billy Dha Kidd and Juan Gotti for making this video and we look forward to seeing more of their work in the near future.

Jasper Loco Chillin

Jasper Loco sent us in this picture of him and MC Pancho meeting with some fans that were in town and caught Jaspers performance at Club Babylon at Ambiente’s Nightclub in Alhambra 2 weeks ago. These fans have already heard of Jasper Loco and the whole Charlie Row Campo movement and heard that he was performing, so they made sure it was a big priority to go to the show. As you have heard already, Jasper rocked the crowd and did many of his hits. He is about to confirm another show in the next few days and you know we will post up all the information so our fans can know first!!!

Wrecks Carwash This Past Sunday

Carwash Flier

The Carwash Team

We found this picture of the carwash UKMG Artist Midget Loco put together for a fallen friend. Midget, along with all the UKMG Staff, were all good friends with Wreck. Midget took it upon himself and his Steel Bangin Team, to organize a benefit carwash to help with Wrecks families expenses during this difficult time. Many people came out to support, and many people came out to lend a helping hand. Wreck touched many peoples lives, more than he knew. It is not until we lose someone, that we remember all those little things that someone has done for us. Sharing stories and experiences is what will keep his memory alive, and we all have a story to share about Wreck. RIP Wreck, we miss you and we will keep your legacy alive.

Pre Order Jasper Loco – Hustle Music

Did you know that UKMG Artist Jasper Loco of Charlie Row Campo has a brand new album releasing on August 19th called “Hustle Music“. This album is dope, just like Jasper’s last few albums, like the collaboration album with Baby Jokes called “Eastside Classics“, and his solo albums “Eastside Assassin” and “All About The Money“. This is Jaspers 4th album with Urban Kings, and its going to be another classic. Featuring Chino Grande, Fiesty 2 Guns of Charlie Row Campo, along with Oso Vicious, Seven and more, this CD features some dope lyrics on some hard hitting bass beats. Make sure to get your PRE ORDER now, to guarantee you a copy of Jasper Loco’s Hustle Music!

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