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Reverie Performs Yesterday

Today is Monday, and everyone starts the week in different ways. For me, I get motivated by something dope like something like some artwork, music or message. I was looking through music videos to pick the right song to start today, and I came across Reverie’s song called “Yesterday”. Its a dope beat that flips a classic Billie Holiday song, and Reverie spit dope on it. It was just the song I needed to motivate myself to get it going. I am posting up the song so it can also pump you up for not just the day, but for the week. Make sure to check it out and support good hip hop. We will be posting our exclusive interview with Reverie soon on

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Follow us on Snapchat. We always post some cool stuff on it, and today, we are behind the scenes for the Old English Brand photo shoot, so make sure to check us out and see some exclusive first looks at how its going. If your late seeing this, its ok, just follow us and u can get a backtrack of what we do.

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Music Thursdays – Jasper Loco

Jasper Loco is todays Music Thursday. We have picked Southern Cali as Music Thursday for the great weather we are having in Southern Cali. If you never been here, this is the song to listen to and you can close your eyes and feel like your in Southern Cali. Jasper Loco is doing shows throughout Southern Cali and getting booked in some out of state shows as well. This was song number 2 on his “Eastside Assassin” album, which was his very first solo project. You have heard Jasper Loco on the Charlie Row Campo albums, and he is a member still of Charlie Row, and released the “Eastside Assassins” project with Campo members featuring on some songs throughout the album. This song “Southern Cali” is a fan favorite by everyone and we had to put it up for Jasper as his Music Thursday. His “Eastside Assassin” cd is available now at All FYE Locations , digitally through iTunes , and online at . Also, Jasper Loco will release a new album this year in 2012!

Support our boy DJ Twinks

We are helping our boy Dj Twinks out by voting for him to be the newest Dj at Radio Station “107.3 KFFM” in Yakima, Washington. He is in a competition for votes for being the next dj on this radio station. He is a big supporter of Urban Kings and he is in the ranking near the top of the list. But we need to push him over to #1, so make sure to support Dj Twinks Aka Justin Surginer by…


Words Of Wisdom by UKMG CEO

If you really sit there and pay close attention to yourself you can learn a lot. You give out energy. what type of energy are you giving out? What are u representing without even knowing? Your a blank canvas to the world and you paint your own prosoma and display it to the world to view, to judge, to feed of it. People look at all this before anything and even after everything. Before your knowledge of studies, before any word spoken or even any chance for you to win them over your canvas is displayed from a distance. What is your canvas displaying today? What are you doing today to beat yesterday? We are that xSetForLifex crew, where if you pay close attention to the background of our bigger picture we display the highest potential without even knowing. On that HocusPocus chit

- UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr

Sick Jacken’s Stray Bullets

Did you Urban Kings distributed an album for Sick Jacken of The Psycho Realm! It is a really dope solo album by Sick Jacken called “Stray Bullets“. It was a classic hip hop album released by Urban Kings and Sick Jacken and features some heavyweights in the music game, like B Real of Cypress Hill, Immortal Technique, Cynic, Killah Priest of Wu Tang Clan, Planet Asia, Evidence of Dialated Peoples, Murs, 2Mex, Supernatural and more! We went into the vault to bring out a super rare Sick Jacken interview that gave a preview of the Stray Bullets album, with some songs beings described in detail, straight from Jacken. Make sure to watch the video below and support Urban Kings, Sick Jacken and Psycho Realm! Stay Bullets is available now at all Major Music Retailers, including Amazon and FYE, and digitally through iTunes!

Urban Kings Interviews Sick Jacken – Rare Footage


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