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RIP Eazy E – The Hip Hop Thugsta

UKMG would like to dedicate this blog for Eazy E, celebrating his life and his legacy for what he has done for music, especially hip hop. Eazy was one of the first artists that became not only an entertainer, but a CEO as well. From organizing the supergroup NWA, to working as a solo artist, then creating his own record label, called Ruthless Records. Eazy always had an eye for finding talent, including JJ Fad, The DOC, Bone Thugs and Harmony. But what Eazy E also has done, that has not really been made common knowledge that Eazy E also believed in young Mexican artists. He also signed Brownside and Kid Frost, and was also negotiating with other Mexican artists on deals. Not too many major mainstream artists have co signed Mexican artists, and that is why is so respected among the latino communities. Rest In Peace Eazy E!

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Eazy E – Real MuthaPhukkin G’s

Eazy E – Foe Tha Love Of $

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The Camponeros Contest

if you want to see the frame, click to watch this video.

Charlie Row Campo – Camponeros Snippets

Before Chino Grande went to jail he hit the studio real hard and finished the new album for Charlie Row Campo. All of the Charlie Row members got together and got a great album done. From beginning to end it hits hard. This album will not disappoint the fans. Make sure you check it out July 20th 2010. Pick it up at all your local FYE or iTunes

Urban Kings Facebook Hits 100,000 LIKES

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Have you heard the big news yet? The Urban Kings Official Facebook Page has just hit over 100,000 Likes! We have been promoting our facebook heavy, letting all our fans know about everything about Urban Kings, from information about UKMG Artists, to concerts and special events, contests, prizes, and news whats going on. We also post rare pictures and cool music videos. We also post some of our favorite clips from online. We would like to thank everyone who watches our facebook, reads our posts, watches our videos and stays in contact with us. We are always just a message away if you have any comments or questions or you just want to say whats up. Remember, we run the UKMG Facebook to let our fans know whats happening first. So if you dont like the UKMG Facebook yet, all you have to do is Click Here and Press LIKE. Its that easy!



20% Off Street Anthems 1

Urban Kings Street Anthems was one of our best compilations we have released to the public. I remember talking to fans, and they would always ask when we would release a CD that featured all Urban Kings artists. They are fans of all our artists and wanted one CD where they can listen to a mix of different songs, and we decided to put out the Street Anthems CD. Since it came out, fans loved the artists and the songs and asked for more. We have released four CDs under the Street Anthems name, and we are thinking of doing Street Anthems 5…This album was dope though, and featured our all UKMG Artists. It also featured Conejo, Kid Frost, Capone, Top Dogg, Chino Brown, Danger, Frank V of Proper Dos and more. It had songs like “Urban Kings Street Anthems”, “Ask No Questions”, “Its That Gangsta Life” and “Ride For The Cause”. Make sure to check it out and watch the video of “Its That Gangsta Life” by Ms Krazie! It is all part of our Analog Vs Digital Campaign, bringing all Urban Kings CDs down in price to just $7.99 each CD, ONLY FROM The Urban Kings Merch Store! Plus we are having a special sale right now that gives you an additional 20% off! Get your copy of Street Anthems 1 today!

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 Ms Krazie – Its That Gangsta Life – Taken From Street Anthems Vol. 1

Behind The Scenes of Shine On Me

Urban Kings Artist Chino Grande filmed his first solo music video ever, called “Shine On Me”, taken from his latest album “Trust Your Struggle“. We did a trailer and a behind the scenes for the video, showing fans what goes on behind the camera and they can see the set of the video and see all the preparation and time it takes into going towards a video. Directed by Echosworld, this video came out awesome. It featured Carolyn Rodriguez of Dopehouse Records, and had guest appearances of UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr, along with Khool Aid of Pocos Pero Locos and more! Make sure to watch the video here!


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