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RIP Eazy E – The Hip Hop Thugsta

UKMG would like to dedicate this blog for Eazy E, celebrating his life and his legacy for what he has done for music, especially hip hop. Eazy was one of the first artists that became not only an entertainer, but a CEO as well. From organizing the supergroup NWA, to working as a solo artist, then creating his own record label, called Ruthless Records. Eazy always had an eye for finding talent, including JJ Fad, The DOC, Bone Thugs and Harmony. But what Eazy E also has done, that has not really been made common knowledge that Eazy E also believed in young Mexican artists. He also signed Brownside and Kid Frost, and was also negotiating with other Mexican artists on deals. Not too many major mainstream artists have co signed Mexican artists, and that is why is so respected among the latino communities. Rest In Peace Eazy E!

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Eazy E – Real MuthaPhukkin G’s

Eazy E – Foe Tha Love Of $

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Jasper And Stomper Living It Up in Palm Springs

Jasper and Stomper were having a lil party right before doing their live in studio interview with “The Basement” on U92.7 KKUU in Palm Springs.(cuz everything is better with a lil bit of antidotes in the system lol). For all those that were by your speakers, whether it was your computers or your radio’s thank you for the love and support. For those that missed it……. (don’t trip )We recorded the interview and it up on our youtube channel YOUBUYCDS (don’t forget to subscribe). The  U92.7 Palm Springs Radio now has the radio edited versions from your favorite Urban Kings artists (had to keep it PG13 lol). So request your favorite songs on their request line 760-345-9236 and don’t worry if your out of state cuz you can request worldwide!!!

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Urban Kings hits Itunes in Mexico

We wanted to let you everybody know that this week, Apple opened up the Mexico market for download sales through the iTunes Music Store. As is the case with US based sales, please be advised that this includes all of Urban Kings Product as well. So we hope you can continue to support us down in mexico and download all of the product.

~Jaime UKMG

After the Show

Ms. Krazie is down to perform where ever we got promotors to put in work with us. This picture was taken at a concert in North Carolina ( i didn’t even know we had people there, so shout out our fans in N.C!). If you guys want to book Ms. Krazie or anyone of our Urban Kings email us at title it booking and we will give you the info to get it started. We can even get other artist from different record labels get booked as well.  Next you go to a Ms. Krazie concert don’t forget to wear the Ms. Krazie T-shirt and yes got them for guys too

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Words Of Wisdom

Your mind transforms into your body language. Your mind transforms into your daily attitude. Your mind, it lifts you physically and emotionally. Take care of your mind and educate the brain. It’s going to do what it does regardless. Why not allow it do it at it’s highest potential. Your mind is only trying to succeed within itself, but how can the mind succeed on a higher level if your mind doesn’t even know that higher level exist. It’s time to change the direction in your life and advertise in your own brain. Don’t be a broken promise to yourself, don’t fear the fear of falling. xSetForLifex crew where we are out of place because we’re in outer space and I’m waiting for the long fall back to earth. Live it with me on that higher level #SelfMotivation #Ambition #Direction Pow. What a life, xSetForLifex #UrbanKings

- UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr

Ms Krazie Barrio Banga Interview

Ms Krazie performed in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for the Oklas Finest 2nd Annual Carshow at the Club Diversity Lot, and right from there, we went to the radio station and did the interview live in studio. Ms Krazie talks about her Hello Loca Tour, her show she just performed for the carshow, video games and alot more. This is the first time ever that the Barrio Banga segment featured an artist interview for a weeklong tribute, and Ms Krazie, was again, that ground breaking artist. Make sure to click PLAY on the video and listen to everything Ms Krazie says. Remember Ms Krazie’s new album “Forgive Not Forget” will be available in SUMMER 2012!


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