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Ron T audition tape for Americas Got Talent

We dug up a spoof of our friend Ron T trying out for Americas Got Talent, with one of the hosts of the show, Nick Cannon. We thought this was a very funny clip and would like to share it with everyone. Watch the video and have a good laugh. Shout out to Ron T From U 92.7 and make sure to visit his site Tiggas

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Urban Kings offers subscription music to students as part of tuition fees.


Urban Kings Music Group understand that the youth is the future. And Ruckus website is the main company connecting the youth to the music world. Who is Ruckus? The Ruckus Network is a university subscription service, striking deals with campuses to offer subscription music to students as part of tuition fees. They currently work with a number of large universities in the US, including state universities in Los Angeles,New York, Illinois, and Carolina. Colleges like University UCLA, University of California Santa Cruz ,University of Minnesota Golden Gophers,Oklahoma State University just to name a few . We expect the number of Ruckus users to significantly embrace our introduction or urban kings Music Group. For more information you can visit there website You can also visit there offical site to download music

Ms. Krazie’s Guitar Hero

I like it from Ms. Krazie’s newest album Firme Homegirl Oldies 2 was listened to so much that a this fan broke down the beats and got the notes to play on his guitar. No ladies we do not know if he is single lol.

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Stomper At A Music Video Shoot

We have a new photo of UKMG Artist The Stomper was at a music video shoot this weekend with J.Hind. J Hind was recording a music video for the song “What See Is What You Get”. Stomper has been working on new music and UKMG has some big plans for him in 2013. And What See Is What You Get is a dope song, a classic to me. Stomper’s latest album “Once Upon A Time In America 2” is available now, which is another classic album from Stomper, which features dope artists like Sick Jacken from Psycho Realm, also UKMG Artists Chino Grande and Spanky Loco, as well as MC Magic, Chino XL, Omar Cruz, Fingazz, Slush Tha Villain, Kid Frost, Huero Snipes and more. Its a dope cd, so if you dont have this in your collection, make sure to pick it up today!

Call Of Juarez The Gangster Girl (I wish lol)

Gangster Girl from Midget Loco’s Death Of Studio Gangsters is going to be on The Call of Juarez The Cartel. Which is going to be out in stores this Tuesday (the 19th). Its going to be on for the Xbox 360 and PS3. People have been trying to ban it (it aint happening lol). On the track is Midget Loco, Toro, Young Brown, and Cricks.

[audio:|titles=gangster girl]

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More Pictures From The Urban Kings Followers

Shout out to Silent for sending this picture in of his desktop and the Charlie Row Camponeros album.

Jose S. repping Charlie Row Camponeros on his myspace. Good looking out homie.

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