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Sand One Introduces Her Griselda Blanco “La Blanco” Painting

Our friends at Old English Brand recorded a small video with legendary street artist Sand One, who created a very special painting for a Miami art show. She labeled her piece “La Blanco” in honor of another legendary woman figure, Griselda Blanco. She talks about the inspiration to creating her painting, and the heartache with each stroke. Watch the video as she explains how she created this memorable art piece and how she feels she is similar to Griselda Blanco.

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Chino Gs’ Album Sneak Peek

Chino Grande’s álbum is dropping August 16 and we have been working on the album getting it ready for the release date. We are finally done with the album cover. Check it out.

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Ms Krazie & MC Magic

Ms Krazie is confirmed and will be performing at the Roxy in Denver with MC Magic. This is the FIRST TIME EVER that Ms Krazie will be performing an ALL AGES SHOW in Denver and will perform “Reasons” with MC Magic in its entirety. There will also be a very cool VIP Package which will include MEET AND GREET with The Artists, Autographed MC Magic Poster, VIP PASS, and Take Pictures with the Artists. This is going to be a sold out show, and VIPS are highly recommended for the Ultimate Ms Krazie and MC Magic fans! All going down at the Roxy in Denver! To Buy Tickets, just call the phone number on the flyer!!!

Ms Krazie Nearing 500k Facebook Likes

Have you checked UKMG Ms Krazie Facebook Page lately? She is almost reaching a huge milestone, closing into 500,000 Facebook LIKES. That is a big deal because fans are LIKING Ms Krazie’s Facebook Page daily. Ms Krazie has been posting many different topics on her Facebook. From Advice, to getting picture rated by fellow Ms Krazie fans. Right now, her page is at 480,000 likes, and I think she will reach 500k by the end of the month or so. Some people might not think its her real account, but we would like to confirm that IT IS HER REAL FACEBOOK PAGE. So make sure to LIKE Ms Krazie’s Facebook page and lets help her reach 500,000!

I Love Jenni Marathon Tonight @ 6/5c

Tonight, Mun2 will be airing a Marathon of Jenni Rivera’s show “I Love Jenni” in honor of her passing, which happened because of a plane crash. Mun2 will also be airing additional Season 2 episodes on Wednesday, which will be followed  by episodes from Season 1, as well as her television show “Jenni Rivera Presents: Chiquis ‘n Control” on Thursday and Friday. Mun2 also dedicated as many as 30 hours of its programming to honor the late Ms Rivera that started on Monday, and ending on Friday. Filming had begun on Season 3 of the “I Love Jenni” series, when Jenni tragically perished along with six other passengers that were also on board the small lear jet. Ms Jenni Rivera had five children and two grandchildren, and has sold over 20 million albums worldwide. She had also just signed a television deal to star in a comedy called “Jenni”. She was working on becoming a cross-over artist into the American market until her untimely death.

Urban Kings has also worked with Jenni, who was featured on a song called “Love Again” by Chino Brown and also featured MC Magic of NB Ridaz. It was directed by acclaimed photographer Estevan Oriol. The song and the album had done incredibly well, and now it is the anthem, because there will be another Jenni, and we can never love another “la diva de la banda” as much as we love her. Here is the song and the information if you want the song.

Chino Brown Featuring Jenni Rivera & MC Magic – Love Again

Ms Krazie Fan Drawings

Ms Krazie Fan Drawing

Ms Krazie & Problemaz

UKMG Artist Ms Krazie sent us these two pictures that fans have sent her. They were pictures of drawings they have done of Ms Krazie. Picture one looks like it was from YES1, who we have blogged about before. There was a video that Yeb 1 made, while he was creating the Ms Krazie drawing. Another fan had sent in another picture (picture 2) of Ms Krazie, but this time with her husband, Problemaz. Both pictures came out really really good. Make sure if you have any pictures of any UKMG Artists,  for our blog, we will throw in your facebook links, twitter links, instagram links and all that information. We will make you famous, so send in your pictures, drawings, anything to do with UKMG!

Yeb 1 – Drawing Ms Krazie – On Video


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