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Secret Santa’s Hand Written Art Notes

With Christmas just around the corner we here at Urban Kings Inc. would like to thank you are loyal customers who always support us in all we do. That’s why we have decided to include special random gifts by our staff a.k.a “Secret Santa” with every purchase order. Below is just one of the many random gifts we have.
You never know what you’ll get with your order.

Secret Santa Hand Written Notes

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Ms. Krazie Drawing!

Thanks to Ketzal for sending this drawing in. Gracias homeboy!

Sicken Jacken is in the Building

Jack came in the other day. Yup Psycho Realm Sicken Jacken. With his new tattoo that is still being worked on by BigTiny (remember him). Its an eagle with a snake. Real cool guy. Came by with a few of his friends cuz where the man rows thru the party has to come too. We distrubute Stray Bullets, War Stories Book 1(autographed) and two [They are both autographed : ) ] as well as the rest of the psyhco realm collection.(not to mention you can also get an offical gas mask). We also sell Psycho Realm gear.


In the Sinful City

Look at what I found in the Urban Kings photo Album… This was when Charlie Row Campo went to Las Vegas for an event. Jasper wasting no time on spitting games at the ladies. (somethings never change lol) Like the Old English Homicide shirt he is wearing it will always be a classic in the Old English Album. Past memories never get old to reminisce especially a picture were what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Posted by MsFlannel

Street Anthems 2 Added To The Digital Vs Analog Sale

Urban Kings is having a sale for one of our most popular albums as part of our #AnalogVsDigital Campaign. We are giving our fans a chance to own this album for just $7.99. It is the fan favorite “Street Anthems 2“album. This is a big album that released just for you. It features many Urban Kings Artists, like Ms Krazie and Chino Grande, along with artists like Stomper, Spanky Loco, Baby Jokes, Midget Loco, Fiesty 2 Guns, Jasper Loco and Lil Minor. It also featured some dope artists like ALT The Saint, Payaso, Capone and more! Many of the songs are only available on this album too, like Ms Krazie’s song “Cholo No Llores” and more. The only way to take advantage of owning this album is getting it directly from Urban Kings by clicking the link below!

She Won The Lottery A Few Times

A woman from Texas figured out a way to win the lottery not once, or twice, but four (4) times! ┬áMs Joan Gither from Texas, has a PhD in Math, won the lottery 4 times . Her state HAS to guarantee a certain amount of number of people who win, so the tickets cant be made random. She might have found a way to figure out a secret. She hasnt said anything about the way she wins, but people that are very close to her think that she figured out a way that that the lottery uses to make the tickets, and every little detail has to be accounted for, even finding out where shipments that have the highest winning ratio. The lottery have said nothing more than “she has been lucky”.

Ms Githers current winnings currently over 4 MILLION DOLLARS.

Winning the lottery in Texas is 18 out of 24 Septbillion Chance.


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