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Secret Santa’s Hand Written Art Notes

With Christmas just around the corner we here at Urban Kings Inc. would like to thank you are loyal customers who always support us in all we do. That’s why we have decided to include special random gifts by our staff a.k.a “Secret Santa” with every purchase order. Below is just one of the many random gifts we have.
You never know what you’ll get with your order.

Secret Santa Hand Written Notes

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American Crime Premiers March 5th

There is a upcoming television show that everyone is talking about. The show is called “American Crime” and will premier on ABC on Thursday, March 5th nationwide. The show features UKMG Artist Richard Cabral, formerly known as Baby Jokes, has a very key role as a supporting actor throughout the story. It is about a couple who has been murdered in Modesto, California, and discovers that the car used in the crime has a description, and was in possession of a teenager. As the police and the parents are looking for answers, they also find more information about their son and his life with his wife. The trailer looks so good and the show is going to be a big hit! Watch the commercial below and get ready for this show to come out!

American Crime Trailer

Ms Krazie Fans are from 8 Months to 80

Check this video out. I found it on the Ms Krazies Official Facebook Page and The Crazy Lady from Indiana knows how to dance. Abuela already has a young dance partner for “Mas Vale Sola”. Please pay attention to the dope footwork by Grandma, she gets down.

Music Thursday- Cold Blooded Girl

This Song comes from Ms. Krazie’s Album Firme Homegirl Oldies 2

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Out The Box – Picasso

Here is a next official Out The Box episode, Presented by Urban Kings in association with Lineage Entertainment. This is episode is number 6 from the series and stars Quincy Ndekwe in his show called “Picasso”. Its a really dope episode and one of a kind in the series. Its about a man that gives everything to a woman, when he has nothing to give. His love sends him into a confusion over the lies, but yet he can’t seem to let her go. Make sure to watch the video above and support Urban Kings, Lineage Ent and Quincy for his brand new episode of Out The Box!

Out The Box – Picasso

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People have been have been asking what our twitter name is, and we want to let you know that these two are the two official twitters of Urban Kings. First account we have the record label side of things, as the official account of Urban Kings. Our second account is Urban Kings Tv, which is our media company, giving new announcements from our media side of the company. Both are official twitter accounts that are real and have already been in use. So if you have a twitter and you are not following us, make sure to follow us now, and know that your following the real accounts. CLICK THE PICTURES ABOVE TO ADD US! See you on Twitter!


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