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Should We Leak A Conejo Song?

Did you know that Urban Kings will be releasing the brand new Conejo album called “Killer From The West”? We have already posted the official album cover, too. Killer From The West will be releasing October 15th, and the presale will be coming very soon. This is an album with ALL BRAND NEW MUSIC, no repeats or remixes. I know everyone is pumped up about the new CD, including our staff, and I always get the same question. “When can we hear a sample”, “Can I hear a song”? The Snippets will be done very soon, and now Im thinking about Leaking a brand new song from Conejo taken from Killer From The West. You think we should? Let us know by posting on Urban Kings Official Facebook Page!

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Pictures of All I Know Music Video

New Music Video Releasing Monday – January 28th

Staring Blaze Daily

Also Staring Gee

Co – Staring Lopez

Also Co – Staring Yung Cavi

Spittin Bars

Table Of Kings

Rollin Up

We just got these exclusive pictures from the new Blaze Daily and Gee featuring Lopez and Yung Cavi. The music video is called “All I Know” and its Premiering exactly in ONE WEEK, MONDAY, JANUARY 28st! We have these exclusive pictures Blaze sent us of the music video, and it looks dope. The looks of the pictures, the video is gonna come out clean and clear. Urban Kings TV also premiered the last two Blaze Daily and G Double music videos, called “Still Rollin” and “Crazy“. If you haven’t seen the videos yet, make sure to check em out right right now. I posted the Crazy Music Video below, so make sure to click on the picture and watch it and write your comment below the video!

Blaze Daily & G Double – Crazy Music Video

UKMG Sports – Hey Steve Nash, Wanna Beer?

UKMG Sports – Fans are happy in Los Angeles that the Lakers have acquired Steve Nash from the Phoenix Suns. Phoenix did not have the budget to resign Steve Nash, so the Suns had an option of either signing and trading him, or letting him sign to another team (because he was a free agent). Nash on the trading block to see what teams would offer for him. Nash already knew he wanted to be on the westcoast because of his family, but got huge offers from the Toronto Raptors and the New Jersey Nets. But he ended up in Los Angeles. And the Lakers fans were extremely grateful. So grateful, that fans have recognized him driving on the freeway, and offered him a beer. Nash recorded how it went down and is happy to be a Laker.

Nash Getting A Beer From A Fan

Spanky Loco Coming To Fort Worth Texas This Weekend

UKMG Artist Spanky Loco will be in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area this weekend (Saturday, March 30th) as a special guest. This will be the Grand Opening for Trap House Ink, the newest tattoo shop in the area, and some all star guests are coming through to make some appearances, and also special guest artists will be working for the grand opening. Will Spanky Loco be performing? Will Spanky Loco be tattooing? I dont know, but you have to go to find out! It will also double as the release of a new tattoo book, called “The First 48“, by established tattoo artists Mr Flaks and Boogstar Dinero (First 100 books will be signed!). It is a dope book, and out now, and it also will be available at the shop. Also attending will be Norm and Big Sleeps, who is a very talented script writer who works with Psycho Realm. Spanky Loco will have some music available for sale, and each item he will autograph! We will see you there at The Trap House Ink Shop this Saturday!

Blaze Daily, G Double & Ro Q Present – Boulevard Music Video

Check out this brand new music video by The HighLife, aka Blaze Daily, G Double and Ro Q. The video is called “Boulevard”. It features Lil Pro and a came out pretty dope. We always support upcoming artists from all areas, and The HighLife always comes with some good music and dope videos too. Directed by Blaze Daily and Eyekon, the video stays true to the roots, jammin some corridos and eating mariscos. Make sure to watch the video and support!

Congratulations Ms Krazie

We have the official update that was sent to us by Ms Krazie’s sister. She officially had her little boy and they are doing good. I know its alot to have a baby and we respect her private time and her family time. She will be making a post soon to give everyone an update straight from her and we will let you know when it happens!


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