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Sick Jacken in Fight Night

Sick Jacken from Psycho Realm is featured on Fight Night Champion by EA Sports. The song is called “The Problem is…” By Murs & 9th Wonder Featuring Sick Jacken and Uncle Chucc. It is featured on the Murs & 9th Wonder album entitled “Fornever”. The game is going to be available for the Play Station 3 and Xbox. We have all of Psycho Realm albums but we highly recomend the War Story Book 1(auto graphed), War Story Book 2(auto graphed), Stray Bullets, and Terror Tape(autographed).

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Youtube Friday – Between Two Ferns Interview

Youtube Friday is back again, and this time we have an interview by Zach Galifianakis, who is the actor in The Hangover, Due Date and Dinner for Schmucks. He is a funny comedian who steals the show in all the movies, with crazy twisted, weird humor (He plays Alan in The Hangover movies). He has his own interview show called “Between Two Ferns”, where he interviews other actors and comedians. Check out this interview of Steve Carell, who is also a very funny comedian. See how Zach uses his interview skills.





Chino Grande – Shine On Me – Music Video

Urban Kings Music Group Artist Chino Grande has reached 1,695,000 views on Youtube for his first single, called “Shine On Me“, featuring Carolyn Rodriguez of Dopehouse Records! Shine On Me was Chino’s very first solo music video and he did not disappoint. I remember the day the music video was being made, Chino and Urban Kings were ready to show the world what Chino’s album “Trust Your Struggle” is all about. The video was directed by Echosworld and the video came through perfect in a black and white classic music video. Everyone came through the set to show support and love to Chino, including the Pocos Pero Locos Staff and music websites. Make sure to support Chino Grande and Urban Kings and support the album “Trust Your Struggle”. Make sure to keep watching it and tell your friends to watch it and lets get to 2,000,000 we got to prove that we can do it! It is available now in all Major Music Retailers, including Amazon and FYE, and digitally through iTunes. But for a limited time, Chino’s album Trust Your Struggle is available for only $7.99!


Chino Grande – Shine On Me – Music Video

Rappers get Sketched

This sketch was done by Jaime Correa from the 916 area in Cali the inspiration was his favorite rappers. If your reading this Martin thank you for showing your love and support for Chino Grande. If you guys have art work that you want to share to us email us at and we will post it up on the blog.

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All the Snips From Midget Loco

Get to have a taste of what Midget Loco’s upcoming album is all about on our Urban Kings Tv. Pre-sales are now available on where you get to choose what package you want from the basic -the album by itself, to the album with a shout out autographed poster, to the VIP price of the album with the 8 posters -one being customized to say what you want. We are going to be sending the pre-sales 4 days before the album drops in stores. Coming out Tuesday, August 2nd.

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Steal Your Neighbor’s News Paper TOMORROW!

Baby Jokes is coming out in an interview on The Los Angeles Times tomorrow. It’s gonna be under the “Calendar” side (the section to steal lol). The interview is gonna be based on his role in A Better Life for those who haven’t seen it, its out now in Los Angeles and New York great movie (made me tear up in the end). The day of the opening it got sold out and when I went on Sunday it was also a full house so thank you for all of those who came out and supported the movement.It’s still not too late to determine the odds.  And this isn’t the last of Baby Jokes, his album is now available on youbuycds to buy pre-sales with an autographed poster dropping July 5th world wide.

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