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Spanky Loco Concert Last Saturday

Spanky Loco Performing & Drinks On Deck

Gettin A Quick Smoke & Drinks Still Coming

Spanky Loco performing this past weekend at The Green Turtle in Whittier, California. Fans always ask when Spanky is performing, and where is he going to perform, can he perform in my city, etc. Spanky was booked for this show, and brought a huge crowd, eager to see him perform. Spanky performed for over 30 minutes, performing many of his classic songs, as well as some of the new material that will be on his upcoming 2013 album. Also performing that same night was Yung Eazy, who is the legendary Eazy E’s son, as well as Baby Wicked. Spanky is currently negotiating another show, so stay posted to our blog for more information, as well as for his album release date for 2013!

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Midget Loco CD Just 7.99

Do you have this really dope album in your music collection? It is by Midget Loco and it was his second full studio album called “Dedicated To The OGs“. This was a really good album and one of my favorites from the whole Urban Kings catalog. Dedicated To The OGs had some really good songs and featured 3 music videos, “Thirteen Letter“, and “Sunday High“. It also had dope songs from the album like “Dedicated To The OG”, “Would You Perfer” and “I Tryed”. This is a CD that can be played through the whole album without skipping a song. What was your favorite song from this album? Let us know on The Official Urban Kings Facebook Page! “Dedicated To The OGs is part of the Digital Vs Analog Campaign from Urban Kings, making this CD just $7.99 only from Urban Kings.

Midget Loco – California Raised – Music Video – Taken From Dedicated To The OGs

Baby Jokes Music Video May 11th

Baby Jokes music video is going to be coming out an Urban Kings TV near you. After filming on this past weekend, we are pleased to say that music video is ready. (no more teasing like last time lol) Its going to be released on May 11.

If you want to be one of the first to see Baby Jokes music video subscribe to our youtube channel so you can be notified as soon as it gets uploaded. Get to see Baby Jokes hollywood acting put to the beat. 

She Use To Be My Sidekick will be on Baby Jokes upcoming new album Life On The Streets that coming out later this year, which is also ft. Jasper who is also on the set of this music video.  Directed and edited by Jeff Reyes, who is always getting better at what he does (big props). The story line of the music video is sick!!!!

Just like a movie that has guessing what is going to happen next (**** it had me lol) we need to give MTv a call because we got a winner here. We need to give this music video an Oscar lol (seriously tho) but you guys can be the judge on May 11 so save the date because best believe you are going to have this on repeat on your youtube account.

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Sad Girls Club Fan Artwork

Once Urban Kings and UKMG Artist Ms Krazie announced the title for the upcoming Ms Krazie album, called “Sad Girls Club”, fans from around the world told us how excited they are about the name title and that Ms Krazie will be releasing her 6th Solo album. We received very dope and creative artwork from fans that have did something unique for Ms Krazie. Check out this drawing of Ms Krazie for her Sad Girls Club fan artwork, by @MzBadHabitz (on IG). If you have some Sad Girls Club artwork or any artwork inspired by UKMG Artists, make sure to submit them to The Urban Kings Submissions Dept.

Hustle Music New Release Date

Click Here To Pre Order – Jasper Loco – Hustle Music CD

Urban Kings would like to announce that we have officially pushed back the new Jasper Loco CD called “Hustle Music” due to the amount of Pre Orders that have been made by everyone. We had to order more CDs just to fill the orders, but dont worry, because the delay will only be a week. The new release date for Hustle Music is August 26th, thats just one week pushed back. Pre Orders are still available if you would like to place your order and get yours by Clicking Here. With the release of the Music Video “Where Do We Go From Here” featuring UKMG Artist Chino Grande, the buzz for Hustle Music is crazy. We have been getting many many orders and emails asking about the CD. Hustle Music also features Fiesty 2 Guns, Oso Vicious, Seven and more! Make sure to order yours now, releasing on the new date of Tuesday, August 26th! Make sure to watch the music video below and support Jasper Loco and Chino Grande!

Jasper Loco ft Chino Grande – Where Do We Go From Here – Official Music Video

With Ms Krazie Guy Contest Begins Now

Get the rules down and start uploading your videos of Rap like Ms. Krazie. A rule violation will have you disqualified. Let the world see what you got, as we nominate the best of the best.

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