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Spanky Loco Music Video Soy Loco Coming Soon


Be on the lookout for Spanky Loco’s music video “Soy Loco” from his highly anticipated spanish album Tirando y Rifando 2 coming very soon stay posted for more details.

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Conejo Leaks Coming Soon

Conejo will be releasing his brand new album called “Killer From The West” exclusively with the Urban Kings Music Group and we will be releasing some brand new exclusive leaks from the album all this week. Killer From The West has 16 all brand new songs. We have already premiered the Snippets from the album, and now stay tuned to our blog all this week to hear songs from Killer From The West. There might be 5 leaked songs, their might be 10, make sure to stay updated with us to know and hear the songs before anyone else. You can also get updates on The Official Urban Kings Facebook Page as well as the Urban Kings Youtube Channel. Make sure to pre order the Killer From The West album and receive a FREE POSTER. Pre Orders end this week, and Cds will be shipped out this week too! Killer From The West releases worldwide on October 15th!

Conejo – Killer From The West – Official Tracklisting

1. Introduction
2. Every Which Way But Dead
3.Price To Pay
4. Protect The Territory
5. The Night Crawler
6. Loyal To The Game
7. Package Pure
8. No Rest For The Wicked
9. Interlude
10. Young Poet
11. Ask No Questions
12. Prowl The Street
13. This A Heroin Flow
14. Coming Up In The Ghetto
15. It’s Midnight
16. Outro

Conejo – Killer From The West – Official Snippets

Midget Loco In A Smirnoff Commercial

Did you know UKMG Artist Midget Loco was featured in a Smirnoff Vodka Commercial, and it was pretty funny. It was about a guy moving into a new house, in a new area. He has no furnature and his friend invites cool random people to a party, but you must bring some furnature. Then he introduces him to many different types of people. Its pretty cool and an interesting idea Smirnoff had put together. If you haven’t seen this video, then make sure to check it out right now because its a classic.

Midget Loco Performing

Our Homegirl Nena from Chola Pinup sent us this picture to post for our blog. It shows Midget Loco performing to the winner of the California Queenpin! Which the Chola Pinups were looking for new members of the modeling team. The event had everything from a model search, performances by Midget Loco and Steel Bangin Musick, an Art Showcase, and a Birthday Party. It all took place in Canoga Park and all proceeds of the event went to the Chola Pinups Torzido Network. It was a great event with a great atmosphere and good people.



World Premier of Stompers Tracklisting

Today we want to World Premier the official track listing for UKMG Artist The Stomper brand new upcoming album called “FREE STOMPER – Unreleased Kuts Vol 2″. This is a really dope album that Stomper has put together, with some good solid features, like UKMG Artists Chino GrandeMidget Loco and Spanky Loco. The album also features Carolyn Rodriguez of Dopehouse Records, Troub Nasty, Huero Snipes, Juan Gotti, Cuete Yeska, ALT The Saint, Oso Vicious, J.Hind, Malow Mac and more! We want to share with everyone the tracklisting so you can know what to expect from the album, and see the different collaborations with all dope artists. Stomper put together an ALL SICK album, the only way a SICK MAN would do it.

Right now Stomper is currently fighting legal issues, we are all getting donations together, to help bring him back home. Anything helps, from $1 to $2 to $5 to $10. All money donated will go directly to LAWYER FEES. Not to his books. Its a family and team effort, so please help donate towards his returning home. The official donation like is The Official Stomper Donation Link!


1. Composure Of A Soldier – Ft. Chino Grande & Midget Loco

2. City Of Bangers – Ft. Oso Vicious

3. Street Delegates – Ft. Spanky Loco, Huero Snipes & Stomplector

4. Dont Like Me Dont Know Me – ALT The Saint, Chino Grande & Lil Dee

5. Lost Kauz – Ft. Malow Mac Lost Kauz

6. We Dont Play – Ft. Chino Brown, Krazy Race, I-Man & T-Nut

7. We Got What They Want – Ft. Oso Vicious & Rikee West

8. Thats Tha Truth – Ft. Mads Tha Hated & Young Smokes

9. It Dont Stop

10. Monsters – Ft. Oso Vicious & ALT The Saint

11. Legacy – Ft. Tha Ghost Dawg & Johnny Blade

12. Thrown It All Away – Ft. Big Joe & Oto

13. Fuck Love – Ft. Mic MC & Chuck Taylor

14. Lies – Ft. J.Hind

15. I See You – Ft. Carolyn Rodriguez, Juan Gotti, Chino Grande & Cuete Yeska

16. Never Give Up – Ft. Theif Sicario, Player & Big Creeper

17. I Got News – Ft. Troub Nasty & Theif Sicario

18. After The Laughter – Ft. Sleepy Loks & Spanky Loco

19. Heart Of Gold

Lowrider Bike Winner

Living in LA, and going to all different types of areas, neighborhoods and events, you see alot of random things. Take this guy for example. I gotta give this guy props for being the Indian McGuyver. Look how he hits his sounds in the front and back. With the front speakers on the front bike pegs and mounted along the handle bars has me wondering if he can even make turns or is it a straight ride. The back is mounted with a bottom rack and has two small skateboard wheels that hold the support. Dude has a car battery giving life to this genious bike and pumping high volts of Urban Kings music through the system. He was posing for pictures when I had to stop and get one for my blog. And by the way, this dude even had a flip out TV/CD player in his “Dash”. I looked in his CD Organizer and he had all the Urban Kings CDS and dope Old School Classic Westcoast Hip Hop. Shout out to Adam From LA.


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