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Spanky Loco – New Song From The Best Of Spanky Loco

Brand New week with another song from UKMG Artist Spanky Loco, from his brand new album “The Best Of Spanky Loco“. This CD is really dope, and we have been playing this album from beginning to end without skipping songs. The album also has features from some top artists in the game, like The Stomper, Conejo, Huero Snipes, Kokane, and the Smooth Hustle Camp Members Sonny Blue, Baldacci, Z Gunz, Napalm, and Problemz, its a dope album that has something for everyone. We have slowly putting out some leaks from the album so you can hear brand new songs every other day! The Best of Spanky Loco is available now, including major music stores, digitally through iTunes and online at The UKMG Merch Store! Below is another brand new leak from The Best Of Spanky Loco, called “Spanky Loco” . Make sure to check it out!

Spanky Loco – Spanky Loco – Taken From The Best Of Spanky Loco

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Inside Look – Midget Loco – UKMG

Its already the beginning of the 2012 and is already shaping up to be a great year for Urban Kings Artist Midget Loco. With various tour dates scheduled for the Midget Loco “Steel Bangin Musick 2012 Tour”, he has been traveling the country performing in front of thousands of his fans, who have been eagerly waiting to see Midget rap his classic songs from his previous two cds ( “Bloodline Flatline” and “First Loco At The Street“) and his Steel Bangin Musick Album ( “Death Of Studio Gangsters“) and the instant classic album “Dedicated To The OGs”. He has already been featured in cameos with Bruno Mars ( “Grenade – Music Video” that has over 245 Million Views), A Smirnoff Commercial, The Funny or Die Music Videos ( “Big Tweet” Staring Brandon T Jackson and “Lighting Farts” Staring David Alan Grier), Operation Repo, and many more. Midget has also been in the movies “Ash” , “Hotel California” and “Life Casualty” . Midget was also featured on an episode of a History Channel television show called “Marked” . Midget has been working hard on making his name bigger and bigger and 2012 has much more in the works. He is currently on his tour, scheduling autograph signings, and now he is available for collaborations. So if your an artist and you would like Midget Loco to be on project, whether it  be a mixtape, album, movie or video game, now is the perfect time to make a hit. Email us by CLICKING HERE  to do a collaboration with Midget Loco Today! You can also Contact us about Booking an Official Midget Loco Steel Banging Tour Date by CLICKING HERE .

Midget Loco Facebook - Official Midget Loco Facebook Page

Midget Loco  Twitter - Official Midget Loco Twitter Page

If You Don’t Have It You Must Get It

Stomper’s Once Upon A Time In America, is probably one of the best albums to come out this year. If you don’t have this album i recommend that you go get it. From beginning to end its a great album.

In the Sinful City

Look at what I found in the Urban Kings photo Album… This was when Charlie Row Campo went to Las Vegas for an event. Jasper wasting no time on spitting games at the ladies. (somethings never change lol) Like the Old English Homicide shirt he is wearing it will always be a classic in the Old English Album. Past memories never get old to reminisce especially a picture were what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

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Ms Krazie Fan Tattoo

Fan Getting Ms Krazies Autograph Tattooed on her Back

The Finished Product

Ms Krazie did a instore this past weekend in the city of Tuscan, Arizona at Aztec Tattoo. There was one fan who came who asked Ms Krazie for an autograph on her back. Ms Krazie signed the girls back, then went to the tattoo artist and asked if he could tattoo her on the spot with Ms Krazie’s signature. Everyone at the signing was cheering her on, and Ms Krazie turned and seen that this girl was getting her autograph on her. So Ms Krazie snapped a few shots for her instagram at @HelloLoca. Urban Kings also has an instagram so make sure to follow us as well at @UrbanKings!

Midget Loco – California Raised Music Video

Urban Kings Music Group will be releasing the highly anticipated music video of Midget Loco’s latest single “California Raised” and also includes “Sucka MCs” on Monday, July 30th. Midget filmed two music videos in one to create something very special for his fans. Filmed, Edited and Produced by Jeff “Echo” Reyes and his Echosworld Staff. This video came out really dope with some special guest cameos from the Steel Bangin Musick team. This song was taken from Midget Loco’s last album “Dedicated To The OGs” which is currently available in all major music outlets like All FYE Locations, digitally through iTunes, and online at the UKMG Merch Store.


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