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Spanky Loco New Tattoo

Spanky Loco just finished this tattoo last week on Huero Snipes from The Real 310 West. He Chose a Smokin Skull on his right chest right below his shoulder. Spanky has been tatting everyone up lately, from me, to Huero to some regular clients. Spanky is getting booked left and right for a Spanky Loco Original Tattoo, and its not just because hes a known recording artist, but hes a very talented tattoo artists as well. And from the images I post of his work, im sure you agree with what I say. Spanky is still taking appointments if you are in, or around the Southern California area. For booking information fill out our Booking Now Page.

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Straight from Facebook

Ms Krazie Interview part 1

Urban kings Tv Presents another exclusive Interview by Ms Krazie. We decided to give her a call and ask her some questions about the Contest and her music. She has alot to say so we decided to make this part 1 and part 2 will be coming shortly.

Check out one of the  submissions off the “Rap Like Ms. Krazie Video Contest”
This one was done by another Lady Envy.
If you’re not familiar with the contest make sure you <a href=””>click here</a


Me And You – Cassie & Old English Brand – Sponsored

Old English Brand caught up with sexy superstar Cassie during at one of her events. She was telling us about her upcoming projects, including her music and fashion. She has been setting trends for years, including being the first girl to shave the sides of her head, and everyone copied her style. She released her last project, called the “RockAByeBaby Mixtape” that featured Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Fabolous, French Montana, Jeremih and more. She has also been working on modeling and fashion, and is still trendsetting her style. Check her out as she reps Old English Brand rocking our chain. We asked her what her favorite tee or tank was, and she said it was the OE “Since 96 Thug Life Tank Top“.


Cassie – Me & U – Music Video

My New Tattoo by Spanky Loco

Pachuco Skeleton Man Sketched To Tatt

Me, Spanky Loco &  The Needle

Almost Done, Just Needing Shading

Finished Product

Finished Half Sleeve by Spanky Loco

This weekend, I got another tattoo added to my arm to complete my half sleeve, all done by UKMG Artist Spanky Loco. With the Pachuco skeleton man all suited up, and I thought this is for me, once I had the concept. From there, Spanky drew what I had wanted and he envisioned what I described and it came out sick. Spanky has done a dope job on what I had been wanting for tattoos, and they all came out sick, crisp, clean and detailed. Spanky Loco is going to finish up my sleeve, and I will post up the exclusive pictures once we start with the second  half sleeve. I already got the concept, and the art is sick. Stay tuned. To Book Spanky Loco for a concert or a tattoo, just email us by Clicking Here.

Dont forget Spanky Loco’s CD “Tirando Y Rifando 2” is currently available now, which is Spanky Loco’s latest SPANISH album. This album has been making noise both nationally and internationally, especially in the spanish speaking countries. This is a dope cd and it features one of my favorite songs by Spanky, called “Soy Loco”. Spanky also made a music video to Soy Loco.

Spanky Loco – Soy Loco – Music Video

Ms Krazie Hello Loca Tour 2012 – Midland This Saturday

Ms Krazie will be performing this weekend in Midland, Texas as part of her Hello Loca 2012 Tour. This stop will be at the Cabanas Nightclub and it will be ALL AGES! This concert will be featuring Ms Krazie, Baka, Rekluse, Ese Busta, Midwest Mexicanz, El Cacho, Moneyville Productions, Mr 505, POM Records, Trouble Loc and more!!! Hosted by the Kueen Of Krunk and DJ Spree will be in the mix!!! Also the Chop Shop will be in the house!!!! Shout out to Country Boyz, Respect Is Due Records, Team Cake and S.A.P! Ticket information go to the Ese Busta Facebook Page .

Ms Krazie Hello Loca 2012 Tour Concert in Midland – Radio Commercial for B93


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