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Spanky Loco New Tattoo

Spanky Loco just finished this tattoo last week on Huero Snipes from The Real 310 West. He Chose a Smokin Skull on his right chest right below his shoulder. Spanky has been tatting everyone up lately, from me, to Huero to some regular clients. Spanky is getting booked left and right for a Spanky Loco Original Tattoo, and its not just because hes a known recording artist, but hes a very talented tattoo artists as well. And from the images I post of his work, im sure you agree with what I say. Spanky is still taking appointments if you are in, or around the Southern California area. For booking information fill out our Booking Now Page.

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Auction of Conejo’s Still Live Portraits

Week 3 into the auction of Conejo’s Canvases and we have gotten several interested buyers. The highest bid so far comes from R. Vasquez for $376 for the Shady Conejo portrait.

This canvas is from the original film that was used to capture the album cover of Conejo’s first album cover.

The Shady Conejo’s canvas stands over 3ft tall and over 2ft wide.

If you want to beat R. Vasquez’s bid enter it at Game Over canvas is still at its starting bid of $120.

The canvas of Game Over stands a bit over 2ft tall and 3ft wide.Both of these canvas were hand stretched to fit the wood frame.

We will be keeping an update of all the bids thru the urbankings4 gmail account so if you have questions or concerns reach us thru this email.

These are only limited edition items a few will be made for the world to own. The future owners of these canvases will be receiving a certificate guaranteeing the authenticity of their one of a few portraits.

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Reverie Will Be At Old English Brand July 11th!

We are very excited to sponsor the upcoming Old English Brand Flagship Shop Grand Opening that will feature 2 very dope Meet & Greets throughout the day. We have worked with Old English Brand very closely for years now, and when they decided to create their Flagship Shop, we knew we had to do something special for the grand opening. So we got together and booked 2 buzzing talents to do a Meet and Greet at the store for pictures and autographs. The first guest of the day is hip hop artist Reverie, and Old English Brand did a really dope interview with her. Make sure to check out the video and support and come down to the Official Grand Opening!  All taking place on July 11th in Santa Fe Springs, CA. Our address is below! Make sure to come out and hang out with us!

The Old English Brand Flagship Shop

11781 Slauson Ave

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

In Studio With Chino Grande & True Starr

Urban Kings put together two of our artists to make one hit song. We booked time at a studio in Hollywood, and took UKMG Artists Chino Grande and True Starr in the booth and the outcome is called “Mind Right”, which is featured on True Starr’s new album “You’re Welcome“. We also brought UKMG Director Famous 8 with us to record the studio session and give you a behind the scenes look of the new song. Also talking with Chino Grande and True Starr in short interviews. This was an exclusive behind the scenes session, and the music video to this song came out dope!! Make sure to check it out below.

Some Old School Spanky Loco

UKMG Artist Spanky Loco sent us this old school picture of himself when he was just a teenager. Spanky has been making music since a teenager as well, making a name for himself in the music industry, creating a huge buzz in hip hop, not only in English, but in Spanish as well. From music, he toured all over the world. UKMG will be releasing a brand new Spanky Loco album for 2013, which is currently untitled. We will be announcing the release date very soon, so stay posted to our blog for the up to date information. You already know the album is gonna be dope, and Urban Kings releases only the best albums!

Midget Loco Filming With Snoop Dogg

Urban Kings Artist Midget Loco was filming a movie this weekend with Snoop Dogg. We cant really give away too much information, but this movie featured Snoop and Midget Loco along with the Steel Bangin Musick. The movie is dope, and I heard there were a few more artists that will be featured in the movie. Make sure to stay posted to the UKMG Blog to read more up to date information on everything Urban Kings!


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