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Spanky Loco Releasing This Month

UKMG Artist Spanky Loco will be releasing his very first “Best Of” series, which will contain all Spanky Loco’s classic songs. Spanky has been hinting of releasing this album for months already, and The Urban Kings Music Group is proud to release another Spanky Loco album. We now have the exclusive artwork for Spanky’s new album, and the cover came out awesome. This album will not just be full of classic music, but it will also feature some brand new, never before heard material from Spanky Loco. The album will also have some dope features as well, so make sure to be updated on our blog for up to date information on The Best Of Spanky Loco! Here is a brand new Spanky song, called “The First 48″, featuring Huero Snipes and was a shout out to famed tattoo artists Mr Flaks and Boogstar! This song is the first single that is featured on this album! The Best Of Spanky Loco is scheduled to be released May 28th!

Spanky Loco Ft Huero Snipes – The First 48 – Taken From The Best Of Spanky Loco

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Urban Kings Presents – Out The Box With Richard Cabral

Urban Kings did a Facebook Ambush a while back with Richard Cabral, formerly known as Baby Jokes. Richard did a video interview with UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr talking about our brand new idea to create a Web Series called “Out The Box,” that Premiers on Thursday, July 3rd. It is a rare look into an artists soul as they express words straight from the heart in form of poetry. “Out The Box” comes with raw emotion and energy, so hear the story of Richard Cabral as he premiers the very first episode of “Out The Box”. Below we have posted the video, straight from UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr and Richard Cabral giving you a short description of the video and what to expect. YOU MUST LIKE THE URBAN KINGS FB TO WATCH THE VIDEO!

Out The Box – Facebook Preview

Start The Weekend Right

Jasper Loco is going to be performing at The Terrance in Pasadena. Come out and show love, it’s $15 at the door. See you guys there.

The Cypher Effect Interview With King Lil G

Click Here To Watch The Cypher Effect King Lil G Interview

We were enjoying ourselves at the Cyber Effect show that took place at The Yost Theater in Santa Ana,ca a few days ago. The place was filled with hip hop fans that came to see: Reverie, King Lil G, Phora, Gavlyn among other dope acts. We actually got there a bit late, so they gave out our media passes away. We stood there for a couple of minutes waiting for us to get our new backstage passes. As we stood outside you could hear the people screaming and you could feel the energy just seeping out thru the doors. We just had to get in there. So we decided to forget the passes and just be part of the crowd and just enjoy the show side by side with the audience. Later, we saw King Lil G and so we had to go by and show some love. Gave us an exclusive interview, which he gives some inside to his success. A couple of minutes later, Jimmie just walks towards the backstage area. As if he had an invisible VIP pass or something. Next thing you know we are enjoying the show from the backstage. I guess you could say, in this case, Urban King walks around with an invisible VIP pass. Click Here To Watch The Urban Kings Cypher Effect King Lil G Interview.

El Dreamer

Check out this episode of  Cholo Adventures. Urban kings sponsor them in return they wear the Old English gear or play our songs. In this episode they play Tu Sabes Que Te Amo by Toro from the album Chicano Rap Love Dedications.

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Book An Urban Kings Artist Today!

Did you know that all Urban Kings Artists are available for booking? Thats right, you can now book Stomper, Spanky Loco, Chino Grande, Fiesty 2 Guns, Midget Loco, Ms Krazie, and Jasper Loco! All Urban Kings Artists are available for all types of events, including concerts, car shows, fundraisers, charity events, and private events (including birthdays, quinceaneras, sweet 16′s and more). You can even book 2 or more artists and get a better rate! Book 3 Urban Kings artists, and get an even better rate! Make sure to book your favorite artist today! To get a price is easy! Just Click HERE and let us know more about your event, and we will reply as soon as possible! UKMG Artists are open to perform Worldwide! Book today!


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