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Spanky Loco Tattoo Tour – Mexico

UKMG Artist Spanky Loco is gearing up for his next Tattoo Tour stop, and again, it goes International! The next destination is Mexico! Spanky Loco will be in Mexico City on Sunday, April 13th. Spanky has many huge events coming up this year, and this tattoo tour is just a piece of the work he has planned. Spanky also is working with Mr Flaks on a huge art show coming up on March 22nd called “Grind Now Shine Now Art Show“, which will feature world famous legendary artists in both sketches, painting and tattoo. Their will also feature some awesome photographers and designers as well. Spanky has established himself as a musician and a talented sketch artist, tattoo artist and even painter. He has released his very first sketchbook along with Mr Flaks called “The Grind Now Shine Now Sketchbook” (and our online store has Autographed Copies!). We will keep you posted with more information on the Spanky Loco Mexico Tattoo Tour here on our blog!

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In The Studio With Stomper & Kast and Fame

Check out one of the coolest videos we made with UKMG Artist Stomper, while he was in the studio with Kast N Fame, and they were listening to Stomper’s most recent album. Stomper just completed the album at the time and made this video with Kast N Fame to give his fans a sneak peak of the music. We are still riding hard on the FREE STOMPER Campaign and we will continue to do it until he comes home. Fans were all diggin the new album, and we all cant wait to hear new music from Stomper. Make sure to stay posted for more information as it comes to us!

Hello Loca 2012 Tour Pictures – Farmington

Hello Loca 2012 Tickets For Farmington, New Mexico
The Autograph Signing at Off Tha Chain Streetwear at the Animas Mall in Farmington, New Mexico

A lucky fan’s picture with Ms Krazie at the Autograph Signing
The Stage was set for the Hello Loca 2012 Tour @ The McGee Park Convention Center

Bottles on Ice in the VIP Room baby!!!

Selo on Stage Rockin the Show

Baby Jokes Doin His Thing

Ms Krazie Right Before Getting On Stage

Ms Krazie Performing One Of Her Many Classics for the Farmington Fans!

A few pictures from Ms Krazie’s Hello Loca 2012 Concert in Farmington, New Mexico on Friday, May 18th at the McGee Park Convention Center. It also featured Baby Jokes and Selo, Mizztery, Punchy Punch Productions, KNT Ent, Freshman, Solo 1, and more! This was a dope concert and Ms Krazie’s very first time performing in Farmington and the vibe was just good to be around! A Full Write Up from BOTH Farmington and Gallup will be coming soon!!!

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When was the last time you seen an Urban Kings video? Was it a Music Video? Was it a Video Update or a Facebook Ambush? Was it a Behind The Scenes Video? Are you subscribed to The Official Urban Kings Youtube Channel? It is FREE and Easy to Subscribe, and you are notified that we have uploaded a new video to our channel, and you are able to be one of the very first people to see the video. This gives you exclusive access to know exactly what goes up, and that means you know the newest news first, and your the first to know whats going on with Urban Kings and see the newest Urban Kings Music Videos.  Right now we have over 26,000 people that subscribe to our channel, and more and more fans every day become subscribers so they can know everything about Ms Krazie, Chino Grande, Fiesty 2 Guns, Jasper Loco, Stomper, Spanky Loco and Midget Loco, before everyone else. All you have to do is Click The Picture above, and CLICK THE RED SUBSCRIBE BUTTON. Thats all you have to do (just make sure to sign into your account to subscribe!). And your done. its that simple!


UKMG CEO Answers Questions Asked By Fans!

Urban Kings CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr asked his followers if they had any questions they had about the company or just in general. Jaime took the questions head on, and didnt filter his answers. Questions came in from all over the world, asking everything about a new Urban Kings & Conejo CD, is there a new Charlie Row Campo CD in the works, whats going on with Chino Grande’s CD and more. He also answers questions on advice for upcoming rappers, how to start your own clothing company,  and more. Watch the video and know whats going on for 2016.

A Krazie Rider

Our next door business neighbors customize motorcycles. They come up with some sick a** work on them. One of the guys decided to customize a motorcycle helmet of Ms. Krazie. I guess he couldn’t get Ms. Krazie out of his head so came out in his work. He got the image from the OE Ms. Krazie shirts. I wonder who is going to be the lucky rider to wear that helmet.

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