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Spanky Loco Tattoo Tour – Mexico

UKMG Artist Spanky Loco is gearing up for his next Tattoo Tour stop, and again, it goes International! The next destination is Mexico! Spanky Loco will be in Mexico City on Sunday, April 13th. Spanky has many huge events coming up this year, and this tattoo tour is just a piece of the work he has planned. Spanky also is working with Mr Flaks on a huge art show coming up on March 22nd called “Grind Now Shine Now Art Show“, which will feature world famous legendary artists in both sketches, painting and tattoo. Their will also feature some awesome photographers and designers as well. Spanky has established himself as a musician and a talented sketch artist, tattoo artist and even painter. He has released his very first sketchbook along with Mr Flaks called “The Grind Now Shine Now Sketchbook” (and our online store has Autographed Copies!). We will keep you posted with more information on the Spanky Loco Mexico Tattoo Tour here on our blog!

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YouTube’s Junior 805 Album Review

Street Anthems 3 Is A Dope CD. The Title Of The Album Explains The Whole Feel Of The Album. The Songs Are Meant For Different Moods/Situations During A Typical Day For A Chicano In The “Streets”. The Beats And Lyrics Give A lot Of Emotion. Its Nice To See More Than One Style On A CD With All The Artists That Blessed This Compilation. All These Artists Are Talented And Gave Something Different To The Album. Each Song Can Suit Any Individual No Matter How Different. The Raw Lyrics Express The Life We Life And Our Pride In Who We Are. This Album Is Definitely A Good Part Of The Street Anthems Trilogy And Fits Right In. These Songs Bump Loud When I Stroll Down A Warm Night In The 805..

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Chino Grande – I Dont Wanna Be Right

One of the classic songs from the Urban Kings Collection is a track taken from UKMG Artist Chino Grande from his most recent album “Trust Your Struggle“. This is a really dope album that Chino made, and it feature some really dope songs on it, like “Shine On Me”, “Blood Money”, “Hood Too Hot” and “I Dont Wanna Be Right”. Make sure to check out the song and play it out loud! It is available now at all major music retailers. But the “Trust Your Struggle CD” is available for only $7.99 only inside The UKMG Merch Store!

True Starr On The BSide Show Tonight!

Urban Kings Music Group Artist True Starr will be a guest on tonights show on The BSide Show. The BSide Show is a really dope online webcam show that features some dope talented artists for interviews, performances, and more. It also has a chatroom to interact with other viewers and to ask questions to the artists. This episode will feature UKMG Artist True Starr, along with Self Provoked, I Suppose, Dolle Girl, and Real. The show is hosted by Silly Rabbit and special guest co host Susie Plascencia, and DJing will be Lu Man. Make sure to tune in and support True Starr and Urban Kings!

Dont forget True Starr will be Premiering his music video for “Roll Thru” this Thursday, February 5th exclusively  on Urban Kings Tv!

Street Anthems 4 Out Now

UKMG keeps the streets buzzing, since the releases of dope albums like Chicano Rap Love Dedications 2, Fiesty 2 Guns of Charlie Row Campos new album “Bring It Home“, as well as Jasper Loco of Charlie Row Campos “All About The Money” and the UKMG Compilation Street Anthems 4, and coming next week is Midget Loco upcoming release of “Street Love” this Tuesday! Street Anthems 4 has some really dope tracks and features UKMG Artists Ms Krazie, Chino Grande, Spanky Loco, Stomper, Jasper Loco, Fiesty 2 Guns, Midget Loco, Sick Jacken from Psycho Realm, Conejo, El Pecador, Baby Jokes, Down aka Kilo, ALT The Saint, Slush Tha Villain, Guzzle and more. The album is dope and has alot of exclusive songs, that wont be on any other CD (Including the artists albums). We have posted the entire album online for everyone to listen to, and get a feel of the album. Make sure to check it out!

Street Anthems 4 – Listen To Entire Album

(Click Previous Track or Next Track To Skip Song)

Youtube Friday – How To Get Girls

We found an awesome clip of a very random video for our Youtube Friday and had us laughing at this kid being honest. His name is Steven Fernandez, and he is an skating prodigy. He is only 11 year old and a professional skater. He is sponsored by many different skating companies, from shoes to boards. In this video, he teaches the average guy how to pick up chicks. He goes step by step on his scouting process, then takes a camera to show his work. Check It Out!


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