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Spanky Loco Tattooing San Diego

Urban Kings artist Spanky Loco will be a special guest tattoo artist at Nittis Tattoo Parlor in Mission Valley this weekend, February 21st & 22nd. Spanky has been tattooing alongside legendary tattoo artist Mr Flaks for a few years, and now Spanky will be tattooing in Mr Flaks shop as a guest artist. Spanky has been touring the country for his tattoo tour, heading to many different states in the Northwest to the East Coast. He has also gone international, touring many different countries, including Europe and Japan. Now his next stop will be in San Diego, California, so fans and collectors who live in the area, make plans to get some westcoast ink by scheduling an appointment by texting 716-562-6828 or just walk in!

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YBe – Rumors In The Streets – Ft Slow Poke and Smilone

Check out the brand new Music Video by YBe called “Rumors In The Streets” featuring Slow Poke and Smilone. This is a dope video, that captures the grimey rawness of the streets. With a dark beat, and lyrics on point, YBe, Slow Poke and Smilone all shine on this song, showing the lyrical scheme and rhythmic word patterns throughout the song, and the hook has a soft but powerful message. Our friends at  Old English Brand sponsored this video, and we really really like it. Stamped with the Urban Kings “Seal Of Approval”, this video is awesome. Make sure to click the play button and watch the video!



Paulie Tattoo From LA Ink

Paulie Tattoo talks briefly about himself and talks about about working on the 3rd season of LA ink. Make sure you check him out, he’s one of the dopest artist working in the west coast. So dope that aside from working in Kat Von D’s LA Ink, he also works in Mister Cartoons and Estevan Oriols Soul Assassins Studio.

Jasper’s New Mixtape Gets A Name

UKMG Artist Jasper Loco of Charlie Row Campo has just named his brand new upcoming mixtape that he will be releasing along with Urban Kings this year! Everyone has been pumped up about the mixtape since we released the first song from the tape, called “I Grew Up Then I Blew Up“. The mixtape will be called “Hu$tle Muzik” and will be featuring some many dope artists, like UKMG Artist Chino Grande, Oso Vicious and many other dope artists. The mixtape is going to be bangin, I have the tape its its dope. The mixtape cover and the tracklisting is coming soon, so make sure to stay posted to our website for more information!

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Pocos Pero Locos – Up Close And Personal With King Lil G

Pocos Pero Locos just sent us this really dope interview in their “Up Close And Personal” series. First they interviewed UKMG Artist Chino Grande, and this time, Pocos Pero Locos interviewed King Lil G. Hosted by Khool Aid, the up close and personal videos are always good because they always ask the in depth questions that people want to know. They also ask the fun side of artists, and with that mix, it makes a really dope interview. Make sure to check it out right now and support Pocos Pero Locos and King Lil G!



YBe Meet & Greet At Cycadelic Records

There will be a Free Meet & Greet this weekend with Ybe at Cycadelic Records in Compton on Saturday, August 8th. His new album “Success Brings Enemies” will be releasing Today, and Saturday is his first Meet & Greet.  He will have his new album for sale, and you can get autographs and take pictures. The first 5 people in line will receive a FREE CD & Tee Shirt! All taking place in the city of Compton, 2201 North Long Beach Blvd inside the Compton City Shopping Center. Supported by Cycadelic Records, MSM Entertainment and Old English Brand.


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