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Spanky Loco – Tirando Y Rifando 2

Urban Kings has many great classic albums that are featured in our catalog. Good music from different artists, compilations and some are even all Spanish. This CD is a Spanish album by UKMG Artist Spanky Loco called “Tirando Y Rifando 2“. This is a classic album that has done really well worldwide, with songs like “Soy Loco“, “Trabajo” and more! One of my favorite Spanish rap albums ever and definitely worth listening checking out and listening to. If you haven’t heard any of the songs from the album, make sure to check them out, and you can also listen to Pinches Placas, my favorite song from the Tirando Y Rifando 2 album. I put it on the blog so you can take a listen. Tirando Y Rifando 2 is available now in all Major Music Retailers, including Amazon and FYE, and digitally on iTunes.

Spanky Loco – Pinches Placas – Taken From Tirando Y Rifando 2

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Ms Krazie Signature Collection is Available Now

Now is your very first chance to own a piece of the brand new Ms Krazie x Old English Brand Signature Collection. This is a very special release with some brand new items that are limited editions. This will include the “Enferma” and “Mexside” beanies, that many of you have been asking for. It will include the official Ms Krazie No. 1 Tote Bag, and the Ms Krazie “La Vida Enferma” Womens Tee Shirt! Rounding out the Signature Collection items are the Hello Loca Cell Phone Cases! These items are available to order now, and right before Christmas! Make sure to find what you have been wanting and waiting for and browse through the Ms Krazie x Old English Brand Signature Collection available now at!

Ms Krazie Concert Last Weekend (VIP Backstage)

Check these photos out! These are some of the first batch of pictures we have that were taken backstage from various cell phones of the Ms Krazie Concert last weekend. The concert was dope, with other artists performing like Miss Lady Pinks, Carolyn Rodriguez, Gunz, Decalifornia, and special guests Lil Blacky, Sleepy Malo, I Suppose and more. Everyone came out to support and watch a good concert. The vibe was dope and everyone was taking pictures and getting autographs and seen some of their favorite songs performed. We will be posting more pictures through-out the week. Make sure to stay posted to our website and The Urban Kings Facebook Page!

Unheard Tupac Interview – Just Released

Check this one out. We are a big fan of Tupac, and we just discovered this RARE, UNRELEASED audio interview of Tupac and Jim Belushi, on the set of “Gang Related”, that was released just 3 weeks before his death. Tupac talks about many different things, like being jailed for a crime he didn’t commit, the true meaning of his name, and his haters always wanting to see him fail and keep him down. This is a must see and must listen for all Tupac fans, and when Pac spoke, everyone listened. Make sure you listen and check it out.

Out The Box – Episode 1 Season 2

Urban Kings along with Lineage Entertainment Group is proud to announce we have started season 2 of our popular “Out The Box” series, which features amazingly talented artists from Los Angeles, California. We have already filmed and completed the first episode of season two, which is called “Mister” and features Tui Asau. You may recognize Tui’s work before, as he was featured in Out The Box season one, episode three, called “Spoken Words“, which he did a beautiful acoustic song with his guitar. This time, he did a different type of episode, one that is dark and twisted and you can only watch and listen to the story he tells. We are working on the official trailer for the episode, which will be coming out soon. But until then, we wanted to release the official flier for the episode, so make sure you tune in, because the World Premier for this episode will debut on Thursday, February 26th, exclusively on Urban Kings.

World Premier – True Starr – I Don’t Trust

Here is the official World Premier of the brand new music video from Urban Kings Artist True Starr for his newest song “I Don’t Trust”. Its a really dope track that features a dope beat and lyrical rhyme play. It is directed by Urban Kings go-to directors Kast N Fame, and the song is scheduled to also be a single that will be available on iTunes shortly! The storyline to the video is crazy, and with many different locations, we take you on a crazy ride through I Don’t Trust. Make sure to check it out and support!


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