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Spanky Loco’s New Tattoo

We have this new picture that UKMG Artist Spanky Loco has sent to us, of his new work. Spanky has been busy doing tattoo work, and he really gets down with his ink. He did some new work for his brother, and with some really dope design of a pachuco woman and veterano with some clouds and some palm trees. Spanky has even been tattooing me, already finishing my half sleeve and already starting to finish my sleeve. If anyone wants to book Spanky for a tattoo, just hit us up by CLICK HERE and we can set that up for you!

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Ms Krazie & MC Magic

Ms Krazie is confirmed and will be performing at the Roxy in Denver with MC Magic. This is the FIRST TIME EVER that Ms Krazie will be performing an ALL AGES SHOW in Denver and will perform “Reasons” with MC Magic in its entirety. There will also be a very cool VIP Package which will include MEET AND GREET with The Artists, Autographed MC Magic Poster, VIP PASS, and Take Pictures with the Artists. This is going to be a sold out show, and VIPS are highly recommended for the Ultimate Ms Krazie and MC Magic fans! All going down at the Roxy in Denver! To Buy Tickets, just call the phone number on the flyer!!!

Chino Grande “Story Of My Life” Album Review.

Once again its Junior805 the official chicano rap promoter dropping yet another album review from the catalog of URBAN KINGS and it wont be the last. First off, I would like to first say that Chino Grande’s style and lyrics aren’t like most. His unique voice and flow sets him apart from all other Chicano Rappers. This album is among my favorite albums to drop this year. And maybe the best album I’ve liked from Chino Grande thus far. All the hooks and lyrics make this album stand out from all his others. The transition from his bars into the hooks is flawless. Overall, the songs flow smoothly. My favorite track has been Story Of My Life/Do Or Die (L.A.). It’s like you can literally just slip into his shoes with the feeling his lyrics give you. And the emotion his tempo in his voice gives you. And I’d like to give D. Salas his props for presenting some outstanding tracks on this album. He does a good job and is up there as one of the best producers to be apart of this chicano rap movement. The next track as my favorites and its hard to pick from all the ones I liked on this album since each one has a certain factor to it that I like. Blue Rose, one of the singles to be released off the album, is an outstanding track for someone that has that significant other. A track that any man can dedicate to their lady. All the lyrics from Chino Grande and Baby Jokes and the amazing hook From Juno make this track a favorite for me since I enjoy listening to love songs (;. Sorry ladies I’m taken haha. The last track I will review is Money Dreams. Another of D. Salas creations. The beat is dope as fuxx! Chino’s flow and the beat made a sick ass combination. And Chino was spitting some real lyrics. That is the end of my review.
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*Also check out his mainpage, he has Chino Grande, Ms Krazie and
Baby Jokes!

2013 Throw Back UKMG X Charlie Row Campo

A throw back from 2013. Chilling with Jasper Loco, Chino Grande Kast and Fame, and Fiesty 2 Guns. All of us are vets in the game. A very special Behind The Scenes look at the making of the album covers of UKMG Artists Chino Grande, Fiesty 2 Guns and Jasper Loco. Behind The Scenes Coverage and Photography is done by Kast N Fame and video is hosted by UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr. This is the very first time we will be showing you our creative vision and all that goes into what makes an official Urban Kings album cover. From Photography, Scene Location, Direction and Concept, you will see what goes on behind the scenes during a album cover photoshoot. We also included short interviews and more!  Charlie Row Campo X Urban Kings X xSetForLifex Enjoy

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Ms Krazie – Love You Till Death Official Music Video Album Version

UKMG and Ms Krazie are back at it again! We just released the music video for “Love You Till Death (Official Music Video Radio Version), and we have another surprise for our fans. There is another version that we have made that we know you will also love. The first version we have released was the Radio Version, and the new version will be the Album Version, which will feature the song in its original version, with Problemaz! Love You Till Death is taken from Ms Krazie’s brand new album “Forgive Not Forget“UKMG and Ms Krazie has decided to release the music video on December 24th, which is Christmas Eve! We thought this would be the best Christmas Present Ever!

If you have not seen the Ms Krazie – Love You Till Death (Official Music Video Radio Version – featuring Kozme), make sure watch the music video below! It came out really really dope and we are extremely proud of how the video came out, and we know you will  be as well.

Ms Krazie – Love You Till Death (Official Music Video Radio Version) – Featuring Kozme

Remember Ms Krazie – Love You Till Death (Official Music Video Album Version)

Releases Christmas Eve, December 24th!

Midget Loco Update!

Midget Loco stops by to update us on his new album and his mixtape coming out this year, First Loco At The Streets. He also shows us a shirt brought to you by Old English Brand. The Shirt is called Plead The Fifth and it features Midget Loco with a gun. It is really good and its available at


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