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Spanky Loco’s Updated Tattoo Schedule

Urban Kings Artist Spanky Loco has just updated his Tattoo Schedule for his 2014 Tour. He is scheduled to return back to the eastcoast this month, hitting New Jersey and Brooklyn, then finishing the month in the Hamptons. Then Spanky will fly back to the Northwest as he will be back in Washington and Oregon. He is also finalizing some international dates and some big conventi0ns here in the United States. Make sure to stay posted to our blog for more information on new cities and countries! Spanky Loco has been a huge rising star in the tattoo industry, and his time and schedule is very limited! To book Spanky Loco for some awesome ink, Text (716) 562-6828!

Spanky Loco is also promoting his brand new album, called “The Best of Spanky Loco – Greatest Hits“, which is available now in All Major Music Stores, like Amazon and FYE, as well as digitally through iTunes!

He is also promoting his first collaboration book, called The Spanky Loco x Mr Flaks “The Grind Now Shine Now Sketchbook“, and The Urban Kings Merch Store has exclusive signed copies available now!

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The Cypher Effect

Hip Hop is alive and well here in California, and we were watching The Cypher Effect, where they put together the dopest upcoming artists and put them together in a cypher style hip hop. This is a really dope thing for the culture for the hip hop community, and raises the awareness that hip hop is still here. This episode features King Lil G, Reverie, Self Provoked, Noa James and Ric Scales. It also features a really dope special guest in Psycho Realm’s official DJ , DJ FM. Make sure to watch this episode and let us know what you think at The Urban Kings Facebook Page!

Urban Kings Street Anthem 2 Tracklist

Urban Kings Street Anthems is set to release Sept. 7th 2010. Its about 95% new songs. It will have some songs that will be in upcoming albums, including Chino Grande’s The 13th Amendment, Midget Loco Dedicated to the OG’s, Fiesty 2 Guns Street Scriptures, just to name some. So make sure you go out and get this album when it comes out, its great from beginning to end.

01. Strange – ALT
02. Grime To Shine – Fiesty 2 Guns
03. Aqui Estoy – Midget Loco
04. Pressing On – Fiesty 2 Guns, Chino Grande, Skandle Oso, Baby Jokes, Lyric
05. West Coasting – Jasper Of Charlie Row Campo
06. We Caught Up – Stomper, Spanky Loco
07. Cali Style – Jasper, Alt , Kila Kal
08. Sporting Old English Brand – Payaso
09. Eastside 213 – Baby Jokes, Jasper of Charlie Row Campo
10. Nuclear Apocalypse – Chino Grande
11. Cholo No Llores – Ms Krazie, Problemaz
12. Here To Stay – Ese Lil Joker
13. You never Mattered (F*** Love ) – Ms Krazie
14. Creep like Me – Chino Grande, Midget Loco, Jasper Loco, Lil Minor
15. Mexican Hood – Capone, Midget Loco
16. Gangsters Hustlers pimps and Macks – Mr. Blue the Creeper and Precise of Centro Side Records

Ms Krazie Is Doing Great

We just want to give an update to the fans that UKMG Artist Ms Krazie is doing well after having baby Vladimir and they are both doing well. Krazie and Vladimir are resting comfortably and are both very happy. Here is an updated picture of the newest addition to Urban Kings, and our staff and artists wish Ms Krazie the best and cant wait to hear the song she will dedicated to Vladimir.

Ms. Krazie is Killing The Air Waves

Ms. Krazie has been playing on U-92.7 radio station. They have been battling her song Baby Angeles against other hit songs and its been winning every single time. But we need your support to keep the radio station playing Ms. Krazie. We got our foot in the door and now its time to kick the door open. Get on Facebook and go on their wall and request Ms. Krazie (it’s that easy) or get at them at twitter. Let your voice be heard and support Ms. Krazie and let others know. We got the video where Ms. Krazie gets battled against the other songs the radio station put her up against hear it now.

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