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Stay Away!!!!

Whats going on everyone, during this week I was in Hollywood picking up some things and I heard the ice cream man. So I looked out the window because I was on the 3rd story of a 18 story building and look what I seen. The most ghetto ice cream man I have ever seen. I dont know if it said “Ice Cream Ice or Ice Cream LLC”. Then they put pink poka dots all over the van. A MESSAGE TO ALL THE BLOG READERS “Stay away from this ghetto ice cream man”. But its funny to see especially when you least expect it.

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Album Of The Week

Here is one of Ms Krazie tunes we all bump when we’re getting over our past relationships. Here is Ms Krazie’s Smile Now Cry Never as our Album Of The Week.

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Spanky Loco Tattooing Las Vegas

Urban Kings Artist Spanky Loco will be on his popular Tattoo Tour, where he travels many different states to give ink collectors a chance to get some dope westcoast ink from one of the hottest tattoo artists. Spanky will be Tattooing tomorrow in Las Vegas, Nevada, providing some classic ink to those who are looking for artwork to last a lifetime. He will be in Las Vegas from February 28th to March 2nd, then heading to Portland, Oregon on March 7th to 10th, then to Texas, where he will be in Corpus Christi and Houston from March 19th to the 25th. Make sure to reserve your appointment today, because spots are going fast. All you have to do is text 716-562-6828!

Honor To Ms Krazie’s Smile Now Cry Never

“Hey urban kings, I got here a picture of my amazing tattoo in honor to ms krazie’s smile now cry never album! Love it and love her! Hope you can post it up where the beautiful lady Ms Krazie can see it. Much love to all of you that make it happen from up in denver, colorado thank you very much.”
Our Ms. Krazie Fan, Vianeith Galvan sent us this message of her new tattoe dedicated Ms. Krazie.Thank you for all the love and support and shout out to everyone out in Denver, Colorado.

Urban Kings – Deal Of The Day

Urban Kings Music Group presents todays Deal of The Day, and todays album is one of my favorites. It is called “Out On Bail” by Slush Tha Villain. Urban Kings worked with Slush on this album, and created a really dope project. The album features UKMG Artists Ms Krazie, Stomper, Chino Grande, Midget Loco and Jasper Loco. Its a hard hitting album that spits some lyrical bars over some hard hitting beats, produced all by Kast N Fame. It features classic songs like “All I Know”, “Aint No Sense”, “Street Life”, “Fuck Rap” and more. This album for today will be 50% off ONLY AT THE UKMG MERCH STORE! I posted the song for “All I Know”. Make sure to check it out and get the album below!

Slush Tha Villain – All I Know – Taken From Out On Bail

La Loca’s Lesson #19

shoo hehe keep your ideas to yourself until you actually put them out there cause ppl be thirsty as hell these days for “originality” lmao



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