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Stomper is in the building

Stomper came in today to chill and to see how were our holidays. Real nice guy. For you guys that don’t know him, he is from South East Cali. In 2009 got signed Urban Kings. That same year, Spanky Loco and him did an album togethtor called  Everybody Killa .This year he was real active with  Urban Kings in June 2010 he released the album  Once upon a time in America which has the song “Aztlan Is Truth” . Also that same year in March he released  The New Testament. Since it was a quick visit we took this pic before he left.

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Ms Krazie new Releasing date Sept 25th – Enter Contest

We at Urban Kings have been working hard at our offices, prepping the new UKMG release, which will be Ms Krazie’s “Forgive Not Forget” CD. And we have officially changed her release date. Ms Krazie’s “Forgive Not Forget” will release September 25th, 2012! Not because we were not ready, but because there has been an overwhelming amount of pre sale orders that the UKMG Merch Store received, Best Buy received and FYE received. Best Buy and FYE had asked to give them an extra week because they need more cds to stock just to satisfy the sales of Team Loca! Ms Krazie’s fans are really supporting and showing big companies that we can be a huge voice and we wanna be heard! Keep showing them that Ms Krazie is a good artist and big companies should be supporting her too!!!!

We had a meeting with Best Buy and FYE this morning and afternoon with both companies board of directors, and decided to give something a little extra for those who buy “Forgive not Forget” at Best Buy and FYE. We have randomly inserted a FREE MS KRAZIE STICKER already inside the album. And im not talking 30 cds only have it, or 60, or 90, im talking about WE PUT 600 STICKERS RANDOMLY into cds ONLY FOR BEST BUY AND FYE!!! Be The First To Buy the album in stores because those are the ones with stickers and are going to the shelves first! – But You didnt hear it from us!

Releasing a week later doesn’t mean its bad, it means everyone will have 1 Extra Week to get your pre orders in, to get your FREE Ms Krazie Autograph, Free Ms Krazie Poster, Free Ms Krazie Sticker, & Free Ms Krazie Ringtone. Everyone has been asking when our promotion for this FREE GIVAWAY will be ending, and we want everyone to be able to have a chance to get all these FREE Goodies! If you pre ordered through another website, like Best Buy or FYE, your CDs will also have the release date of September 25th. Pre Order your cd today to get all these goodies by visiting The UKMG Merch Store Right Now!!!

We will also have an exclusive Ms Krazie “Forgive Not Forget” Contest TO WIN A FREE MS KRAZIE AUTOGRAPHED CD (Forgive Not Forget) OR A MS KRAZIE T SHIRT (Forgive Not Forget). Visit our blog in 1 hour to see HOW YOU CAN ENTER TO WIN!

Ms Krazie Shirt “New Size Just Added”

We have received so many emails asking about bigger sizes,so we added them today. Sizes will only be available  for pre-order. Make sure you order yours today before its too late!! LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE!!

Baby Jokes’ Movie Gets The Alma Awarded

This Friday flip your TV remote to NBC at 8/7 central to watch “A Better Life” win best motion picture of the year. This was Baby Joke’s first featured film and he already got it in with the big boys. If you don’t know what the Alma Awards are, its kinda of the BET Awards except its geared to the Latino audience. The people hosting it this year is George Lopez and Eva Longoria.


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Get Your XSetForLifeX Tickets Today

We now have hard copy tickets available for the XSetForLifeX Super Show. This is a sneak peak of what the actual tickets look like. And as you can see, there are only a few tickets left for both General Admission and V.I.P. Tickets have been moving fast since the announcement of the Set For Life Super Show, with a line up featuring UKMG Artist Ms Krazie (performing for the first time in the Los Angeles Area) and MC Magic (performing for the last time in 2013 in the LA area). Their will also be a very special surprise guest who will be announced very soon. All going down November 23rd and its All Ages!!! The Ticket Finder is below and will show all XSetForLifeX Ticket Locations where you can go buy tickets direct. You can also buy tickets online at!

Fiesty 2 Guns – Tragic – From Bring It Home

Fiesty 2 Guns created a really dope solo album, and its called “Bring It Home“. He had many dope joints on his album, and one of my favorites from the CD was his song called “Tragic”, which he collaborated with Charlie Row Campo & UKMG Artist Chino Grande along with Jasper Loco along with Lil Cuete. It came out to be an amazing song and everyone was bumping that song. What did you think of it? Let us know at The Urban Kings Facebook Page! Fiesty 2 Gun’s album “Bring It Home” is available now at all major music retailers and  iTunes and here at The UKMG Merch Store for just $7.99!


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